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  1. I'm not gonna take "because they're younger" as an answer. Takeo and Richtofen do look the same but younger, but Tank and Nikolai look nothing alike. Nikolai has a beard, yes, but that doesn't mean anything, his face doesn't look the same at all, his head is thinner and he has a bigger nose. Tank doesn't look like the same person either, his hair color is different and his face in general resembles a young Mason.
  2. While I am excited to finally be able to play as our four original heroes in Origins, I am also disappointed. Where are our characters now, after the events of Moon? I do not think that this map marks the end of Zombies, I'm sure that in the next Treyarch game we will continue with Maxis in the aether/Richtofen in Samuels body and maybe we'll finally go to Agartha. It will be the first time experiencing Zombies on the next gen, so I don't think we're quite done here. What I really want to see is our characters (Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey, Richtofen) continue their journey with Maxis, now in
  3. If we do indeed get all previous maps that featured the original 4 as playable characters in Map Pack 4 (Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon), where would Shangri-La be located on the globe? We pretty much know or can make logical estimations as to where all of the other maps are located, but unless they reveal it in the next Map Pack, I don't think we will be able to scroll towards Mars.
  4. The first reticle is just a blood splatter, not an eye.
  5. On the poll it should read "Alcatraz Island (Mob of the Dead)", and if this is a poll for ALL Zombies maps you should put Diner and Cell Block too.
  6. I really wish the Stoner63 was in BO1 Zombies. For Black Ops 2, I think it was a bad idea for them to keep the M14 and Olympia on the wall. I think it would have been leaps better to have a Double-Barrel or Model 1887 instead of the Olympia and any other rifle instead of the M14.
  7. Yeah it's happened to me, the sniper trap will shoot the zombie even if you are in the way.
  8. Maybe Reznov, sometime after Vorkuta, ended up in America and somehow got himself into Alcatraz. It wouldn't make any sense for him to be there during Mob of the Dead timeline-wise, but there is a rift in time. Or he may have already been in Alcatraz previous to World at War. Now let's think about this, Reznov was a sniper during World War II, when you zoom in with a sniper on the roof of Alcatraz you see a face, a face resembling that of Viktor Reznov, there's a sniper in the sniper's nest providing covering fire. Whether the sniper is there physically or spiritually we don't know who it is,
  9. If Black Ops 2 is going to be like Black Ops then the last DLC will be zombies-only. But what will they put in it? Maybe we'll get old Black Ops zombies maps, or maybe we'll get multiple new zombie maps, including a possible Firing Range Zombies map. We know that they have already made a reskinned Firing Range map. So what if the Zombies team has fiddled with it? It may be easy for them to include a Firing Range Zombies in the last DLC and these Wunder Weapons in Studio may be hinting towards it.
  10. I tweeted to Jimmy with this proposal but I doubt he'll see it. I was talking to some friends earlier and I had this idea: What if the color of the eyes in your rank was determined by your most played map? What I mean is, if your most played map is Nevada, U.S.A. (Nuketown) then the eye color of your rank would be yellow (If you have eyes). Red for Mob of the Dead, blue for TranZit, Town, Farm, Bus Depot and Die Rise. This would be neat because it would add a little bit more diversity to the ranks and give players purpose to play certain maps more. The game already tracks what your "favo
  11. DLC 4 is undoubtibly the most important of all the DLC, zombies-wise. It wraps up the storyline for this game and leaves us waiting for the next game to find out what happens next. Whatever they have in mind as extra content in DLC 4 can be worked on aswell. They most likely are already done with DLC 3 and are waiting on the appropriate time to release it.
  12. Just do it with 2 or 3 people, less chance of someone raging or lagging out. Just make sure you're The Weasel.
  13. If all information is fake untill confirmed by Treyarch, then it's not technically leaked. Leaked information would be like if Treyarch announced a zombies map and the ending to the easteregg was posted on the internet before it's release.
  14. I think the achievements are glitched, I did the 3 turned achievements around 5 times each before I got them.
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