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  1. And i totally want to agree with you, its just the fact that they could say "4 multiplayer maps plus (x) amount of zombies maps" Hopefully our best wishes are true, because thats basically, in my eyes anyways, a way to green light a future spin off call of duty. If enough of us play and buy all these TranZit maps, then with simple dollars and cents, we should finally see our Call of Duty: Zombies.
  2. So does anyone think the new die rise map will be a tranzit type of map? As much as I would approve I kinda have my doubts. For one, I don't think activision would miss the oppurtunity to advertise revolution as 4 multi player maps plus "multiple" zombie maps. I think it would lean more so towards how nuketown is, another location to zoom in on and one survival/ possible grief mode. Thoughts?
  3. I just unlocked all 3 in one game, the boards will be in cased within a metal frame, the haedshot thing does make their heads exmplode, but increased headshot power, example, 3 Headshots normally to kill one round 1, with it its (with m911) 1 shot round 1, 2 shot round 2, 3 shots round 3, revive is like 20% slower then quick revive. Lets get the rest guys!
  4. Maybe that's where the correct nav card is??
  5. Now does that work offline? Like if I play solo and rack up points can I go back and withdraw while online?
  6. By book you read once did you mean the jimmy neutron movie? Lol
  7. You. Cant. Rap. so dont even try, until you've acquired double tap. grab a satchel and pull out the pins, cause theres no way that you can beat me, i'll add some flavor like it's dlc, then snipe you out with my headshot daiquiri. while you sit there with your copy paste, i'll hack you some so you can taste, get ready as you savor some as I blow it in your face! Take a break for a second, stop munching, Take a second look, cause I'll be pack-a-punching
  8. I'm downloading now. If you have classic maps already go to download history on your xbox and go down to 'rezurrection' and then download again... See you on the leader boards. Codex115
  9. Jd2020 claimed 2am Cali time, which is 4am in Chicago.. Let's hope this is true..
  10. You have to open the second ship all the way up (top level) to the box spawn and then it should open up.
  11. I've avoided this site more then George because of people saying everything I discovered was fake, and how I hacked it, and me having an extra xbox as a JTAG makes me a cheater, but I did no-clip down there yesterday since there was this "hidden pathway" and there was nothing down there that you cant already see through the ice. I went through most of the map looking for anything that could be a hidden pathway and I truelly believe it is referring to the ice slide down to Sickle and Speed-Cola. If you guys have a good lead on anything, I'd be more then happy to help.
  12. Thats a lot of stuff in one game to happen. I would love to recreate these results. GT: codex115 RE: Ascend
  13. Okay, ill bite. what flying thing in the sky? Ive only completed the egg once but never even periphialed a object in the sky.. Any non-trolls confirm?
  14. i tried with edward drmaxis erichtofen and tdempsey and samantha, no luck. what happened with this thread, this is where the storys at folks!

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