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  1. Try slashin a couple more u can usualy get a couples slow ones if you have three zombies or more. and they dont respond.
  2. Anyone else notice that the zombies from the cacoons dont respawn closer to u if you get too far away? They are pretty nice for turnin one fast zombie into a couple slow ones who you can keep track of.
  3. There are two kt4 tables when ur lookin at the first one turn to the wall to your right and its the first table on the left. I did the same thing for like a week.
  4. Ive had it once before with the rainbow water. The key factor seems to be having multiple plants goin.
  5. I believe its always a dif formula. it seems to be shooting it three time with one of the colors. The ones i usualy get it with is three blues or three rainbows.
  6. has anyone figured out what the bones easter egg is. There are some bones right in front of the second kt 4 table that make sounds when u hit x on them and two dif spots in the lab near the green water.
  7. Hahaha man did i feel stupid thank god i had a zombie in there with me! who forced me backwards a little and i saw the prompt.
  8. So i finally figured out the problem while running the map. I had no idea there are two tables! Both in the same room just feet apart from each other. So if you still are having the problem turn around and theres another table right behind you and got on with that EE!!!
  9. I know a couple people have posts about this but i wanted to make an up to date one and see if we cant figure this out.. now ive done all the steps correctly a couple dif times and the very first time i had perkaholic and it let me give it the gun. Then i proceed to take away all my guns leaving me with the pistol as samantha laughed in the background as my money was slowly taken away.. Does this mean the game thought i was cheating and now i cant do the easter egg?
  10. Same thing is goin on with me. The first time i tried it took all my guns away and my money.. Did that happen to you as well?
  11. Well i had perkaholic.. Does this mean i cant do the ee now? Ive tried to do it multiple times now and that what happened the first time and now the table wont even take the gun from me.
  12. I managed to turn the spores blue once does anyone know what this is appart of?
  13. Im in the same boat right now im in the middle of a game and even tried to start the ee. The first time i tried to upgrade i lost all my guns and i could hear children laughin as all my money got taken away.. Not sure whats goin on did this happen to you too?
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