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Everything posted by Spider

  1. Welcome to CoDZ, have fun on the forums.
  2. I tried it last Tuesday when it finally dropped for Xbox, haven’t touched it since so that says it all for me, tbh BO4 Zombies has been a massive let down for me personally, I’m hoping the next DLC changes it as I don’t want to give up on Zombies altogether.
  3. I can’t wait for this map ?
  4. Great write up Lenne. I’m very excited for this as Modern Warfare has always been my favourite Call of Duty Game for the Campaign and MP, obviously Treyarch are my favourites for Zombies. I was a little disappointed to hear the original voice actor wasn’t returning for Capt Price, but I know I will get over it, I’m very very pumped for this game.
  5. First real crack at this map, very challenging ?
  6. I'm 50/50 atm was worried by the fact they left out Jugg, but it doesn't seemed to need it yet, I do miss Speed Cola as reload times are quite bad when you're getting swamped at the high rounds, I am enjoying the challenge as I feel BO3 Zombies made me a lazy player.
  7. Highest so far, really enjoying the challenge ?
  8. BotD and then Classified, Not sure about the two new maps, I don't like change especially after IW and SHG Zombies.
  9. Welcome to Call of Duty Zombies fellow Slayer, Have fun here
  10. Loving the color, Congrats Zombie Slayers
  11. I'm always about lurking lol
  12. Never really thought about it, I don't normally run trains on Zombies so never really needed to, I get bored of Zombies after 30-40 rounds.
  13. Spider


    2018 has to be better than 2017 for Call of Duty Zombies. 1. New Treyarch Call of Duty, Zombies I hope they do a better job than BO3. 2. F1 2018 I'm hoping McLaren with the new engine supplier starts to finish higher up with Red Bull and Force India, Then Hamilton picks up a 5th Drives Championship. 3. More big games come to Nintendo Switch.
  14. Bought a few games since September as I haven't really played anything apart from Star Trek Online. Wii U The Legend of Zelda The Breath of the Wild (Completed Main Story) Xbox One F1 2017 ( Done 1 Season in Career, need to start Season 2) FIFA 18 (Half way through in Career Mode Season 17/18) Call of Duty: WWII (Completed Veteran Campaign) Star Wars Battlefront II (Completed 3 Story Missions so far) Middle - earth Shadow of War (Installing now)
  15. I haven't played Zombies for a few months now, The Revelations Map killed my love for it and I just couldn't get the motivation back even after playing Zombie Chronicles, The disappointment of the Zombie Maps in BO3 didn't help. I don't bother with the EE's. I get bored of Zombies after about 40-50 Rounds.
  16. Yeah I had it pre-ordered. Campaign is great, Hardly tried MP. Zombies is okay, guns are terrible, PAP is even worse, Haven't even getting a Crawler yet.

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