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  1. Though I don't believe in a busroute B, I personally disagree with Boom and I actually think TranZit still has its mysteries. https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/184469-exploding-fire-zombies-and-the-light-they-create-new-tranzit-ee-discussion/ This thread discusses a new discovered thing in TranZit. In the first comment, I linked some threads that include more mystery topics. Also indeed, welcome to the Forum, friends!
  2. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    There is something about "the Americans start working on their own version of the Wunderwaffe" in the Timeline, right? Is that ever explained? And this is not about the Winters Howl, since the creation of that weapon is stated seperately in the timeline.
  3. anonymous

    Wardens Board

    Interesting stuff, Requix! Schrödinger states that there is a ritual circle in Shadows as well, which is, just like BotD, from my understanding a pocket dimension. Imagine that the Apothicans language here describes how to create such a pocket dimension following these rituals. What does it say? Let's start at: Quite logical, right? Or perhaps this is the beginning of the pocket dimension, a.k.a. the last step/ending of the ritual. Is that the symbol in the centre? If so, that could mean that all the meanings of the words around it should be looked at in the "action form". What someone must do. I'm thinking What does this word even mean? I'm not English XD So humans are needed for the ritual. That makes the Apothicans dependant on our species. They need help of a hand in a universe, they can't do everything from their Dark Aether. The human changes in a servant. Or is it a hint to the Apothicans Servant Antimatter shooting thingy? Gather what? Are there skulls in Alcatraz? I bet there are. Are they used for ritual things? Emotions seem odd for Dark Aetherial beings. Maybe it is pride with which the Apothicans promise the Warden as exchange for his deeds. Power and pride Which means...? I'm really curious how much the Shadow ritual circle has in common with this
  4. First of all, if you have time, PLEASE watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Gotl9vRGs It takes only 11 minutes and that guy explains everything so good. You will notice that after watching that video you will look entirely different to the world around you. If you want a short summary, here it is. And watch out, it takes us beyond the physical and imaginable. Try to be sweet to your brain and stop reading if you cant handle it anymore: So let us start with the 0th dimension. This is really nothing else than a dot. Well, actually even less than that, since a dot has a width and a length, while the dot has not. It is really nothing more than a coordinate in a graph. A theoretical location in space-time, existing of no components. Everything “lower” than this 0th dimension is beneath creation. The 1th dimension is fairly easy: You have two 0th dimensional “dots’ and connect these with each other, creating a line. Mind you, this line exists of only one component: length. It has no width. Moving on to the 2th dimension is to connecting two 1th dimensional lines with each other, adding a second component: width. We now have a flat entity, without any depth. From this dimension, it is only one component away from our 3th dimension: Adding depth. Everything you see around you is 3D, existing of length, width and depth. However, there is a second, more interesting way to look at our 3th dimension. Imagine a 2D world, with an infinite flat 2D insect walking over an infinite flat 2D paper. The insect is standing on the edge of the paper, not able to walk further because that’s just the end of the paper. Now we, as 3-dimensional beings, interfere with this 2D world and bow this paper into the third dimension. The insect is now able to walk further over the paper, as he pops away from the one edge of the paper and appears on the other edge. The paper itself remains 2D, but the insect has basically travelled through the 3th dimension to travel to another location in the 2th dimension. Are you with me so far? Then we’re continuing. Because now we are getting at the more complicated stuff. Moving up into a higher dimension than the third sounds very odd, but it actually isn’t that hard to understand. The 4th dimension is, like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract. Still understandable, yes? Now it is getting more complicated: What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this. A 4th dimensional human is his entire life, connecting two places in 3D space-time and everything between it, seeing as one entity. Again, I heavily recommend watching that video I linked, it explains it so much better than I do. Following the principle of the insect walking over the 2D paper bowing itself through 3D space, we can also bow 3D space through the 4th dimension and in that way create a Wormhole from any point in space AND time to another point in space and time. A reminder: This is only in ONE universe. I think this is the basic principle behind the Matter Transference Device. So the fourth dimension is a timeline. The 5th dimension is like having multiple “timeline hypercubes” connected with each other: like having multiple possible timelines. There is one in which you can become a professor and one in which you cannot, depending on your choices of your life-timeline. It are all different spits, or like the zombie community likes to call it: Fractures. However, you cannot travel between these timelines and you there will always happen only one of such timeline. This isn’t the case if you connect such 5th dimensions with each other and create the 6th dimension. You are now able to freely “walk” around between the timelines as we can walk around from 3D space-time location A to 3D space-time location B. You just travel from the non-professor timeline to the professor timeline if you feel like. You can walk through an infinite amount of timelines, yet all bound to the very same beginning of each timeline: The Big Bang. The 7th dimension does not deal with this limit as it consists of various 6th dimensions. So there is a timeline in which the Big Bang happened, but also timelines in which everything started with something else. The 7th dimension exists of actual different universes. Connecting all these with each other created the 8th dimension. So that are all possible timelines with all possible beginnings combined. The 9th dimension is where you can actually travel between all these timelines. The 10th dimension is all of the above. It includes everything, and scientists therefore believe that the 10th dimension is the highest and the end of our interdimensional voyage. This is it. The infinite. Everything.
  5. anonymous

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    No I didn't knew that (funny to keep in mind the Five labs were actually based on the labs in Rebirth Island, BO Campaign). I guess that does exclude the Denizen cages right? It's an interesting fact for sure You mean the Americans built the MPD room? I assume it was Griffin Station who created it but you bring up an entire new idea. What if Group 935 never completely finished Griffin Station. What if it was Broken Arrow who completed the moonbase, including the large MTD above the MPD, and the computers around it (since the first computer dates from AFTER World War II). Maybe the MPD blueprint was not of a recreated one but of the original, being investigated and connected with technology by the Americans. That's an interesting thought
  6. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    Critical thinking, Rad! The Hellhounds didnt show up in Five, so I don't see a reason why Samantha would have send them prior to the scientists in the Pentagon (except, of course, to chase Ultimis). Perhaps they came across the Hellish creatures accidentally while experimenting with matter transference and the Aether, like Hellhounds don't merely show up in Der Riese during a regular hound-round. They show up accidentally when using an MTD as well. Those are some points that once set together make an interesting complex. I'm not sure yet where this can lead to, but I hope to find it out during this season. There is a moment in the future in which the CDC head broadcasts that 115 has gone airborne. From Classified radios we know that breathing in gaseous 115 eventually leads to zombification (probably 'cuz of metabolism of the element in the lungs, absorbing it in the blood sand evtually in the cells of the patient). Has this explosion triggered this airborne going of 115? Is that the start of the global zombification and breakdown?
  7. anonymous

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    @NaBrZHunter and @InfestLithium that clears some things up, thanks! Today I was playing TranZit, and some asshole managed it to trap me and my other two fellow players in the Power Room (only she had a turbine and she had taken the zombie hand part through the electrical door, leaving it unable to open by us). So I kinda had plenty of time observating the room...and the purpose of it. I remember some transcripts of the Timeline: What always intrigued me is the word "accidentally" in the creating of the Avogadro, a word that isn't placed there accidentally (pun not intended) since it isn't there in the transcript about the creation of the Denizens. So Broken Arrow ACCIDENTALLY created the Avogadro. Did any of you ever see the similarity between the Green Run Power Room and the Griffin Station MPD Room? The central structure, connected with technology, and the circular device above. What if Broken Arrow finished their Aetherial Vril Pyramid Prototype and the Avogadro is the failed product of it. They created it accidentally, turning the testsubject into an Electric Man with limited powers over the sky (he can control weather and electricity), actually being a prisoner of the Aether. Victis free him with nothing else left in the remnants of his mind than anger and revenge. A argument against this, however, is how easy Victis can free him: Simply turn on the switch. Ultimis had a whole other deal with freeing Samantha back on the Moon...
  8. anonymous

    The History, Traditional Powers and Known Uses of the MPD

    The following picture showed up in Classified: Broken Arrow is trying to recreate the Moon Transference Device. Did they succeed to establish a stable link between Griffin Station and Groom Lake? It apparently seems so. I'm gonna guess that McNamara and Pernell wanted to recreate this Aetherial Vril Pyramid to weapons against Samantha....or to claim power their selves. Now I'm not going into the reason why or how right now. I wonder if it would be scientifically possibly for two MPD's to exist. What's more, in the same dimension. So there always was only 1 MPD. The reason why we see one in Der Eisendrache is because this is a fracture of the Original Universe, and not a different dimension. This MPD is in fact the same as the one we see in BO1 Moon. So there always was only one pyramid. Not gonna say that it happened, but what if Broken Arrow succeed in creating another one. How would this work? Two announcers? And how far does the power of an MPD actually get? From fresh intel we know Global Polarization Devices are needed to gain full power over Earth...in only one universe. And that while the Timeline says the following: If that was the case, how could the Apothicans have lost their war against the Keepers? @NaBrZHunter?
  9. Apparently there is the CoD Zombie labs symbol as camouflage on some Pack-a-Punched weapons in the map Classified. Does this mean these trailers, aging from the Black Ops I era, are confirmed to be canon? Appearing in the Pentagon, does this mean the Labs are American? Is it a part of the Broken Arrow program? This would actually make sense concerning some things seen in the trailers: The Nova-6 Crawlers and the Wavegun. We know the Americans experimented with the Nova-6 Crawlers (we even found blueprints in Classified) and they might have found the Wavegun in Griffin Station. Or perhaps they invented it. This raises in second question in my head: Did the Americans ever succeed in creating a stable and functioning Matter Transference link between Groom Lake and Griffin Station in the same moment (so no time travel). If so, the Zombie Labs in Griffin Station could very well be the American Zombie Labs from the trailers.
  10. Hmm, that's an interesting point. I wouldn't see the need for timetravel in his grand scheme, since the Focussing Stone and Vril Device would lay on their locations any point in time. Or maybe he wanted to teleport to the time the Americans and Soviets had finished building the GDPs, a essential need for his plan. I also wonder what differences the GDPs have for the history and future of the world. We always assumed that the Original Universe happens in our real world, based on real events. Perhaps the zombification of citizens nearby the towers and Cornelius Pernell's "preparation for a war with Samantha" gave Earth an alternate history (alternate Cold War-modern time-near future). Perhaps it's a world in which a normal human knows about the dangers of the undead, about Broken Arrow and the International Zombie Centre. Or maybe all these things were kept secret from the "dumb mob" and normal humans, and the Original Universe is still our real world. I personally like this theory more. This all also reminds me about some stuff I came upon in another post of me. Concerning mindcontrol through the GDPs, at least.
  11. anonymous

    How exactly did "Classified" happen ?

    While you raise some good points, @funmw2, I think it has to do with the Timeline scraps you mention taking place in Split offs, or Fractures, of the Original Universe. Brock and Gary crashing happens in the Agonia fracture (the one in which Gorod Krovi takes place) and P. Richthofen murdering U. Richthofen in the Deception fracture (the one in which The Giant and Der Eisendrache take place). So the U. Richthofen doesn't die in the "real" Original Universe, the one in which Classified takes place. Though, you do remind me of the fact that Brock and Gary crashed AFTER Primis enters that realm, so automatically also AFTER Blood of the Dead. Not sure how BotD and Classified happen to each other (are Primis in the Classified cutscene directly after BotD? Do Primis even go to Gorod Krovi and Revelations after BotD? Or is Zetubou no Shima the last time Primis obeyed Monty's orders in this "new Multiverse", meaning "new Kronorium fate". Maybe Brock and Gary would never crash if Primis wouldn't go to Gorod Krovi.
  12. anonymous

    83457's BO3 WaW Reprint Thread

    Don't think you should take it that badly. I can actually appreciate you having a different opinion about Black Ops 1 than me and so many others. What I appreciate more is your apologize for something you don't even have to apologize. And what I even appreciate more than that are your great strategy posts. Keep up the work, friendo 😉
  13. anonymous

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    Why don't you mention good old Takeo? 😭 At least I like him more than the over-the-top-cool-hero, boring Dempsey. I'm interested in Takeos background as well. Why am I rambling about this... Still curious why the rifts Primis use now are blue instead of Orange
  14. anonymous

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    I think the "divide the community" thing is also about the Promise crew. Post or pro Blood of the Dead? While I agree with you @InfestLithium that it is post-BotD, I can also see some arguments about it being pro-BotD. For example, why is P. Richthofen in his own suit indeed, not in the Schwarze Sonne/ Ancient Order of the Keepers suit? I self assume this might be post-BotD, but perhaps not directly after it. Maybe a map or certain events happened in between
  15. Yeah that's what I wonder. Because previously I used to think that the GPDs had to be constructed to stop the severing of Richthofen's connection with Earth. But now it almost seems that he wanted to use the GPDs anyway, that the MPD alone does not yield enough power. Though, this contradicts the following quotes: According to these quotes it looks like the MPD brings full control over everything. It's also curious to note that Aether has very important ties with electromagnetic waves. The GPDs seem to concentrate that power on Earth or something. Once activated, they "mend" the "Rift" created when shooting three rockets each containing a Vril Artifact to Earth. I must say I really like your explanation about Buried. I'm unsure if it really was a Timebomb of Faraday that was the cause or if it was an other teleportation event somewhere else in history/future, but I can certainly see the logic in your tectonic plates/changed Earth theory. Makes sense, thank you I agree with you that time travel with the MTD was an accident, and that Richthofen could never have been forseen the events of Black Ops I (the journey to his Grand Scheme almost seems like one big improvisation game and slot of unfortunates happen that worse his situation). But why else would he have a Lunar Lander in Kino. Saying that, in the Kino radio he wonders how many stations Group 935 actually has, like he didn't knew about the Kino facility. What does that lander there, then? Something else interesting @Monopoly Mac and @Tac hinted me upon: There is a paper found in Classified in which is made clear that Broken Arrow was working on reconstructing an MPD. On Earth...

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