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  1. No seriously how does this work? I'm gonna try and help and see what I can do, but so far I have no idea where to even start. So how does it work?
  2. Sadly I'm not very smart, So how does this cipher work? Can only have 1 of that letter no matter what the row? or...
  3. Seeing what Dr. Monty says to Takeo, Richtofen and Dempsey, perhaps Richtofen is no longer on our side. Examples are from "I don't want to stir things up, but Dempsey and Richtofen look like their scheming something" "I got my eye on you" Towards Richtofen. "Didn't you absolutely hate him at one point? Keep an eye on him, I think he's up to something" So either Dr. Monty is trying to make Richtofen look like a bad guy or he's truly up to something bad. It would explain Richtofen all of a sudden being more secretive then ever, not giving his soul to the Portal in the sky
  4. I got your reference. Pretty sure its a Dr. Who reference.
  5. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? My living room, at the time my systems weren't in my room. What was the first map you ever played? Nacht Der Untoten What was the first "strategy" you ran? Round the World my friend called it. We would run around the whole map on Kino after coming back from the Teleporter. When did you know you were hooked? The second I played Zombies for the first time. Nacht Der Untoten. What was you favorite weapon in WaW? I loved
  6. Please don't be mean towards my channel. I do more than just CoD Zombies, I also do Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Overwatch (soon) and GTA 5 (soon) but I will be doing more CoD Zombies soon. Just waiting for Gorod Krovi. :)
  7. @NaBrZHunter Sure thing! Only 5 more days until Gorod Krovi!!!! DLC 3 HYPE!
  8. So this has been making me think. We don't know what happened to Samantha in the Giant. In the original timeline she was teleported to the Moon and obtained control of the undead hordes. BUT this is a new timeline, and history changed. So she went somewhere else. But where? I don't think the house. But maybe she did go to the house. The Keeper being in her room, could have been the Keeper warning Samantha of the events to occur in the soon future. (A bit of a stretch I guess). For the door with the purple glow. Thats what made me think she's at the house. IDK! But DLC 4 might answer everything
  9. So personally I think the blood vials will NOT be used in DLC 3, if they are, cool. But I think we will see the true reason why Richtofen has the crew get them. While it looks deadly for what the crew is facing. I do not think 'primis' will fail just yet.
  10. Well my first Call of Duty was Modern Warfare, then MW2, but my friend owned World at War, and I thought it was cool, so I went out and bought it. I usually play the campaign before anything. Once finishing it, I saw... it running towards the screen. I was 9 maybe? I was scared because I never heard of a zombie. I obviously knew what Nazi's were, but not a zombie. So I was horrified. But I loved every single moment of it! I instantly became a fan. Inviting friends over seeing who could make it to the highest round. Then Black Ops was announced and my Dad told me that Zombies was coming back. I
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