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  1. Imah send this to my buddy, I'll be able to let you guys know how this turns out tomorrow at the latest probably. Since no one seems to be trying this anyway. Cheers.
  2. Would've been better if you got a death machine as a swappable weapon with ammo and everything. Or you could use it once per round afterwards. Would've made it worth it. For all we know though, Treyarch could've had the batteries and other things that do nothing there as part of another idea that they never got around to. Still keeping my fingers crossed though.
  3. When I first spotted this, I oogled it for a very long time. I found nothing out of the ordinary, but I could be mistaken.
  4. Hurt: China Lake Heal: HK21 M16- 10 Famas- 10 AUG- 11 M14- 9 G11- 9 Galil- 11 FN FAL- 10 Commando- 10 MP5K- 10 AK74u- 10 PM63- 10 MPL- 9 Spectre- 10 Dragunov- 10 L96A1- 10 Stakeout- 9 Olympia- 10 SPAS-12- 10 HS10- 10 HK21- 12 RPK- 10 M1911- 10 Python- 10 CZ75- 10 CZ75 dual wield- 10 M72 LAW- 10 China Lake- 9 Ballistic Knife- 10 Crossbow- 10 MP40- 11
  5. Did no one see my speculation about this, with all the exact same points? I feel ignored... Here's a link if you don't belive me: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3486&start=30 Only post of mine in that topic, as it shortly died.
  6. He's talking about their personality, but didn't explain it too well. I never heard of a Japanese personality though...
  7. Aside from what Angry_Sun said, where did you get all the numbers from? Like the twelve, and the two... You are very confusing... :S
  8. It still doesn't change the fact that he (and others on this forum) needs to learn tact. There are ways to say things without being so rude about it. On topic, I'm sure the left and right bumper would be good for altitude, I don't remember if they have a use or not though.
  9. It doesn't matter about what the situation is, just that there's evidence that he is still alive. I think that X is Reznov, who else would know about Steiner's brother? The important thing is not how he survived, but what is he doing. Unless Treyarch put in the code as a way of just messing with us, which I doubt.
  10. If only it was a secret area. Unfortunately, noclippers have already confirmed no secret rooms. At least, I think they have... >.>
  11. you know...all mighty "veteran" i dont want to get on your bad side since youre the coolest out of the douchebag veterans, but...basically the WHOLE STORYLINE to this game is just "implied" in a way...nothing is proven at all. I'm not even going to waste my time fighting you. Reported. On topic, why are we still fighting about there being a boss? I thought this topic would've died down by now. It's obvious there's nothing else to fight on Kino.
  12. Very clever, distract us with the roof, and A GIANT MONSTER COMES FROM BEHIND!!! ZOMG!!!
  13. Secondaries, because Treyarch does things right. Also, what the guy above me said.
  14. Commander, you really are negative. Try some positive criticism for a change, it goes both ways. If this were to go down, there would of course have to be better controls. That goes without saying. I'm sure Treyarch would set up testing with gamers to try it out. I would definately play this game mode.
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