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  1. "She with the all knowing eye of two faces One of royal blue and youth Beautiful and desirable Giving birth to a nation Our mother who nurtures us Cradling us to her bosom She with the all knowing eye of two faces One of deepest black and knowledge Withered, aged, older than time Standing guard over her people Guiding them back to her ancient womb She with the all knowing eye of two faces Mother and Crone With us at the beginning and at the end She with the all knowing eye of two faces Sees all injustice A quick and swift warrior is she Do not fear the unleashing of her power She with the all knowing eye of two faces Teaches through destruction To renew the life process She with the all knowing eye of two faces Cailleach" She rises on the eve of Samhain, the Cailleach, the Crone Goddess of the Winter. Wherever she and her Slachdan appear cold will strike the ground turning the earth hard with frost. She scours the Earth with her cold breath, bringing snow and treacherous weather. Her name means the “Veiled One” and She is very old. No one knows for certain where She came from, when the Celts arrived in Ireland The Cailleach was already there. She has been called Old Wife, Old Woman and the Blue Hag of Winter. In Celtic myth the Hag represented the spirit of the land, and held sovereign power over the earth and kings. For a Celtic king to retain power he was required to “marry” the Goddess of the earth. The Cailleach is said to be responsible for raising mountains, and creating the ancient burial cairns and barrow mounds. She is a Goddess of the Underworld, associated with the ancestors and the realms of death and rebirth. The Cailleach is connected to the bean sidhe (Banshee), the wild women of the Faeries, She haunts the faerie mounds and entrances to the realm of the Fey. You may also find Her near sacred standing stones, the “bones of the earth”. Her companion the Owl is also associated with death, the underworld, magic, and the ability to see spirits. As a Goddess of transformation and death, She oversees the culling of the old, and lets die all that is no longer needed. With the passing of the winter months, the Cailleach finds and guards the seeds for the coming re-birth of Spring. She stands at the cusp of life and death, intimately connected to the witches of old, the wise women who presided as midwives over birthing and who prepared the dead for burial. As the “Veiled One” the Cailleach guides us through our inner realities and dreams. She teaches us to let go of (allow to die) all that no longer serves our higher purpose and guides us through the many deaths and rebirths of our life’s transitions. She is the final phase of the Triple Goddess who rules the wheel of reincarnation. She teaches us to embrace the trans formative power of darkness and leads us into the light of re-birth. SACRED TO THE CAILLEACH - rocks, deer, reindeer, cattle, and horned skulls. swine, goats, sheep, wolves, bird, fish, trees, and the plants holly and gorse SACRED PLACES - rivers, lakes, wells, marshes, the sea, mountains, boulders, megalithic temples and standing stones
  2. Yah like I said, it just depends on how close they're sticking to LC
  3. It depends on how much they are sticking to the mythos of Lovecraft. The Shadowman can change forms because he is more human than apothic.
  4. Hm, that or he just hadn't found the right ones yet
  5. So here's a fun thing to consider. We're now in this space where there are all these past maps converging and coalescing. We also see the big Apothicons luanching 115 Meteroites through portals into other parts of the multiverse. Theory: Revelations is in fact the true Origins of everything. Whilst Origins was where the story began on earth, the first encounters with Zombies by the Germans and all that, I think that Revelations is the actual Origins of the zombie outbreak. Everything we've been working for, everything we've done, has in fact just been one big long circular paradox to get us to the point where everything starts up again. In essence, we've given the apothicons the perfect environment to be able to infect the areas that all of the maps on Revelations are in their real-universe states. That is, the meteorites that we see in locations such as Shi No Numa and Shangri La are the same meteorites that we see being launched by the Apothicons in the prologue trailer.
  6. Aren't the Mystery Boxes and Wall Buys also tesseracts?
  7. So, the Shadowman is actually based off of a Lovecraftian being known as Nyarlathotep, and they serve pretty much the same function as one another. In the Lovecraft Mythos Nyarlathotep is an outer god who can take on the form of a human and is also the son of Azazthoth, a big bad evil god. He roams the universe much like the Shadowman does, getting humans to enact his fathers will to assist in bringing about the apocalypse. Nyarlathotep is a powerful being, yes ,but pales in comparison to the true evil. I do not, as AV states, believe that these are just higher classes of Apothicon that we see in the Prologue. I think it's actually something that we haven't seen yet, and probably wont see for a little while to come. TL;DR - The Shadowman is a powerful being based off of another powerful being who serves the will of more powerful beings. But he is, in his own right, powerful.
  8. Sorry, I was very drunk when writing this last night. I mean I stand by the things I say in it, but it definitely should have been marked as a theory. Is there a way I can change the title? Lets reply to some people! @ @AetherialVoices "This is theory. We do not know for sure that Monty gave Maxis a body. You have to remember that Maxis and Monty have both spent large amounts of time outside the dimension that we know, and could have undergone changes in many inexplicable ways. " You're right, we don't know that Monty gave Maxis his current body, but it's implied. In the trailer Monty very explicitly states that "all I got was a brain". As I've mentioned before, that means upon entering the R-Verse (What I will be calling the Revelations Universe for ease of speed) he was still a quad-rotor brain. Of course, he could have been drifting through the multiverse before he got there in that form, but what we know for absolutely certain is that Maxis arrived there as a brain and that Monty was the one to receive him there. Once again, no you're right, we don't 100% know that Monty gave maxis his body, but considering he is the all powerful being in the house I struggle to think of another option. " whether that be the Aether and Earth, or two different Earths, it can do it. To say it "only works on souls" is absurd. It has many functions and uses, many of which we will probably never know. " Once again yes, I am speculating here and on further reflection I might be completely wrong. On DE we see the summoning key lock the main 4 in place and we see the key assist in summoning the sacrifices on Shadows. I do want to say that it can probably only contain souls though. Whilst it can interact with physical objects every time we've seen it absorb a full body that body has been reduced to mush in order to summon something else. It really does seem to use human bodies, the life energy within them, as an energy source. But yes, I concede, I may be completely wrong. " And also, I would like to point out that the Shadow Man's sacrifice also spawned a Gateworm, and a rather large one at that. " The Shadowman is literally an embodiment of Nyarlathotep though. An extremely powerful Outer-God that can do pretty much anything he wants. Yes, the summoning key is powerful. But, as we see in the Revelations Prologue, so is the Shadowman. Somehow, I doubt his physical manifestation being thwarted would be the biggest issue for him. Once again, speculation I know. " Cannibalizing Maxis? Pure speculation. We will learn the fate of Maxis in character quotes in Revelations. " May when I say cannibalizing I used the wrong term. That Maxis in the house does not contain a soul, yes it's a living breathing human but his soul is still out there somewhere in the multiverse. What I see in the Prologue is the Shadowman launching itself from the Summoning Key and forcing itself inside of Maxis' body. It then converts that body into the form we see in Shadows of Evil. Why do I say this? Speculation backed up by visuals. To me it looks as if the energy flows out of the key, impacts Maxis' body and then sort of flows around him. I dont think anything was absorbed by the key in this instance. Once again, may be wrong. @MysteryMachineX I wont quote any of yours because I'm basically replying to the whole thing. So, by the pseudo-science used in the Zombies Multiverse we can assume that souls aren't as simple as we believe them to be in our universe, if you hold such a belief. In the Zombies multiverse, at least after it was all splintered and cracked in ways it shouldn't have been, it seems that the immortal soul of a being is only held within one specific version of yourself. That's why we had to go to specific universes at specific times to be able to capture the souls. These are the places the souls exist and within those specific variations of those people. We do not know where Maxis' soul is, only that the brain of maxis did not contain it. As for Samantha, honestly I'm not sure. She was already in the house by the end of Origins so we have to assume that for some reason she's just already there. I mean, the whole point of BO2 is that Maxis is trying to get to Agartha to save Samantha. In fact, in BO2 Richtofen says that Samantha would still be in his body so we know that it's in the same universe as the events of BO1. It's stumping me as well, but I dont really see it as a flaw in the theory I presented here. @yung pup Yeah you've pretty much got it. In my drunken stupor I was trying to explain that there was this big soul shaped hole in this version of Maxis and the Shadowman essentially sat himself in it and took the body for his own. I will be willing to field more criticism or questions regarding this theory in this thread!
  9. It's likely the DE EE boss fight room without the additional corruption of the Dark Aether and Apothicons
  10. Oh yeah, you have to remember a few things, when I'm writing all the stuff tonight it's off a heavy alcohol binge. I'm a very drunk man at the moment! So yeah, forgive me if I didn't quite nail the classifications. I can do better with the other stuff though. When I say it's the center of the multiverse I dont mean the same way that the sun is the center of the universe. The Aether is beyond the third dimension, correct. It is a dimension unto itself that, much like the 115 it creates, is woven throughout reality. Um. Easiest example that is slightly wrong because of its simplicity, but I'm drunk so it'll do for now. Think the Void from Doctor Who. The in-between space.
  11. Thank you! Can you believe Reddit was actively voting me down for posts like this...
  12. I'm pretty sure they just used Kronos as Sophia's password because a huge part of 935s research was about time travel at that point and Kronos is the Titan of Time. Fun links and references and all that, probably not something that needs to be too looked into considering what is on the horizon.
  13. Maxis Maxis Maxis, tricky fellow him, but I'll give you what I know. When Maxis arrived in the house Monty had to craft him a body. At the time, he was just a brain inside of a little quad copter, not exactly the best form to look after children is it? No, course not. So Monty crafted him a nice new body to sit in while the origins four did their thing out in the multiverse. Little issue though. Monty only got a brain, sure it had all of the memories and intelligence and drive of maxis, but it didn't have the important bits. Didn't have the soul. Fast forward a bit and that lack of a soul comes in to quite a big play. You'll see youtubers like Waffles claim that the Shadowman switched places with Maxis, don't listen to them. The Summoning key only works on souls. As in thats all it can store, it can summon whatever the hell it likes. How do we know this? Well, why aren't any of the sacrifices from Shadows of Evil in the key? Quite simply because their souls were transmuted into the form of gateworms (sucky fate that) and their blood was used as the natural energy to power the transformation. The summoning key only uses a body as a means of energy. So, what happened to Maxis then? He released the soul of the Shadowman, silly thing to do really. Bit of a problem for old squid face though, he didn't have a body! Good thing there was one right there, ready to be provided, almost willingly. So, the Shadowman did what he does, he cannibalised Maxis. Killed him and used the energy to reconstruct a body all of his own. And that, my friends, is what we call taking it to the Max-is.
  14. Syphillis

    A Return

    So I want to preface this with a couple things. 1. I was once here, didnt post anything, sort of faded away from zombies for a bit, and when I came back I went to the reddit. 2. Yes, I was part of PTG at one point. It was for a month-ish. Their conduct disgusted me so I walked away from them, with fake information that landed me in a pile of crap with the Zombies community. 3. I'm drunk as I write this, and I was drunk when I blasted on reddit if you saw that post like an hour before I write this. Sorry bout that. Revelations got me all kinds of turnt. Now that's out of the way! I'm Syphon, I don't really like the gameplay elements of Zombies so I dont play it that much myself anymore. What I do like is the science behind concepts and the story of Zombies (even though all of that is about to be erased). So um, expect little sciency things from me and stuff about the storyline. That is all. Hope I haven't inadvertently offended any of you that go on reddit. Woops.
  15. So at this point we can clearly assume that the Apothicons, like the lil' arnies, the big bois, the massive squiddo, and the Shadowman and the corrupt creatures. All different entities of the same lineage that are suited to different needs and situations. In this, I will be explaining what the people in my group of friends call 'the big bois', but which I will refer to as the Universe Cracker Type, or UCTs for short. UCTs have one simple task, they break down the walls between their realm, the dark Aether, and another universe. This allows access for the big squid creature of Shadows of Evil and other lower level beings like the corrupted keepers and zombies. Now, when I say lower level I dont mean in terms of intelligence or numbers, I mean in terms of brute strength. A horde of zombies would not be able to break through alone. Now, here's the fun sciency (well pseudo-science based on what we know from the game universe) bit. How do UCTs do their thing? UCTs have evolved in a very specific way. They have evolved to condense 115 into a concentrated ballistic form, in other words, a 115 meteorite. We've seen them all over the place in Zombies. First though, let me give you a little recap on what 115 actually is. 115 is the literal fabric of the universe. It's the stitching that keeps dimensions from brushing into eachother. The literal web of time and space that keeps everything all ticking. It also just happens to be that big blue ball that we see in the Revelations trailer. The area we see there is the home of the apothicons, the Dark Aether. It's the place where all 115 is formed, the center of the multiverse. From that point all 115 spreads out. I figure the Keepers banished the rogue sect of Apothicons there because they thought it would be too much for them, it would burn them up, but no... they just evolved to utilise it. Back to the UCTs. Once the Apothicons have identified a universe they want to feast upon and destroy the UCTs begin the act of siphoning off 115 energy. They then allow it to coalesce in their mouths until, by its own gravity, it solidifies and becomes the ununpentium ore we know in game. At this point, the UCTs literally throw the unupentium ball into the fabric of the universe. This overloads it, literally shorts it out, there's too much 115 for the stitching to handle, and it snaps. This creates the portal that all of the little Apothicons come through, how the zombies are able to exist. It all started when the Apothicons started lobbing balls of 115 at the universe, cracking it like a baseball through a window. AND THAT WAS YOUR SYPHON SCIENCE LESSON ON THE UNIVERSE CRACKER TYPE APOTHICONS!

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