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  1. All music tracks in the ZNS files that I didn't recognize from other maps. Music that ends suddenly is a looping track that would be played on a loop in the background during normal play in different areas. If I missed any let me know and I'll go looking for it.
  2. The spider boss music is quiet in game and gets drowned out by all the other sounds, so I've extracted it from the PC files and uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. Uploading another video with all the music from the map, so if there is interest in that let me know and I'll post it here. There isn't any music that hasn't been discovered as far as I know.
  3. As I look more at those two pictures I realized the terrain in both are the same. Nacht is nothing more than Airfield with different textures and they deleted everything they didn't need and changed the terrain in some places to fit the zombies more.
  4. Needs the skyhook that replaces bowie knife and also needed to use ziplines/skyrails.
  5. I don't count the Rezurrection pack. The zombies in BO don't pull you in when they hit you so they're not as difficult. Also the Verrukt super sprinters aren't in BO so it's even easier. Then of course the weapons are better in BO so making it again easier.
  6. You have to remember zombies was an unplanned game mode started as a few employees side project so they didn't put a lot of time into developing nacht. The building is a copy of a building in the multiplayer map Airfield which is a copy of a building in Hard Landing from the campaign. But yeah, the antenna's are nothing more than leftover detail.
  7. He means these They're simply nothing more than detail left over from the campaign mission that the building was taken from.
  8. I kind of enjoyed it in MW3. But ghosts feels like the spawns are too broken for it since all I do is spawn and die in that game mode due to spawns being so spread out and the dropzone moves right to my spawn half the time so they're already on me.
  9. I miss COD 4/MW2 map design. Sure you get spawn trapped sometimes, and I don't miss that. But the simple things like them not clipping every piece of furniture in a room so you can't get on a coffee table or chair. Infinity Ward does a little bit better than Treyarch with it, but there is still plenty of things you should be able to get on top of in both games that would not be glitching or giving a huge advantage, but they clipped it.. Maps should be designed so that you can get anywhere you want within the map, so long as it's not giving you a huge advantage over other players like a roof with a lot of head glitching spots or somewhere like upstairs of the bakery in Warhawk that has no flanking routes. All they have to do is clip off the edges of the maps and let us freely move through the map. Also, where do we vote for these "fan favorite" maps? Cuz I absolutely hate nuketown and dome, but I was never given the opportunity to vote for my favorites? The only reason anyone enjoys those maps is because they always play with a full team that is able to spawn trap the other team. The poor other team ends up hating the map because it's not fun to go negative because you spawn and immediately get shot by an lmg with a target finder. One thing that should be mentioned is the spawns on behemoth are absolutely broken. Literally both teams spawn in one area of the map for the entire game and the rest of the map sees absolutely no action, but it still won't spawn you safely in one of those areas.
  10. I don't remember the trailer. I haven't been paying attention to ghosts much. But I was playing on it, and I cannot find anywhere that you can fall off. I think what they really meant is when their dedicated servers that they pay $5 a month for lag and end up taking you off the map. That's the only way I see it possible to fall off the map. Their servers suck so much. Yesterday was the first time I've had a server stay connected the entire game, but it was the most lag I have had in ghosts. They need to take the dedicated servers out of the 360 version and stick completely to peer to peer hosting like all the other cod games before it on consoles. The game itself is low quality. The models are the only good thing the game has going for it. There is a lot of detail in them. Unfortunately, the game was not made to it's fullest potential so you can't see the real quality of them.. Just look at these compared to when you've seen them in game. I pulled these models from the PC version and imported them into Cinema 4D. The detail is great, but the game sucks.
  11. A fifth DLC is possible. This is the most alive a COD game has been out of season. Even just the little camo DLC they've been releasing lately. No COD has released any DLC out of season before. Since they have an extra year now, you never know what they will do new now.
  12. The map seems to play slower than the previous two in the begining. At least to me. As you work your way into the map, it gets a lot more intense though. I like the sticky flares or whatever they are. They're very useful. The new aliens that replaced spitters can be a bit annoying, but if you kill them fast, they're not a problem. I've not really payed much attention to anything else though.
  13. Not true. On Xbox 360, the Ghosts multiplayer at the most has 130,000 players online. Usually when a new dlc is released. Average it gets around 93,000 - 102,000 players. Black Ops 2 on the 360 averages around 120,000 people online every day. I know on PC, Ghosts averages about 250-500 players online, maybe 1,000 on the free weekends; where BO2 has around 750-1,500. Also, I don't know anyone that has bought the next gen consoles that hasn't kept their old consoles too. I know I won't be getting rid of my 360 because I like playing the older games that were made to be fun, not to be the most graphically realistic.
  14. I heard something last night about a possible 5th DLC. Some people saying it will be a zombie only DLC. Only question is, is it like Rezzurection and just brings back old maps, or is it some new maps. Quite possibly other maps they planned on making throughout the time of COD zombies but were rejected due to not having enough time before they had to develop the next game. Now that they are given an extra year for development, maybe they will release DLC to keep the lifespan of the previous game going longer. All I know is, if they release another map pack, my season pass better cover it..
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