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  1. you know what? screw it I'm not going to spend weeks, possibly MONTHS trying to get that far into a single map. EDIT: Actually... I watched the video just to make sure of the current record for CotD, and it turns out it's around 200 something... well that's much more manageable, so... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
  2. HOLY... 4321 is the record for Call of the Dead?! That'd take me a couple weeks of on and off playing since the game lets me save whenever I need a break...
  3. the only microtransaction is for the optional CoD points that you can use if you're low on points in game like if you wanna spin the box but are a few points short. you can spend about I think $60 just to get about 2 million CoD Points I think. also if you do try it I'd suggest sticking to the normal touch controls.. I tried the other ones and they just confused the hell out of me...and I don't know if the game is compatible with bluetooth controllers... oh yeah, and it costs about $8... cheaper than a copy of Black Ops 1 I found on Gamestop's website preowned.
  4. I don't think so... the Zombies still try to get at you yes, there are sprinters too... but from what I can tell the game can't render more than 27 zombies at once... but more spawn in once some finally do die... oh and just so you know... don't use the microtransaction crap that is CoD points in Black Ops Zombies mobile.
  5. heheh, I don't really need the box... I've got my AK74u and my Ray Gun. both pack a punched. and with the semtex I'm pretty much set. oh and once I make it there I'll try to show proof of making it.
  6. heheh, thanks. I think I'll try to get to round 100 over the weekend. and who knows? if I'm REALLY lucky I might be able to last all the way to round 200... now that is just a silly thought...
  7. thank you. it's a bit more tricky on Black Ops Zombies mobile because there's no jump button... and I can't go prone either... but... eh, I don't really need to go prone. besides, the crawlers are never a problem for me. just the sprinting fools... heheh they're a bit TOO easy to get into one group I feel... shame I'm not that good at getting zombies into one place on any other map.
  8. why yes I do. that area outside of the lighthouse where you can buy the AK74u that space is pretty good for running circles around zombies and if things get a little hairy, lead the crawlers and any headless zombies into the cold water nearby... don't forget to grab Stamin-up first... and maybe Deadshot... but I only grab Deadshot because I like the jingle...
  9. my current highest is 92 rounds solo on Black Ops Zombies for android. After George glitched into the ground I started using one little strategy: round em up, turn 'em into crawlers with a Semtex grenade, and then shoot all their heads off with my AK74u. literally all I do after that is just chill until more spawn.
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