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  1. I was short for time as my computer needed to restart so I'm sorry part two will be a lot longer btw thanks for the feedback
  2. I have been there for them every time . To me they are the death of me. To them I'm just another tool to them getting cast aside . But alls fair in love and war and I know that we need each other in ways words cannot describe. I came from group 935 and that is where my cousins Speed Cola , Double Tap and Quick revive and I'm sure there's bound to be more scattered around helpless... Then we have my dead/ alive brother who is similar to me in many ways. What do I think of the Pack A Punch you say? I say he's a snobby entity who thinks he's better than all of us. I despise him but I can't help felling that I want to be him! But I'm acting hysterical again.I always give myself to everything but I get abused even if I survive it I hate it. I'm probably the most used perk ever because of those trainers and those campers I detest them with my life.
  3. Dude that's an amazing story!
  4. I'm in England and I will be available Friday Mabey Saturday
  5. Oh i forgot to mention i have allblack ops 2 maps and havnt done no eggs so remember to message
  6. Iv played zombies since the first map Natch der untoten and have played all the way to Origins.I Usually go for long Gameplays but end up always getting booted off due to script errors (FIX IT PLEASE). Im a Friendly mature person who now tries to do the easter eggs on the maps but i find people who leave or get mad.Im normally online at the most 3 times a week to do the eatser egg so if you wanna hook up for xbox easter eggs Add me or msg me GT Sockyaky
  7. Welcome to the forums Sockyaky :)

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