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  1. We saw the cutscene and i got the calling card, but no gamerscore or xbox achievement wich i weird.
  2. Hi All, I finally found a team of talkers that wouldn't (and for once didn't) back out and we completed the Easter Egg. I have the summoning key icon showing but i didn't get an achievement for it. Did we do something wrong or only half finish the EE? Im sure there will already be a topic on this. If someone could please point me in the direction of finding what ive missed it would be much appreciated. Thanks Bod
  3. Its quite clear in all the videos I've seen, that there is no green, like a perma perk drop. You may have managed to stop on a single frame that is greener than normal, but watching it in real time there is no green. Its also really obvious (which I havnt seen any one mention yet) that he explodes when he dies, like a napalm zombie. That is the ORANGE sparkles are that you are seeing. Having said that, there is a possibility that there is a perma perk drop, with orange sparkle because they have red eyes.
  4. Look at 1:48. Do we see a zombie die without being shot when he is under the possible Acid Sprinkler Trap? My2keV2IIQ0
  5. I dont understand what you are getting at here. I see wires holding up a section of bridge in that image. And we know that sections of the bridge must have been built, because the electric chairs are on the bridge. Thanks for letting us know about the update though :)
  6. Yeah I have seen this before. This game was pretty good for once, but it wasnt perfect. You're probably right. Everyone keep an ear out in round 45 just to see if it happens again. Remember it didnt happen at the start of the round!
  7. I agree, so maybe if it isn't to do with the map it might be a new upgrade that we are currently unaware of? It also wasn't the Insta Kill one, as I was just running with the sliquifier and leaving most perks.
  8. I just did my highest solo run on Die Rise. 30 seconds or a minute into Round 43 there was a few explosions (when I was in free cam mode they all looked close to the building) and possibly heard a voice before my character said this: VqreZrTAQvk I have pretty noticeable hearing loss and if there are lots of loud noises at the same time, I cant hear voices very well. So I hope you guys can help me out? What is he saying? and does it mean that anything changes at this point? Before you ask: * I didn't gain any Persistent Perks. * I Didnt have any Persistent Perks except Quick Revive to loose. * I Didnt collect or drop anything. * My kills at the time were not at a round number (should this have indecated anything). I cant think of anything it could be...
  9. Yes, but im saying that to get there you use the plane possibly? Correct. :)
  10. There is much more to it than just a revival. There will be elements of the game that can only be activated or powered wile in Purgatory Mode. I'm sure the easter egg will utilize Purgatory in many ways as well.
  11. I think it will be like Who's Who, because you can have tokens to use Purgatory. However if you are downed without tokens, I'm not sure if you keep your loadout.
  12. So far, this is how I think Purgatory Mode works. As we have heard, you spawn in to the game in Purgatory Mode. And to start the game, I believe you have to shock your character back into life. Your character will be marked by a blue eye symbol. In this video you don't see the shock, but you do see the blue eye indicator on only one of the motionless characters. You will love my expert editing (free screen capture software use) in this I think LOL: rufkD4Iurls When you are in Purgatory Mode, you will have a time limit, that is indicated at the bottom of you screen, by a glowing blue eye symbol. This glow will fade from the right, as you run out of time. I believe that the electric shock powers you have in this mode, that allow you to interact with characters, devices and zombies, if used will decrease your available time in Purgatory Mode. Below are 3 images captured from the XBL preview that show the rate of decrease in energy over seven or eight seconds. There is a five or six second gap between image 1 and image 2, but only a one or two second gap between image 2 and image 3. And in my opinion the difference in the energy bar has decreased more between the last two. Image 1 - Spawn in with full power: Image 2 (+5 or 6 seconds) - Look at the power before he zaps the zombies, its very close to full. Image 3 (+1 or 2 seconds) - See the difference in the bar over this shorter period of time? Now this also raises a few important questions: 1a) Im guessing that if you run out of power before reaching your character, or dont have enough left when you reach him you are done! 1b) Now do you respawn in, or are you out of the game? 2) Will you have enough power/time to complete multiple tasks before your juice is gone? Damn, I had a couple more questions, but decided to read through it again and they have gone, so please add your thoughts, I'm gonna sleep on it.
  13. Yes, but im saying that to get there you use the plane possibly?
  14. This would be an early Christmas present for sure. If you look at the part in the trailer where they show the 4 electric chairs.. they're not located on the island. Doh, how did I miss the wires LOL. i have just had an idea! "No one escapes alive" maybe you use the plain to land on the bridge and get executed? [EDIT] I think I might be a little behind others now i've read on... I will catch up eventually.
  15. This would be an early Christmas present for sure.
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