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  1. Does anyone know that feeling when you suddenly have multiple new theories in your head, but you have to study for exams soon though you are constantly distracted by the theories you wanna write?

  2. Thank you for the nomination, as well as for nominating some folks that definately deserve it to be nominated. I would like to add four extra to that list: @RadZakpak one of the most active folks around here, commenting and posting with nothing else than quality and kindness. A person that contains the very spirit of these forums, also being interested and familiar with both story and gameplay. As for the story part, I've always considered you as some kind of partner in crime, my soulmate, around here, and I really appreciate your pressence. A great and social person, also the sole author of the in my opinion most shining gem of CoDZ: The CoD Zombies Storybook. This gave the characters and the story of the game we all love an extra dimension to me. @Electric Jesus Quality above quantity certainly applies on this dude, your theories and thoughts never fail to open a mental door for me. A genuine outside the box thinker, combined with the kindness and insanity of Lenne and Meh. You've also been here ever since, I dunno, BO2? BO1 maybe even? Upon roaming through older threads, I occasially come across your comments that always give me a brand new, original insight in something. @ZombiesAteMyPizza! Another veteran, containing the soul of Superhands. The phrase "There's a Zombie Slayer in all of us" certainly applies for this seemingly Pizza-loving undead butcher. I think his guides for reaching high rounds and doing quests have assisted countless people, both members and guests. An awesome guy with a solid influence concerning gameplay over both veterans and rookies (that latter includes myself). @KronoriumExcerptB This dude suddenly appeared out of nowhere, seemingly holding all the information about the entire Multiverse! His theories and ideas always give me an entire new insight into things. Being a new member with a not too-long history on this site doesn't say anything about one's knowledge and skills, and I found you deserved a place in this nomination as well buddy! (An early) Merry Christmas to everyone!
  3. "Beware of the beast man. For he is the devils pawn. Alone among gods primates. He kills for sport,or lust,or greed. Yay he will murder his brother to posses his brothers land. Let him not breed in great numbers, For he will make a desert of his home,and yours. Shun him, drive him back into his jungle layer. For he is the harbinger of death." Damnit, the Shadowman was already there around the time of GkNova-6!
  4. I wonder how the HAARP and DUGA towers correlate with the ones we have to activate for MPD Richthofen to get full control...
  5. Thank you for the picture, this was actually the sole reason I thought about the Leylines' existence in the story. It is also our only evidence that Alcatraz is built on a Leyline location, and therefore possibly the lighthouse of Tunguska as well. What this chalkboard actually means, I am uncertain of. "Leylines intersect.....redirect? Converges on central "hub"....wherever that is. Conduit interchange A-F. Accelerate the reaction. How much = too much? Power source??" I initially thought the weird antennae-like things were those of the Dark Mechanism, but indeed, the Matter Transference Device also has these antenna, and it would make more sense! Remember, Richthofen didn't knew about the Aether until he discovered the MPD, quite some time after his experiments with the MTD. At the time he invented the initial working teleporter with which he transferred a walnut, he didn't knew about the Aether. The Aether could be the "central hub" he talks about here, and why he says "wherever that is". He hasn't discovered it yet. He doesn't know that the MTD returns matter through Aether. I could also see how a hub, a central hub, has something to do with a central dimension, the point within electromagnetic earth all the leylines/electromagnetic nexuses lead to. The world within the world, like Monty said. Hollow Earth, in a way. Don't get that phase "Leylines intersect....redirect" part though. Are there multiple leylines at the site? What has it to do with teleporters? And how does redirecting these nexuses of energy affect anything? Thanks for the input again!
  6. I like it how Pernell's character is so much different than the sort-of prototype of this chapter (the one that is deleted now). While for sure, this version is closer to how Pernell's character appears to be according to the Alpha Omega radios, I actually liked your own, initial, clumsy version of him. Anyway, good chapter! Like the McCain-Dempsey-Gale thing
  7. So pseudosciencifically, I tried to hypothise what happens after death. Energy cannot be destroyed, merely transferred into another state. In thermodynamics they say that naturally, entropy or the state of chaos in the universe can only rise. See it this way: One moment all energy was in one spot, there was zero chaos. The moment it began to spread into other planes, other states, it became more complex and chaos was created. Energy can only be passed on, and I believe that is what might happen to us when deceasing. Because our bodies, our brain, contains quite some energy, it cannot vanish into nothingness: Our energy might solve into vibrations, into electromagnetism, or something else... So I gotta admit that one year ago I started looking into aura/chakra/whatever just for fun, and I actually saw things. I guess anyone can do it: Place your hands in front of a white plane (I recommand laying them on top of a white table with a lamp right above you so there is enough light) and try to look to them with "the outer part of your eyes". Don't focus with your pupils, imagine looking with the white part of your eyes, dont look sharp/clear. (Search for better descriptions of this on google, I find it hard to explain). Anyway, if you dont force yourself too much, you can see something quite quickly. Around the shape of your hands you see another shape, some kind of shadow of your hand, but different. I think of all things we are familiar with it can be compared the best with the vibrating hot air above a BBQ, but then turquoise in colour. If you succeed and train this a little bit, you can also see this around people's head. I even once talked with someone who saw this around plants, only greener in colour. When you are with someone else, holding your hands close to each other makes the fields melt with each other. Maybe it are just visual oddities, my brain fucking with me or something. Internet says it are no auras/chakras, because these have different colours depending on the persons. What I see is vital energy (coloured auras and stuff can only be seen when training enough). So I searched for vital energy and I believe it can be literally anything: vibrating atoms and electrons around me, my personal magnetic field, or whatever. Thing is, I believe we have a solid base of energy within and around us. Plants and animals have it as well, maybe fungus and other organisms too. I dont believe mankind is any higher than other life just because we have larger evolved brains. The first neuron networks originate from jellyfish, but like I said plants also seem to have this Life Force. So has this thing to do with anything death-related? Is our energy recylced into one big complex universal energy system or something?
  8. Yes, I brought the big sci-fi cliche to CoDZ :P. Naw for real, Quantum Physics is actually quite interesting. We know that for example chemistry is involved in everything: biology, astronomy, physics, geopgraphy, etc. Now quantum physics is even more involved into everything, as every piece of matter has electrons, and when having electrons, the quantum physics apply to you. Actually, when fucking with the quantum probability, everything you can think of is possilbe!
  9. Aye, I wonder though, why does Nikolai say it is his "first time in the cylce, because he still has his soul", while Dempsey and the others have been in the loop for countless time because they lack a soul. Anyone any idea?
  10. Never knew this either, definately gonna try it!
  11. Anyone ever noticed that the MPD, the Aether Pyramid built by the Apothicans, has similar circles and symbols on it as the rocks at the mound of Excavation Site 64?
  12. Extraterrestials were the inspiration for the god-like figures appearing in countless religions and mythologies. What we’d call paranormal or magic is “merely” based on their highly advanced technology. The Chariots of the Gods are actually flying saucers based on an anti-gravity mechanism, the Gods sudden appearance on certain locations can be explained by teleportation and matter transference. Raining Hell and the Apocalypse might be referring to a thermonuclear war and weapons and staves with seemingly magic abilities are actually based on electromagnetism. In this summary of Demons/Vril/Keeper/Apothican technology that mankind simply cannot understand yet we also encounter two kinds of very identical appearing objects, or artifacts: the Summoning Key and the Vril Sphere. In this thread I will discuss the technology behind them, hopefully sparking discussion or theories about their origin and effect on the story. Though one being far more powerful and ancient, I believe the two artifacts exist of similar components, created following a similar principle: quantum physics. To us appearing like nothing more than a metallic orb, I believe both the Summoning Key and the Vril Sphere are so-called ‘ Quantum Probability Weapons’, potentially able to rewrite reality itself. In quantum mechanics all particles exist as probability waves in a base state of matter. When the probability gets strong enough, a particle appears at a specific location. This is also the main evidence behind the Many-Worlds theory: Every probability that something happens, another thing could’ve happened as well, splitting timelines and creating a Multiverse. By messing with the probability artificially (depending on how much effect you can have) you could pretty much rearrange matter as you see fit. Also, due to a process called quantum tunneling which allows matter to go through other matter and enabling teleporting within and between universes. So a device capable of messing around with quantum probability is a device more powerful than anything else in the Omni-fucking-verse! The Summoning Key has so much effect on quantum probability that it could create universes, create Agartha, using the energy of the already-existing Aether. It might’ve been the origin of the entire Mutiverse. Now while the Vril Sphere has way less effect on quantum probability, it remains an utterly powerful weapon of which we may have never seen the true capabilities. The Summoning Key was a device used by the First One, whatever that may be. I believe the Vril Sphere we encounter on Moon, on the other hand, is one of the many. Used by the Vril-Ya as weapons or tools, they could’ve been used for anything. There could possibly have been a hierarchy of different ranks or castes in the Vril society, with higher individuals having a Vril Sphere with a bigger effect on quantum probability. When Group 935 excavated the artifact found on Moon, Richthofen might very well have used it to create the Q.E.D., the Quantum Entanglement Device, mankind's much inferior replica of it. A not unimportant feature of the quantum weapons of the Vril is the seemingly ability of siphoning life force. In Moon, the Vril Sphere is used to activate the mechanism that pulls the life force of the dead like a magnet to the Aether Pyramid, charging it. According to the above cipher, the Summoning Key can be used for teleportation (as we already knew) by transferring one’s life force from dimension A to dimension B. It seems like the Quantum Weapons influence the field of our vital energy, as they seem to be able to generate some kind of polar sides that attract it. The final, and to me most interesting, feature we encounter with the Vril Sphere (and possibly Quantum Weapons in general), is it’s ability to destroy. Before we launch the three rockets from Moon to Earth, Maxis asks us to insert the Vril Sphere in them, Three rockets alone would be harmless for something enormous as our planet, but a few seconds after they hit Earth we see a bright flash, followed by a dead planet. I’m 100% positive that this destruction is due to these Vril artifacts, and not due to the actual impact of the rockets. When Earth says boom, we can also observe alot of electric flashes in the atmosphere, seen more closely when arriving in No Man’s Land again. As the Timeline states, the Earth fractured, and I think this is due to our magnetic field being distorted, possibly destroyed (actually also the reason why the MPD’s connection and control over Earth has decreased). In the Leylines thread you can see a complete discussion concerning this subject. Und here's another thread about the weapons of the Vril-Ya

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