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  1. banned cuz im actually banned, for a month!
  2.     Hahaha. The name is Laylah, nice to meet you;)
  3. Anyone wanna tell me why Im banned again?It doesnt say banned by My(TAMB account's) username. What the- I mean, im sure I did smething but no warning, no message, nothing ... WHY AM I BANNEd GUISE
  4. Sorry I was typing rather quickly. I'll be sure too be more careful from now on. And thank you, I studied foreign cultures for a semester while in college, may I inquire what is the greek in your thingy under your posts? Thanks guys.
  5. Hi I'm new here...seems there's been some type of argument...270 pages haha wow.
  6. Hello friends!I've been browsing this site for a while as a guest, and I finally decided to join after watching how close alot of the members here seem to be!I hope you'll forgive me if I dont write very great threads just yet,this is the first forum I've ever been on:/ My name is Laylah, and yes, I'm a girl.I'm 23 and I've been playing call of duty since my boyfriend bought black ops 2...one day he finally convinced me to try it and he loaded this thing called zombies and it was pretty fun.I don't claim to be as much of a zombie addict as some on this site,but I certainly love it Well I hope
  7. Welcome to the forums SadLittleSamantha :)

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