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  1. Steelie


    I had my first new year's eve at my own place, and it was amazing. I live right in the heart of town, so there were fireworks all around! Apparently there was a fight too right in front of the door (the house I rent my rooms in is owned by the owner of the cafe/restaurant that becomes a nightclub in the weekends next door so sometimes fights happen), but I didn't notice any of it, and neither did the friend I had over. I had a terrific new year's, and it was the first one since the past years. I've been through really dark times in 2016, used nearly all of 2017 for therapy and recovery (all mental stuff, nothing physical). For the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 I just spent time recovering more. And in september last year I moved out, and (finally!) graduated, so I'm in this weird but refreshing positive momentum. So to have such a good time in my own place was pretty moving, actually. Just thinking about how far I've come, and all with my own strength. That also goes for the friend I had celebrating with me. I'm proud of her and of myself! The only goals I have for now is to keep going with the recovery process, and to keep the good momentum going! I also want to go to college to get a bachelor's degree in game art, and keep learning how to design things properly, how to design characters and props and areas, the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. I want to learn more, and keep learning. I hope work will be going smoothly for you Lenne, and congrats on becoming an uncle again! And I hope that things will be looking up for you soon, Anonymous. Heartbreak is the worst feeling. Good luck to you both!
  2. I actually bought Doom for the PS4 as well! I love it so much, and how cathartic it can be to rip demons apart in the glorykills :^) I also bought the Hatsune Miku Diva X game for the PS4, I already had it for the Vita, but have been wanting to do the crossplay since I had my PS4. It's a shame I had to buy it twice for that (some games like Shovel Knight just give the game on all platforms), but I love the game too much to let that ruin anything 😄 I also didn't exactly buy them, but I took over Mass Effect Andromeda and the Ezio Trilogy from a friend, and paid for the food we ordered that night to make it even (laughs) Andromeda I played for a little bit on her PS4, and I remember liking it. The Ezio trilogy I already love, I'm on a quest to 100% them all, and already started on PC. So I'll finish Brotherhood on PC, and do Revelations on the PS4! What else... Along with the Miku game I got Rise of Iron, which is a Destiny DLC. I love Destiny, man. I love the areas and the character races, and Ghost is super cute 😄 😄 😄 And lastly I bought some new ship colors for my ships in Elite: Dangerous, they're pretty cheap and now I have wonderful christmas ships 8^)
  3. Steelie

    What keeps you loving Zombies?

    At first it was because it connected me to my old friend who introduced zombies to me in the first place. We'd come out of school and fire up his Xbox 360 and play Kino in Black Ops, always using the same tactics. I wasn't very good back then, so I always took the upper window at the start, and he'd take everything downstairs. We'd also do that for the second room, and in the main theater we'd always go connect the teleporter immediately and then just stand in it, using it when we'd almost get downed, and then we'd go back around and reconnect it again, and do it over again. Of course also getting perks in the process. It was simple, usually fast as well because I died a bunch, and it was very fun. It was the same for Black Ops 2. Same maps, same strats. There was safety in that too, I guess. I never had anything with Black Ops 2 since it didn't have the main 4 or other characters I really liked (I'm very neutral on the Black Ops 2 crew), or well, at least not outside of the DLC, which he never got. That's why we'd always play Kino 😄 The rest is a bit hazy so I might have the order of things wrong, but I rediscovered zombies a while later, I'd say like, one or two years later? The friend I used to play zombies with got other interests, other friends at school, and I didn't go to him much anymore. And when I did we'd play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. I never had my own consoles outside of a Gameboy Advance and later a DS Lite either, so I couldn't really play it myself. It was around that time my depression really hit too among other things, and I discovered it actually did have a lot more to it than I initially thought, and that it had a story. So I just dove into that, and I got to escape. I also discovered things like the voicelines being on YouTube, and those really saved me. I put all the ones there were of Demps on my phone, and listen to it at night when going to sleep. I could relate to a bunch of them at the time, and to Demps himself. I had a bunch of issues, including bottling up a lot of my anger, so much so that I'd get random outbursts of intense anger. So by then it was just being able to relate to Demps and the massive amount of content! It got even better when Black Ops 3 rolled around. I finally had a good gaming PC, so I immediately got the game with the season pass, didn't matter how bad I was or that I didn't have anyone to play with, I had to have it. I saw the new trailers, the Primis boys, and everything else, and I just... fell in. I also discovered this forum at the time, and made an account 😄 The easteregg songs also used to help me so, so much. So again, content. And that has kept up all the way to now, alongside my road to massive recovery. And now I'm also in it for the Black Ops 3 campaign, for Hendricks and Taylor and Demps, the massive amount of content, playing the game, nostalgia, being here on the forum, the Christmas songs (which I still listen to every year around Christmas time) and the other music... Everything, really.
  4. Steelie

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Few days late to the party but if I may be honest... I cried ^^" I just want the guys to have happy endings and instead we get to see them lose their minds, Richtofen reaching into lava to grab a stone, he, Nikolai and Takeo get breakdowns and get tortured by Brutus and Dempsey is being depressed and dies while crawling down a hallway. I legit thought he was going to shooting himself in the head at 1:34. Oh, and Nikolai let's himself be ripped apart by the zombies. And so does Richtofen (but with Nik we actually see it, and imo it's actually awful to look at). And Tak gets thrown into the sea by Brutus. There's so much going on! You couldn't have put it better. The one thing I love about these guys though is how human they are. This is after both Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou, the boys are tired and have been for a long time now, and you can both see and feel it. They all feel like giving up, they don't want to fight anymore, Demps, Nik and Tak are incredibly fed up with following Richtofen because he only seems to lead them into worse and worse situations. I have the idea the video gives a small view into their minds, so to speak, and a showing of the "consequences" of giving up here of all places. I do have to say that (for me) this isn't the first time we've seen the guys suffering. Dempsey's mood in BO3 has been seriously down since Zetsubou (in the story quotes this becomes more obvious than the normal mapquotes) onwards, and Nikolai had a really tough time killing Ultimis Nikolai as well. He had to get angry and be taunted by Ultimis Nik to actually do it. And I remember a few things having happened in the Gorod Krovi trailer, too. There's also the Memories videos in which the characters give a lot of their thoughts. So the suffering has been there for a while, but just not as obvious as it is here!
  5. Personally I love that you're able to change just about anything, and that you can see beforehand who you'll be playing as. I mostly play as Dempsey, and my pickiness has caused my average amount of survived rounds overall to be at 2.9 or so now if not lower ^^" I love that you can add bots too, they're good for racking up your levels I think because you literally blast through all the rounds, but at the same time it's also a bit of a problem. In the first rounds they immediately go after every zombie like bloodhounds, not leaving any for you. They also open doors and such and turn on the power, eventhough it might take them a while. At first I didn't even know where the second power switch was, they just.... Took care of it. So they're good to plow through rounds and get your levels up (and their chatter is great to listen to as well imo), but if you wanna use them to do easteregg stuff I wouldn't advice you to do it (Though they mostly follow you, and I've gotten them to feed two of the three dog heads, where's that third one anyway???? Can't find it, can't find the PaP either but I'll probably get there). As for the perks, I do miss them myself. Mostly of all Jug and Speed Cola. Mule Kick and Quick Revive are in there, at least, though you unlock Mule Kick way later, I believe somewhere between level 30-40? Not sure about that, though. Honestly I don't exactly get why QR is still in the game though, since it's pretty much built in now if you play solo. I like the idea of the elixirs, and think it's a pretty nice way of giving the Gobblegums a fresh new look. I think making them is a bit expensive, though. The tutorial was neato as well, I think. I always give it a whirl even if I know the game, just to see how they handled it, and I think it was great. The advanced tutorial is actually pretty good to learn about the new stuff, too. I haven't talked about the design yet and that's an entirely other can of worms, but if I may quote Dempsey: Ho-ly shit. From what I've seen of Voyage of Despair in the tutorials the magic items (statues, the box, barriers, all that) look absolutely amazing. The box is probably my favorite, I was blown away by that thing. I won't bore you with going into more detail because I feel that's an entire essay waiting, but man. It looks super cool. So td;lr there's a bunch of neat things, some quality of life changes, cool designs, but I miss some of the old stuff.
  6. Steelie

    The sound of the undead

    I haven't checked out WW2 at all yet, but I noticed that all the languages named are from the countries that were involved in WW2 (except for Latin). Maybe that helps somewhere? I wouldn't know at all (I mean everyone probably noticed it), but this is definitely very interesting!
  7. You're very right, bringing them back would be a very safe bet and I definitely won't be surprised if Treyarch is willing to cash in on them a little longer (and I wouldn't blame them either, I would love it even, even if it would be a move a lot of people would probably roll their eyes at since the crew should be done). But again, nothing is exactly sure yet! This trailer turned out to be indeed a compilation of everything as RadZakpak mentioned.
  8. I kinda hope they will be, but I will also understand if they won't be of course ;v; The story is done after all! And @Lenne, I understand you competely as well! They've been around for such a long time, I understand very well that people want new characters. But thank you all for explaining that to me, I'll try to hold my horses making assumptions ;p
  9. Hey guys, I'm pretty sure MrRoffleWaffles has probably covered this tiny bit too, but I haven't had the time to watch his video yet! But holy crap!! This tiny fraction of a second here made my day (it's at 12 seconds in if anyone hasn't seen it yet!). I'm so glad to see our Primis boys are going to be in it!!! I thought their story was completely done, and that BO3 was the end of them. That said, I wonder what their story is going to be covering... I have the feeling it'll be tying up loose ends a bit, since I'm sure there are still quite some. My other "theory" is that it'll show more of what they did between the BO3 maps, since it was said that all that is very important stuff too. In any case, I'm absolutely hyped that they're back and I can't wait to hear their voice lines!!
  10. It would seem the timer on my profile (the one that shows how long I've been online) is broken, unless I really have been online for 68 years :sweat_smile:

    1. Lenne


      Haha same. But time is an illusion anyway, so it could be right.

    2. anonymous


      Seems like we've got a time traveller here

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I'll have a look into it, just noticed this update. 

  11. Steelie

    It's my Birthday!

    @anonymous Whoa, awesome!!! Wel een eind weg van Drenthe, hoor And my god, I never knew. Amazing!
  12. Steelie

    It's my Birthday!

    Happy birthday, welcome to the 20's! Also @anonymous y-you're Dutch too? I never knew! ;7;
  13. Steelie

    Between Heaven and Earth

    @anonymous I'd love to, feel free to shoot me a message or something!
  14. Steelie

    Between Heaven and Earth

    @anonymous I share your interest! And this idea of otherworldy creatures and us sharing an afterlife is amazing food for thought. I really love sci-fi stuff as well, and especially designs in it (I also play Warframe because of this). I'm an absolute sucker for space stuff in general though, with dangerous things like black holes and neutron stars and such being the focus of my interest (^8 I could talk for hours about those, but I'll spare you that I'd also love to go touring through countries, searching for who-knows-what. Or walk through abandoned things like houses or factories or theme parks, I always wonder what makes them abandoned.
  15. Steelie

    Between Heaven and Earth

    Now that just blew my mind. It makes perfect sense, like what if the afterlife isn't just a human thing? What if it goes for all the living creatures that exist in the universe? Speaking of universe, I also believe in the multiverse theory and that multiple timelines exist. Not necessarily that every choice you make ever opens up a new timeline, but if something was done different in your life that could've altered it in extreme ways. As for your question, do you know the situations where you're doing something (with or without music on) and someone kinda sneaks up behind you, or walks in without you noticing? And then suddenly you do notice and you get a bit startled? It was like that. Other times it felt like someone was looking over my shoulder, it's that really specific feeling. I haven't had it anymore for years now though, but it used to scare me lots until I got the wonderful idea to give it a name, Donovan. It really helped making it a bit less scary.

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