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  1. I'm not defending it or anything, I'm actually not partaking any stance in this one. But yeah they never tell, so it's either a sign of a big troll. And the lack of video is actually evidence that it might be fake, but let's wait for him to reply.
  2. Well, speaking as someone who played BO1 zombies pretty much every day for 2 years, I can tell you now I have NEVER seen a co-op game migrate over to a solo game. The whole point of the online mode was a 2-4 player game-mode so the minute you dropped down to 1 player it was game over. I know because I mainly played 2 player high round games and if one person lagged out the game ended... always! Even in the super duper rare instance that the game somehow lagged you into a solo game, the OP of this post is still a troll. If it was a rare case why would he still be a troll?
  3. The game does indeed end. You get the 'Not enough players left to continue' message. Only BO2 started allowing host migration all the way down to 1 player. The troll is well and truly busted. No if's or but's about it. Sorry. well you may be right, I dunno it's been a long time since I played BO Zombies online.
  4. As much as I want this to be real, I'm still not really convinced about this cuz I don't remember seeing anything about this, maybe it is really true?? I truly hope so!! It would be a great support to my claim! uhmmm, I don't think the game ends if you were the host! But correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Well that was a long time ago and I did message him. But I'm pretty sure all of you guys are missing it I swear I've seen the teleporter being connected with my eyes!
  6. my guess is that whatever you saw was not a second teleporter, but either your eyes playing tricks on you or you imagining something, because obviously it would be a rather complex and repeatable set of steps required to do something like that, and not something that you would stumble upon by accident. Be clear that I am not calling you a liar, but rather that whatever you saw wasn't actually a second teleporter, but something else instead It's not me who did it, I specified before that I was playing online during my noob days and the other two people I was with did the required steps, I was upstairs at the PaP room when it was connected, I'm not sure at all how it happened but it did. I really hope someone finds it out though :\
  7. that is my issue, im unable.to recreate it, and I have no clue what to do.
  8. you were saying? @thethiny has there been something discovered? Please give us some more information if you've found something. II'm just commenting on the fact that he said "it can't be hidden for 4 years" when the devs actually said there are hidden easter eggs on old maps. I reinstalled Black Ops and will keep on trying to get the EE done.
  9. Well, I posted a conversation I had with the support team somewhere here confirming the existence of an easter egg on Kino, so I still belive that it exists. I honestly don't think modders will find it through code if it was "online" only.
  10. I'm sure there's an easter egg here whether modders say yes or no. I saw the 2nd teleporter with my eyes being connected anyways, for the ttranslation: He goes on for 18 minutes talking about his findings like how many generators there are and how many radios (he says 3). He then shows us various small stuff that he thinks might help us get the EE. About the green lights he says that he got them after going through the teleporter many times on one round. The still pictures are from his thread which is linked in the bio of the video.
  11. Okay so, let's say that there's no Easter Egg, fine let it be. We still some stuff left to solve: 1- How do the green lights on the teleporter turn on? 2-Why are there interactable Fuse Boxes? 3-Why does Samantha talk when we threw a monkey bomb inside the window in the yard? 4-Why are there knockings on the door which stop when we throw a monkey bomb? 5-Why does the rocket interact and how! Forget the Projector connecting part for now as now one believes me for that and I'm with you, I don't have proof. I will forever keep on thinking about this. Maybe the DLC update fixed the EE and removed it? Who knows. I'm waiting for the Xbox 360 Emulator Xenia to finally function and then I can pop in my CoD:BO2 Disc and replay the map.
  12. Guys correct me if I'm wrong , but the minimum amount of players for this is 2 right? because of the need to do the Airstrike and Another person in the Robot at the same time, right?
  13. If this is called Origins because it is the start of the Zombies, then this is the first turn, This is the first time Samantha ever plays with the zombies with Eddy. so she should be new to this, also since this is the first time and she says tomorrow is his turn, tomorrow could be the BO2 Maps, since the eyes are blue. So Eddy took his turn after all. So your theory is incorrect to me, because he will get his turn, this is the BEGINNING, this didn't happen after all these events. So when you said Eddie was never in control, it is true because Tomorrow (BO2) is his turn. But there are some unexplained things, if Tomorrow was BO2, then what about WAW and BO1? who was in control? Samantha, but she promised that his turn was tomorrow. Also when the eyes are blue, there was always Rich and Max side, so if Sam controls when the eyes are yellow and we hear her talking, how come we hear Max? is he playing too? All I can guess is: "I wish the heroes in our story were true" (or something like that). "My dad has a plan". The plan is to make the Zombies true. But this won't really help since Richtofen is older than samantha by many years in the game, so it must be a fantasy and not a reality. Now back to what I said about the unexplained things, maybe Samantha failed her promise, and he didn't get a turn, Samantha kept on playing, so Eddy got mad and forced her to give him the turn (When Rich changes bodies with Sam). It may all be a kids game, and that's what I want to believe. Edit: I just saw the N4 under the bed in the cutscene, so that may mean, that when Eddy plays, he uses the N4, and the guy that can only listen to Richtofen is Eddy's favorite. And by I never got my turn, he may be referring to his turn playing as the O4, because he's sick of the N4.
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