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  1. Yes, you read the title! Word about concept art and supposed Pre-Alpha screenshots of Tranzit and BO2 Zbies concept art has been shown to the public by an ex-Treyarch artist. I’ll show more, but here’s the link to more of the concept arts of Tranzit and other concept content of BO2! Here’s a slew with Tranzit concepts + pre-alpha scree
  2. There's more early Die Rise stuff the guys from the shadows obtained with early design docs. Also, here's a very very early Tranzit map layout after BO1's release if told.
  3. This Die Rise is very early, but I assume there would've been more buildings to say the least. But was it intended to be in a different place or in China as suggested when it was mapped out ahead?
  4. Just found this on the COD Zombies reddit before the post was deleted... But since I have came back to the site, this is the only evidence of the existance of BO2's DLC 5 with a screenshot of Der Riese running in-engine. As this was the list of enemies for BO2 DLC 5, it was going to be a Proto-Chronicles before becoming Chronicles.
  5. Woah, I wasn't expecting a Hi-Rez screenshot of this. Though, are still more Pre-Alpha Tranzit left to find?
  6. Thanks! It’s rare to see this kind of screenshots since they’re in Discord Servers and sometimes hidden by those certain users getting a hold from them from others who has those builds in BO3‘s case. BO2 on the other hand is harder since most of the Builds those guys told me doesn’t have Zombies in it sadly as it’s mostly Mulitplayer. But I hope an BO2 pre alpha Zombies build is found one day.
  7. More BO3 Zombies Pre Alpha stuff! Includes early GobbleGums, Few ‘Giant’ Screenshots, and some Shadows of Evil. Oh and a Cold War Bonus of Die Mashine Dark Aether.
  8. Alright with the Imgur link, some Buried In-Dev stuff that’s the map was in it’s Dev Stage Next, the Clear Tranzit Pre Moon map selection with some tidbits of Farm and the menu of the online and a BO4 Dev Screenshot? Oh and a Verrukt Concept.
  9. NOTE: I have posted this at the wrong Topic, so Adimns, if you’re reading this, please removed the Cold War topic I may have accidentally posted by accident. I’m alive! Okay, since I’ve been of the radar, I have stumbled across some pre alpha zombies from BO3 and some BO2 Pre Alpha Stuff related to Zombies. I’ll keep editing this thread when I have time. I’ll start with the BO2 Stuff, someone by the name of Cashmint managed to get a hold these Pre Alpha Transit stuff (these are not gameplay screenshots but something he found in the BO2 pre alpha builds). There is a screenshot load of Shadows of Evil and Buried stuff so here’s an Imgur link Known ZM in-dev screenshots - Album on Imgur M.IMGUR.COM Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your...
  10. So no footage? TGR only knew footage of it years ago, since he does remember seeing it somewhere. That Verruckt image is like the Der Riese one that was covered from Imgur if that's the case (Like 'Asylum, Verruckt' for example). Though people looked into the BO2 PC files seeing Der Riese, Nacht, Moon, and Meat (cut gamemode) loading screens.
  11. Matt had info regarding BO2's DLC 5? I do wonder if he saw footage of the WaW maps played within BO2 (as least in-production). Was there even more to others like Der Riese, Nacht der Untoten, and Shi No Numa for new additions/features?
  12. Thanks! I think Der Riese would have Primis likely since they'd originally intended to be in BO2 but decided reworked it to BO3 on Current-Gen. Though seeing Verruckt grief would boost up the playerbase or Turned in Shi No Numa can bring players to try Turned, but Der Riese Grief can actually be a fun game between the Germans & Americans/Soviants/Japanese. Mostly like BO1 since Mule Kick was added in all maps. BO2 also would've had Cut Gamemodes if the game was supported long enough.
  13. It would be the 4 classic WaW maps but new features/additions in terms of replay-ability (think of all 4 WaW maps with Der Wunderfizz, Ray Gun Mark 2, and Double Tap 2.). Would be too weird to see these maps in BO2 graphics. Also, you know the cut gamemodes for BO2? Race and Meat audio files (with rules) has been found! So glad someone found them in the early BO2 builds.
  14. This old news but I actually wonder if anyone knows this? TGR (the guy known for leaking MW 2019 and BO4's season) made a video two years ago that Black Ops 2 originally intended to have a DLC 5. DLC 5 for BO2 was all of the WaW zombies maps remade (remakes of the 4 WaW maps but with new features). So how does this exist and where's the evidence to the supposed cancelled DLC 5 for BO2? Here's all the evidence to support this: DLC 5 for BO2 was in-production during COD Ghost and would release during Ghosts' lifecycle. TGR says that an ex-Treyarch employee ages ago spilled the beans to various modders in the custom zombies community about it and word/rumors has been spreading around about a DLC 5. The Dice 2015 summit showed 'The GIant" (BO3 Der Riese remaster) loading screen that was going to be the supposed BO2 Der Riese remake. There are icons of Shi No Numa and Der Riese founded in the BO2 files. Note that Der Riese was found from the BO2 files a long time ago but was never covered. The WaW maps for BO2 were going to be remakes (Verruckt was going to have a Pack-A-Punch machine that was going to be down the stairs in the power) How it got cancelled: Treyarch went to Activistion to possibly request if they can release DLC 5 and Activision didn't allowed Treayrch to launch DLC 5 during Ghosts' lifecycle Once DLC 5 was cancelled for BO2, Treyarch actually began production on the WaW maps but only segments of them and that's how 'The Giant' came in-production as the bonus map for BO3 Zombies. There is where Treyarch was getting used to Current-Gen hardware building in-house builds working on the WaW maps on Current-Gen/BO3 updated system. Once Der Eisendrache was released, this was when Treyarch started production on Zombies Chronicles (DLC 5). Footage of the WaW maps loaded on BO2 does exist but remains unknown. A few people claimed they saw footage but likely unknown where they saw it. People managed to load up the WaW maps in BO2 in some capacity in the past. The maps were unfinished rough builds Large chunks and textures were missing There were see through parts in all of the WaW maps. How far the maps were in production (they weren't that far according to TGR): The only map that were finished was Nacht der Untoten since it was already done with Tranzit. Verruckt was the furthest since that was the map Treyarch started first. TGR doesn't know how far Shi no Numa and Der Riese were in-production but my guess is they weren't that far in-production. So for a TL;DR: BO2 was going to feature a DLC 5 featuring the WaW maps remade that would release during COD Ghosts' lifecycle. But unfortunately this is cut content as there's only a few people who remember seeing the WaW maps within BO2. It's been believed that this topic was uncovered that DLC 5 for BO2 does exist but some could be in fear of getting sued by Activision if footage of the WaW maps were leaked on BO2 (which actually happened a long time ago) Sources: Black Ops 2 Zombies WAS Going To Have A DLC 5 (CUT-CONTENT) Remade Zombies Maps (TheGamingRevolution)
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