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Star Trek references on BO4 weapons

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Hello people, 
Couple of little Star Trek nods in BO4 I thought I would share.
Not a Star Trek fan myself, but I'm sure some people here are and will enjoy these. 🙂

1) Deep Voyage 
I covered this mastercraft in another post concerning the morse code it flashes.
But this easter egg is something different entirely.

When equiping the FMJ attachment, you may notice the number 813 spelled out on the side.
The NCC-813 is a Star Trek ship that is notable for having been destoyed by the squid like Narada (see image below).
This is depicted in the 2009 Star Trek movie.
EXCLUSIVE: James Clyne Talks About His Newly Revealed Star Trek Concept Art  – TrekMovie.com
This scene from the movie is paralleled on this mastercraft, where a squid destroys the unfortunate Spitfire "813".
Along with the "Voyage" in the name (as in "Star Trek: Voyager" the TV show) I think this little Star Trek reference is pretty cool.

2) Stellar 92
"Stellar 92" is the Pack-a-Punch name for the "Saug 9mm".
Stellar 92 "Undine" is a large asteroid in our asteroid belt.
The reference here is not directly to the mythical creatures of the same name, who are water spirits.
In this context it seems to be their depiction as "Species 8472" also known as the "Undine" from various Star Trek media.

These creatures originate from an extra-dimensional realm known as "fluidic space" and formed out of the "organic fluids that populated their dimension".
Sounds familiar.

Some other things worth noting about fluidic space:
It is the birthplace of other large lifeforms you may find familiar like the Argus IV Species and some Cosmozoans like Star Jellies (both pictured below).
image.pngShadows of Evil - Black Ops 3, Zombies - Call of Duty Maps
Also, this dimension has no traditional planets, but "organic based land mass clusters ... similar to planet".
Also sounds a little familiar.
Might actually be something worth investigating a bit more.

Seems there might have been some Star Trek fans in the writer's room as well as on the weapon design team? 😉
I'll leave that up to you to decide.
Thanks for reading 🧠

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