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Outbreak EE solo tips


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Hey thought I would drop some tips for solo players like me.

Most of this stuff is covered in the guides on YouTube but most of those were co-op focused.



Create maxed custom blueprints for any weapons you plan to use.

I would use your Tac Rifle as your starting loadout as they are more rare from crates than shotguns I have found. 

Remember to apply blueprints twice when you pickup a gun for it to apply correctly.

1. Hauer or Gallo - maxed with an ammo mod of your choice. Shatter Blast is very good imo

2. M16 or other Tac Rifle - Brain Rot for Mimic bunker step. 

3. Aether Shroud makes the boss fight a breeze. Some people prefer Frenzied Guard but Aether gets 2x activations putting it above for me.

4. Death Machine



Get both weapons max rarity and PaP by completing all the side objective on every round.

Do the radio step on round 3

Do the monkey/projector step on round 4

Enter the boss fight on round 5. This should keep the game from getting too hard while also providing the rounds needed to max out your loadout. 


Boss fight

Use your M16 for the first shield break. You should have enough time to break it before any zombies reach you by standing on the roof of the building opposite the boss spawn point. 

Pop Aether Shroud and destroy the lowest orb with your shotgun.

Spend some time clearing out the specials and elites. Melt mimics with your brain rot Tac. Be sure to focus plague hound and manglers with your shotgun  as their jump and ranged attacks can take you out if too many of them fire at once. 

When you get a chance melt the second shield with your death machine.

Pop Aether shroud and destroy the second highest orb with your shotgun.

This is the hard part.

Alternate between shooting the boss and clearing out the specials that build up. You should have plenty of time left so don't rush you boss damage at this point. Keep the zombies from causing you problems. 

By the time you break his shield your Aether Shroud will be ready.

Pop Aether Shroud and destroy the top orb with you Tac Rifle. 


Congrats you just beat the Easter Egg 😂👍👌


I hope this can help anyone who is struggling. 

Best of luck and happy hunting. 

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