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  1. i think that map is so overrated
  2. Buried is easy and no need for camping, mod of the dead is a big map but small areas which means hard to camp. origins is too big and wide open and can't camp. tranzit fog areas can't camp in those areas or can't even explore and the map is too small. i think die rise is the best map out of the lot for camping
  3. well can someone please help me and thanks i will know for next time
  4. which zombie map would you most remember and why is it that you would remember it the most
  5. should i play Black ops or Black ops II now and from the game you have chosen which map should i play (including DLC maps from WAW and the other DLC maps)
  6. now that we think or they say that they will release the next black ops game in 2015 should they release more DLC with just zombie maps for black ops II and if should how much should the map packs cost on Xbox and Playstation and what should the DLC include or do you think they should just leave it and release new maps with the next game
  7. what zombie map is your favourite and why. my favourite map is Call of the dead beacuse of it's size as it's huge/ big like the biggest map. there is loads of places to explore.
  8. i hope that the next zombie maps in the next game or next stand alone game re bigger like call of the dead
  9. i love zombies but i think it's getting repetitive. i love the big maps like call of the dead
  10. which game had the better zombie maps and why. what is your top ten fav maps from both games and why. do you think they should make another Balck ops game just to please the zombie fans or should they make a zombie game instead
  11. not as good as the waw and Bo1 maps but Mod Of The Dead and buried are good
  12. Co-op is more fun and funny at time aka George on Call Of The Dead
  13. mneilan

    worst map ever

    this map is the worst as i believe the giant robots just ruin the game and the turn the generators on has no excitement. the boss is just rubbish as if you are too close or close to him he will pull you towards him and you will be downed. the zombies are far too hard and there is too many off them. the quick sand/ mud is so bad all it does is slow you down. the tank is a good thing but it is slow and the zombies easily overrun you there is no real place to train
  14. well what i mean is fav to worst amp and why
  15. my top ten fav zombie maps would be 1. call of the dead 2. Verruck 3. Buried 4. Mob Of The Dead 5. Shi No Numa 6. Shangri - La 7. Ascension 8. Kino Der Toten 9. Moon 10. Die Rise 11. Der Riese 12. Five 13. Town 14. Tranzit 15. Farm 16. Nacht Der Untoten 17. Nuketown Zombies 18. Origins
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