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  1. Thanks for understanding. You have a good weekend too.
  2. Hello? I'm really sorry but I think we might have to reschedule for next week. My mom just told me we have plans for this weekend so i won't be able to play. I don't know for what since everything is closed down. Tell me if there's a new time you would likke to play
  3. That's perfectly fine with me.
  4. Great! If I get Your gamertag we could probably play This friday at around 7:00
  5. I've got every map but mob of the dead, and I've been trying to go for the origins Easter egg
  6. Anybody want to play BO2 on Xbox just need ur gamertag and I'll invite you when I'm online
  7. I know this must have popped up somewhere but I can't remember. Whenever you use the jump pad and it takes you to like one of the floating pieces of the other maps like Kino Der Toten or Der Eisandrache, are those like the real places or are they like reconstructed to what the primis crew has experienced.
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