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  1. @JHock115 If you do get live just send me a message or friend request then we just have to find two more people lol @PortlyLlama80 Ill add you next time i get online
  2. Thanks for the comments. I feel very welcomed here lol
  3. I have had this happen to me multiple times. Anyone know if its fixed yet? havent been on origins in a while
  4. First of all my name is supposed to be Slushy McFly but I'm an idiot and misspelled my own frickin name when signing up. I play on the 360 gamertag is Slushy McFly. I would say I'm definitely an above average zombies player. Highest rounds are: WaW NDU 112 solo, Der Reise 45 solo, Tranzit 43 solo, Nuketown 42 solo Die Rise 69 solo, MOTD 39, Buried 61 solo, Town 51 2 player (Die Rise/ Buried probably not impressive considering the power of the wonder weapons on those maps lol) Came into zombies really late, Die Rise was the first map i ever played, I've gone back and played all other maps since then. I understand the storyline for the most part, but my grasp isn't strong enough to formulate solid theories yet, but i will continue to study and read other theories to learn more. I am mostly a solo player because of the fact I can pause and come back later if need be. However, I'm always down to play a coop match if time permits. I love doing EE, completed all BO2 EE, but since I started zombies late I have no one to do BO1 EE with hopefully that will change now that I am a part of this site. Top 5 favorite maps: 1. Ascension 2. MOTD 3. Der Reise 4. Origins 5. Moon
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