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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/drgcidq1856w6vv/zombie_trench.zip/file Trench Defense from the Dawnville Map Pack in World at War returns in Black Ops 1. Survive in a small trench line. Perks are earned via killstreaks. Upgrade your gun with headshots. Survive 20 rounds to unlock the game ending round or survive as long as you can/want. All of the BO1 guns you know and love, plus some custom guns. Those that played the map in WaW enjoyed it as a small challenge map. Ported it forward to BO1 to give more people a chance to play it. To install just drag the contents of the zip folder int
  2. The story is there and is good. I can see it. If there were a movie or TV series I'd watch it. Problem is the gameplay was boring. Only had one mission in it that felt like the epic, cinematic COD experience. The rest of the campaign felt like playing MW3 survival, but I go to the enemies instead and a ton of cutscenes. I dragged myself through the campaign to unlock nightmares just to find out it was the same boring gameplay with zombie enemies and commentary put over it. I'm glad to see they are sticking to a single player campaign in Infinite Warfare so they can stick to the most epic and c
  3. I'm okay with the future setting as long it's done correctly. BO3 had the potential to be done correctly, but the campaign was a huge disappointment to me. I've never played an FPS campaign that was more boring than the BO3 campaign. It just felt like I was playing MW3 survival, except I moved to the enemies instead of them coming to me. Even the Titanfall "campaign" was more enjoyable than it. I think Infinity Ward has chosen a much better setting for the campaign. Space leaves a ton of room to make an epic campaign. Never played an IW campaign I didn't enjoy so I look forward to what th
  4. As I look more at those two pictures I realized the terrain in both are the same. Nacht is nothing more than Airfield with different textures and they deleted everything they didn't need and changed the terrain in some places to fit the zombies more.
  5. I don't count the Rezurrection pack. The zombies in BO don't pull you in when they hit you so they're not as difficult. Also the Verrukt super sprinters aren't in BO so it's even easier. Then of course the weapons are better in BO so making it again easier.
  6. You have to remember zombies was an unplanned game mode started as a few employees side project so they didn't put a lot of time into developing nacht. The building is a copy of a building in the multiplayer map Airfield which is a copy of a building in Hard Landing from the campaign. But yeah, the antenna's are nothing more than leftover detail.
  7. He means these They're simply nothing more than detail left over from the campaign mission that the building was taken from.
  8. Welcome to the forums ConvictioNDR :)

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