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The Unsolved Runic Language - MOTD, SOE


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Hi guys,
There is a runic language that has shown up a few times over the years which (unlike Keeper and Apothicon) has never been solved.
It has only had a few appearances I can find, if you are aware of any others please share!

The first instance I can find is the MOTD pap camo. 



This identical camo later shows up as the pap camo in Shadows of Evil.



Again, it was reused as a "Black Market" camo in BO3 named Ritual, and a reactive camo in BO4 named Afterlife.
All of these instances seem to all use the same three runes however.

There is one other appearance of these typpe of runes though.
They show up on the "Summon" mastercraft of the ICR in BO4.
I believe this variant was released as the tier 100 reward on the season 1 battlepass.
This means it is thematically linked to BOTD as well as released directly following BOTD.


As you can see, this variant has a lot in common with the "ritual" camo.
It includes 3 distinct runes, each consisting of a triangle contained within a circle. (Along with other details)

There is also the text "The Condemned" above the runes, possibly a translation? Or maybe an "only the cursed survive" type reference in keeping with the dimension 64 pocket theme.

I'm not totally convinced these rune are a real language. There are too few of them for us to really have any chance of building a full language.
But if anyone has any ideas, or more examples of this language they can find please share.



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I'm also not convinced it's a full language, but I'm also NOT against the possibility!


When I first saw these in Mob/Shadows, my brain immediately went to sacred geometry that had been twisted and deformed into demonic runes. (Here's a few examples of sacred geometry, for those unfamiliar.)



Looking back on it now, the "spiritual meaning of various shapes" may have been a huge hint of foreshadowing for BO3/BO4.

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