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  1. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    you were saying? @thethiny has there been something discovered? Please give us some more information if you've found something. II'm just commenting on the fact that he said "it can't be hidden for 4 years" when the devs actually said there are hidden easter eggs on old maps. I reinstalled Black Ops and will keep on trying to get the EE done.
  2. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    you were saying?
  3. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Okay so, let's say that there's no Easter Egg, fine let it be. We still some stuff left to solve: 1- How do the green lights on the teleporter turn on? 2-Why are there interactable Fuse Boxes? 3-Why does Samantha talk when we threw a monkey bomb inside the window in the yard? 4-Why are there knockings on the door which stop when we throw a monkey bomb? 5-Why does the rocket interact and how! Forget the Projector connecting part for now as now one believes me for that and I'm with you, I don't have proof. I will forever keep on thinking about this. Maybe the DLC update fixed the EE and removed it? Who knows. I'm waiting for the Xbox 360 Emulator Xenia to finally function and then I can pop in my CoD:BO2 Disc and replay the map.
  4. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Maybe , it was planned as an EE , but not completed . then with the update they removed this EE? Because I've never seen anyone talking about this since the Updates. Before the updates , some people were talking about this and how they can connect it...such as the gamefaqs boards , or gamestop boards.. I believe it got removed... And I'll use this quote just here: “Do not lose faith. Do not listen to the word of others, less you face eternal damnation.”- Maxis. Die Rise.
  5. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    my frinedd,i would love this to be true.Obtain a cheap recording device and repeat the process.NOW! I don't know what they exactly did , so I can't repeat it , also I have one now..I wish they replied , they were in the UAE , and they were speaking Arabic... and most UAE players just keep stuff for themselves (most , not all). But what I know is , it was round 7 , one was down , and one was up , they did something to the teleporter (and near the juggernog) , and the projector connected , no 115 music was played , and nothing else.. The reason I saw what they did was because I was dead (first game , I was a noob) and I was spectating the first guy , and my bro spectating the 2nd guy. and the wires near the juggernog were connected to the floor and the top too! GMs may lock this thread now , If I happen to find out how they did this , I'll open a thread with the tutorial.
  6. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    thats my problem , I haven't gotten a video , and I didn't have a Capture Card to record whats happening , I guess that one day...someone will tell us about it ...and I'll try it.. one day. You can not believe me now , but I'm 100% sure about this... and the users who did this didn't reply to me, lost their names by now.
  7. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    it is not a graphical glitch.. heres what happened: 1-The first guy went into the PaP 2-the 2nd guy went to the teleporter , and press some buttons (and kinfing). 3-The camera , moved slowly into a vertical alignment , a wire came from above and kept curling , then it attached to the standing camera. 4-The first camera turned off , and the 2nd one started projecting (no disk was inserted , it was the first time we go into the PaP Room). so it is a small EE were you connect the 2nd projector , but how?
  8. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Ok , so there's no EE ... but the projector can be connected , well the projector can be counted as an EE...
  9. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    I'm 100% that there is , I'VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES! First were 2 people I'm playing with , it was my first Kino Gameplay ever.. Then went into the teleporter , and the other guy went into the PaP ..and somehow , the project started floating , and then a wire came from the sky , and connected to the 2nd Projector , and the first one turned off , and the 2nd one started displaying a screen with a man...and then there were green lights all over the place...and then I died... so if there's no EE , at least theres a way to connect the 2nd Projector...but how?
  10. thethiny

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Hi, is the easter egg solved yet? Did anyone find out how to turn on the 2nd camera yet?
  11. thethiny

    new discoveries for big easter egg.

    I'm gonna try the D115 , I believe thats Dragonuv right?
  12. thethiny

    SEVEN fuse boxes

    Found the reason why one is grey! The teleport room has a broken projector , after you turn on the 7 green lights , a big main wire will come , once you see it , one player should get up and activate the teleporter , and the other will follow the trail of the wire and activate it!

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