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  1. That door is always open and never closes....they really took out places to camp.....So far the area by Jugg is the only viable option at this point.....
  2. Hi everyone....I'd like to know if anyone has run into this... We were planning on camping in the room to the left of the screen in the theatre room (if you are faceing the screen) and up the metal stairs. We figured it has 2 windows to cover, a gate trap and with the door to the alley closed, all the other zombies would funnel up the stairs to get into the room. So we get to the room, through the theatre, and as soon as we get into the room, the door leading outside to the alley is already open, and this is first time we have been there....then to top it off, the gate in the alley leading to the magic opening door is still closed!! WTF!! :)
  3. We have been hanging out by the Jug machine....your back is protected, and you have a gate to your right, and the gun turret to your left...it is not ideal but is all we have been able to find so far...
  4. I am new to this site, and am excited to contribute.....I am also looking forward to finding new, SERIOUS Zombie players...Let me know if you want to play or friend request me!! Zombie Killing Platform - XBOX 360 Gamertag - Luvyella Location - Minnesota, USA I have all 4 original maps on Black Ops as well as the 3 new ones....hit me up!!
  5. The waffle does not shock you anymore whren you fire at close Zombies..... It is very nice!! 8-)
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