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  1. ConvictioNDR

    [BO1] Trench Defense

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/drgcidq1856w6vv/zombie_trench.zip/file Trench Defense from the Dawnville Map Pack in World at War returns in Black Ops 1. Survive in a small trench line. Perks are earned via killstreaks. Upgrade your gun with headshots. Survive 20 rounds to unlock the game ending round or survive as long as you can/want. All of the BO1 guns you know and love, plus some custom guns. Those that played the map in WaW enjoyed it as a small challenge map. Ported it forward to BO1 to give more people a chance to play it. To install just drag the contents of the zip folder into your Black Ops 1 mods folder and make sure you have game_mod installed https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/releases One known issue is some zombies will just stand at their spawn point. I tried for days to fix this but never found the reason it was happening. You can shoot them at their spawn, or wait for them to respawn.
  2. The story is there and is good. I can see it. If there were a movie or TV series I'd watch it. Problem is the gameplay was boring. Only had one mission in it that felt like the epic, cinematic COD experience. The rest of the campaign felt like playing MW3 survival, but I go to the enemies instead and a ton of cutscenes. I dragged myself through the campaign to unlock nightmares just to find out it was the same boring gameplay with zombie enemies and commentary put over it. I'm glad to see they are sticking to a single player campaign in Infinite Warfare so they can stick to the most epic and cinematic experience possible and the space setting will hopefully allow them to achieve that.
  3. I'm okay with the future setting as long it's done correctly. BO3 had the potential to be done correctly, but the campaign was a huge disappointment to me. I've never played an FPS campaign that was more boring than the BO3 campaign. It just felt like I was playing MW3 survival, except I moved to the enemies instead of them coming to me. Even the Titanfall "campaign" was more enjoyable than it. I think Infinity Ward has chosen a much better setting for the campaign. Space leaves a ton of room to make an epic campaign. Never played an IW campaign I didn't enjoy so I look forward to what they are bringing. Multiplayer? Well old IW always had a more tactical mp that required more thought and gun skill to do well in. I'm hoping they can find a balance between their old style and what the majority of the COD MP community likes. If they can make it so gun skill is more important than spawn killing and using powerful streaks I'll be happy with it. People can hate Infinite Warfare all they want. They can praise Battlefield 1 as well. They just need to remember that the last 2 DICE Stockholm games weren't so great. BF4 was broken for the entire time DICE Stockholm were working on it. It wasn't until Danger Close was renamed to DICE LA and took over BF4 that it was finally fixed. Battlefront with no campaign, a multiplayer that offered very little variety, a coop that was multiplayer with bots, and a solid 4 maps without buying the DLC. A smart buyer would wait until the game is released and they can prove they can make a functioning game with enough content to be worth the money before giving them praise and handing them their money just because of a WWI setting.
  4. ConvictioNDR

    ZNS All Music

    All music tracks in the ZNS files that I didn't recognize from other maps. Music that ends suddenly is a looping track that would be played on a loop in the background during normal play in different areas. If I missed any let me know and I'll go looking for it.
  5. ConvictioNDR

    Spider boss music

    The spider boss music is quiet in game and gets drowned out by all the other sounds, so I've extracted it from the PC files and uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. Uploading another video with all the music from the map, so if there is interest in that let me know and I'll post it here. There isn't any music that hasn't been discovered as far as I know.
  6. ConvictioNDR

    Perk a Cola machine models

    Think there are perk machines in the first link here: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1484393&p=49661510&viewfull=1#post49661510
  7. ConvictioNDR

    [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    Well, if they're not being dumb and unlocking the graphics options and setting them higher than they should be; they should tweet PCdev their specs so they can work on optimizing the game for their hardware. Assuming they actually meet the minimum requirements that is and aren't just those idiots that complain about my maps running terrible for them on their laptop.
  8. ConvictioNDR

    [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    BO3 runs fine for me on max settings, and I have relatively cheap and old hardware. BO1 is the second worst running COD for me, only to be beaten by AW. BO3 has the widest array of assets of any COD ranging from grimy WWII to shiny future. It won't be difficult to make either style in BO3. Even in it's currently limited state, BO3 Radiant allows for far more than WaW or BO1 can offer.
  9. ConvictioNDR

    [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    Seems a waste of time for BO1 Radiant with BO3 tools not too far away. Would have been much cooler to see this a couple years ago, but still cool nonetheless.
  10. ConvictioNDR

    Backlot Revisited

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6y3266ad0bx8yrj/Backlot+Zombies+Revisited.exe https://mega.nz/#!ccx1TKTL!4SUTZHaxtXusTXIdBHgWZKw7rhYouGZ4zTaVvfATSus Backlot Revisted is an update to my 2014 release of Backlot Zombies. New areas, new features, new weapons, new modes, more detail and major optimization improvements. Features: - Complete arsenal of modern weapons. - Difficulty option. - Gun game, Sharpshooter, One in the Chamber. - Ragtime mode (solo only). - Toggle Verrukt sprinters. - Challenge and reward system. - Defeatable ending. - Weapon lockers. - Solo Scoreboard And more to be found through playing. If you are having trouble running the map, try the Low Detail version of the map: http://www.mediafire.com/download/454fzibp8t9pqvl/Backlot+Revisited+Low+Detail.exe https://mega.nz/#!8VQxwYBQ!BzUTMnHLZMznV9iErAmNZjnr4HqxvQH8PlxC4dy3WIE Note: The Low Detail version does not have One in the Chamber or Sharpshooter. Credits: AndreTheTirant - Help with various things in scripting and Radiant work. Bluntstuffy - Rigged aliens, soul chests. CODCZ115 - Loading Screen. DidUknowiPwn - Gun Game and other scripting stuff. jei9363 - Zipline script. Jiffy Noodles - Some upgraded weapon names. Make Cents - Randomize perk machines script. PROxFTW - Solo scoreboard. ShotgunRagtime - Some upgraded weapon names and testing. Swazzy - HUD Tom-BMX - Lime, Lemon, Xmodel Utils, xanim exporter, maya tanim plugin, iwi to dds converter, ghosts sound exporter. Treminaor - Hintstring fix. Yaph1l - Typewriter intro, zombie head in a jar. ZCTxCHAOSx- Captain's Curse and testing.
  11. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rf3pmrg1bqpsger/[BO1]One+in+the+Chamber+Mod.zip One in the Chamber for Black Ops 1 Zombies. 1 kill = 1 bullet given in the magazine. Since there is no reloading in this mode, Speed Cola increases melee damage. The mod works on all maps except Five. Installation instructions are included in the download. I've seen One in the Chamber done as a competitive mode for zombies before in other mods. If you want this to be competitive then whoever has more kills when you die wins I guess. I wanted a survival type One in the Chamber mode that mixes up the regular survival mode to make things more challenging rather than a first to so many kills wins mode. Once the weapon stops being a one shot kill things get interesting. Good luck.
  12. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ndbj8s4hrfxzmts/One+in+the+Chamber.exe 1 kill = 1 bullet given in the magazine. This mod lets you choose between 8 weapons to use and you can toggle Verrukt Sprinters for added challenge. Quick revive is solo revive in this. The mod is for Der Riese only. I've seen One in the Chamber done as a competitive mode for zombies before in other mods. If you want this to be competitive, then whoever has more kills when you die wins I guess. I wanted a survival type One in the Chamber mode that mixes up the regular survival mode to make things more challenging rather than a first to so many kills wins mode. Once the weapon stops being a one shot kill things get interesting. Good luck.
  13. ConvictioNDR


    1 1/2 years later... Patch 1.2 released April 9, 2016. Patch 1.2 does not include the map itself and requires 1.1 already be installed for the patch to work. The link to 1.1 can be found above in the original post. Patch 1.2 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vm6xl7w2z2799zs/SOG+Patch+1.2.exe Patch 1.2: ~ Added Gun Game. ~ Added option to toggle Verrukt Sprinters on and off. ~ Updated challenges to bring the code up to date. ~ End game is now 5 minutes instead of 10 and has been made tougher. ~ Added the reward weapons to the box. ~ Added the stopping power perk. ~ Fixed solo quick revive so players that go down while sprinting will not be able to continue to sprint. ~ Staminup now increases player movement speed by 7%. ~ Laser added to Deadshot. ~ Updated HUD and removed ugly font. ~ Aliens (dogs) spawn 3 per player instead of 4. ~ Max ammo now refills the magazine too. ~ Stance indicator turned on. ~ Loose change under perk machines is now 100 points instead of 25. If you have trouble running this map, you can try downloading the new fog patch to increase your FPS. It works with any version of SOG. For coop games, everyone must have the fog patch installed. Fog patch download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sx4ybodpsllesyb/SOG+Fog+Mod.exe
  14. ConvictioNDR


    I have updated this map fixing some problems with the old bo perks and some other stuff. Check OP to be taken to the map download topic on UGX
  15. ConvictioNDR


    I had my first map called rust that was really poorly made on a laptop. The first step nonetheless. It trolled NGT so I'll mark it as a success. But it really was bad. I made Conviction last year. Big improvement. More detail. First time I ported a gun. Very difficult to play solo. Had some fx issues though. Managed to troll NGT again so still success even if it wasn't on purpose. Also made on a laptop that couldn't even run the game. Started another map June of last year on my new computer. The big plan was to have a tank that players could drive around after beating the main objectives. Had it working too. Lost that project in moving from windows 7 to 8 and decided to quit making maps. Finally in January I reinstalled the mod tools being so sick of seeing box maps the only thing getting released with every thing they could get from the black ops games crammed into them. Started this as a challenge map that was only going to be made of the spawn area. Challenge being that you only had the knife and good luck making it past round 8. But it evolved over the months and I think I'm going to keep going with mapping. The new UGX mod is going to fit my next map very well so I really want to finish it. There will be a UGX and non UGX version so I can put my own stuff in as well. Edit: Lol at the ugx mod. What was I thinking?

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