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Holding the world in my hand - recurring theme

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Bringing up some occurances of this recurring theme for discussion 🙂
In no particular order.
If you can think of any more or have any ideas please discuss below!


1) Archangel (Origins)
The most clear example.


In disguise in the skies
Burns a fire in my eyes
And I'm holding the world in my hand

2) Chronicles Trailer

This goes with the "minds eye" metaphor angle.


3) Physical globes

Black egg looks much like a leyline globe


Summoning key VERY similar + apothicon influence

Shang meteor looks a lot like a globe also. But this time with physical geography instead of leylines.



Of course the obvious thematic interpretation is that it's about "control" and power.
A strongly recurring theme.

But with the Venus references in ciphers.
The shrinking meteor with the baby gun.
I was wondering if there might be another way to look at this that might shed some light on the origins of the Black Egg and the summoning key.

I'd love to hear any ideas!
Thanks for reading.


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