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  1. Here is a link with Easter eggs from NDU to Ascension. I'll be adding more videos to the playlist as I find them. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. I'm already watching Easter egg videos of the world at war maps, which also covers the black ops two variations being the world at war maps were originally a pre order bonus that could be played at release. So more then likely there is still story line before dempsy and them showed up in the game, just fallowing another group of 4. Maybe Peters groups. And then as dempsy group got more people there was less need for "unnamed" soldiers that were more loss leaving only the main four left by shi no numa, where they find Peter. And then the story progresses with Der reise and then kino. Anyway onc
  3. Correct. Maybe there was like a radio or character quotes we over looked in verruckt and Shi no numa. But once again thoes maps focused more on rounds and gameplay development instead of story. We didn't really find out what we were doing in the other maps untill Der reise. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  4. If we are going game by game, we should post in chronological order. Meaning only talking about that one map and uncovering everything about it then moving on. So then this would start off with World at war zombies Nacht Der Untoten. This map was the basic of basic. The map had just wall buys, and a box. No perk machines or pack a punch. All the playable characters were random soldiers, not the original four that first all appeared together in shi no numa. So what else can be said about Nacht? It had two Easter egg songs. One activated by radio's and the other by the barrels outside of
  5. Anyways I'll be back with medal request list once I figure out which ones I qualify for with the exclusion of black ops 2, once I get my kills on black ops 3 higher then they were on black ops 2. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  6. This is exactly why I had to double check, because it don't make a lick of sense. How are you going to have "career medals" for kills and not count the accumulated kills from both games, when you have black ops 2 specific medals? I was awarded kills rank 3 from kills on black ops 2, before black ops 3 came out. But now my kills in black ops 3 don't count towards a new medal until I get them back up to what they were in black ops 2? Like I said, don't make any sense, but whatever. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  7. I know right? I just barely got my last fragment from the oryx challenge Monday to finish my year two moments of triumph. I got a Titan at 335 and the other two are at like 333 so I'm set till the next expansion. Figure with the increase in light I'd carried the rest of the way Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  8. Didn't blundel say if he wanted to make an Easter egg impossible he would hide some astrology clues. Has anyone looked into that??? Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  9. No answer on weather zombie kills in black ops 3 are combined with my black ops 2 kills? Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  10. Wait for a patch basically. One game it happened to me like 3 times so each time I basically just started over from scratch regardless the round we were on. If it happened during the boss fight though your pretty much screwed. That's why I wish at the boss fight parts of the map would have a second jug machine and a wall buy, like a kuda or something. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  11. Agreed. My theory is that Monty is God, along with the shadow man. And then they split in half. That analogy Monty made, about cutting a worm in half and both halves living independently for a "short" period of time until one end dies, or both ends. Sounded like he was talking from personal experience with that. So maybe Monty was god, and the shadow man was god's other half, the darker half. And like kami from dragon ball split his negative energy and piccolo spawned from that energy, maybe the shadow man spawned from Monty's negative energy. And this is further reinforced by the similaritie
  12. I'd be so salty dude. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  13. So the shadow claws being glitchy isn't happening just on Xbox? That sucks. And your telling me that even if I don't have mule kick, if I go down and get picked up with the shadow claws I may still loose every gun and all my points? That is ridiculous. Samantha's curse was a good idea, in Theory. Problem is they haven't re written the program so the game understands how mule kick works, or how specialist weapons aren't a third weapon, or that having more then one perk is fine if they used unquenchable on the house or parkaholic. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  14. I got a few ideas here with some of these missing plot holes that are most definitely there. From what I have seen of others streaming on ps4 we haven't gotten any solid answers pertaining to the older maps. It appears that yes the older maps from black ops 2 and 1 seem to be just child Sam and Eddie's games played with their dolls, and turns out that those games they played did happen in other universes due to the shadow mans will or Monty's. Audio quotes from revelations reveal that Monty is like "God" and the shadow man is like "lucifer, or the devil", both with the power to manipulate rea
  15. So I get into a game of gorod Krovi with some people off from LFG last night, after being booted from NoahJ456's YouTube stream of revelations over 3 times due to someone making false claims on the stream. Anyway we were getting all set up, about to start the challenges, or already done some of them when a teammate goes down. He got picked up with the shadow claws and he couldn't use is explosives or switch guns. He downs himself again to "fix it" and gets picked up normally, and everything is all good for him. Then someone else goes down and the same thing happened to him after being picked u
  16. Hey guys so I have a few questions for your career metals that are based on kills, perks used, rounds survived, ect, Is it combined with all Treyarch call of dutiy zombies? Like I already have a rewards medal for kills and black ops 2, so would that combined with kills gained in black ops three
  17. Looks like I missed out during my Hiatus
  18. Hello CODZ. Long time no see. I have been held captive against my will the last year and a half by elder scrolls and destiny. Since last being on here I have traded in my 360 for an Xbox, meaning my copy of black ops 2 is out of commission until it becomes backwards compatible for the Xbox one. I still have black ops though, along with black ops 3. Although I am "missing" dlc for the game. I can play all the maps but because my cousin purchased the game and the season pass through his account, the dlc gobblegum is locked for me, which I don't mind being that means more perkaholics for me. Any
  19. Haven't been on in a while but now I'm back

  20. Fine, if you want to remove it, I got it saved on my iphone.
  21. I wrote this in the er the other night. I took out some parts, like how my best friend had be believe that I was something more then human. More demonic, vampiric, angelic. It got so confusing and after I loss my faith in religion, I also stopped believing in there being anything particularly special about me, other then what I've endured, how twisted my mind can get, and how much pain I'm in. Other then that I realize I'm just like anyone else, human. Even if I was anything special like my friend had me believe, I still would have been only human. I really don't know what I'm doing here
  22. Yeah. Willing to do any of them. Have the niece over today, so I won't be available till much later
  23. I still need to do shangrila as well. So I'm willing to help
  24. So this is how I'm going to die, at the hands of my murderous father? Laying bloody in a trench to hide from both the horsemen coming for me and the rain. Who would have thought that the most powerful man in the city would have such a twisted plan. His attempt on my life was not subtle. Everyone in the court at the time saw it. And no one did nothing fearing my father. Everything was fine until about 5 months ago, a seer approached my father, Questioning his wealth, testing his greed. "How would you like to rule more then a city? How about countries? How about the planet? It is in your c
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