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  1. the only thing that keeps me thining that this is the moment before our radios start recording, and our zombie timeline begins, is the rouynd start montage when maxis is telling them to come down stairs.
  2. "please help me, im trapped in here"
  3. You ever just have an epiphany out of a thin air? In the most recent letter from the fields, we have Edwards as you all know by now Now I could possibly be proven wrong instantly, but I know that Maxis is searching for his daughter, Samantha, in aether, weve come to know that he is very protective of his Samantha, whom has Yellow glowing eyed zombies, which has changed with each succesful easter egg besides motd. Yet are trailer has purple eyes, and more pro-dominantly, yellow eyes. I've read through most of these threads and the most favored scenario is time travel. But i have a curve-ball to throw your way. What if according to this letter "THE GIRL" is in fact non other then Samantha. That would be why we have yellow eyes, and could maybe bring more light to Edwards Lantern of good. Over time the evils that have been unearthed, Maxis became obsessed with this girl, who twisted and manipulated his mind, which made him think she was actually her daughter, which is why Edward hates her so much, because after the events of origins, the time line begins in this evil darkest timeline, and as we learn the 04 we think hes crazy and evil, who is actually being manipulated by Edward from the future, and as buried ends, he goes back to the beginning, to stop Samantha once and for all and enter back into the prime timeline. phew.
  4. Why would Richtofen choose to lose all his power? I understand that he may not be happy with his circumstance like he thought he would, but it seems out of character for him to give up. Also, it assumes that you chose Richtofen's ending over Maxis's. a paradox is a paradox, i just thought a showdown between the doc-tah, and his three manipulated subjects, one last go round, winner take all, would be a fitting way to top an already exponentially creative map. as a fan, i feel as if it would do its justice.
  5. perhaps this is the map we can break the cycle? the very beginning, is the very end? What if after all the story up to buried came to play, edward transported himself back in time to his old self, thus creating the time rift, making a cycle that goes to buried, always ends with having to start from the beginning. perhaps the easter egg will take part in breaking the cycle, and the 04 have a showdown Arlington style. Take out Edward, final wave of zombies, the cycle is broken. The outbreak is contained and neutralized. Edward takes out the 03, he captures them, resuscitate them with 115, the cycle continues....
  6. I will be home at about 430-5 central time, I'm doing the usual thing, helping with the EE. I have god, unlimited ammo etc, I left it on solo local, at the part where I hit the signs and follow the orbs, I couldn't do it last night, so I paused it and will continue to further my progress.if there's any ideas I can do them no hassle, also, I put a time bomb by the power on round one before I turned it on, So hopefully that lever part was indeed the power switch. Lol
  7. To get the secondary grenade, a timed tomahawk, simply in the three areas the dog spawns, (dock, infirmary, etc:) have him eat 3-5 zombies and it will leave leaving the symbol ablaze. Do that with all three locations and in the bottom of the spiral decent, a wall opens up and inside is tomahawks.
  8. Im sure its been seen on everyones first play through, but down by the dock, on the ship out or reach, there are two perk machines ive seen so far knocked down and out of commission. PhD Flopper & Mule Kick
  9. If you just read what he wrote it would give answer to your comment... there cant only be one.
  10. I usually never speculate as to what could be coming next this early, is because, well its so unpredictable at times, but I've had this thought bouncing in my head for some time now and I figured I might as well mention it before it becomes A: irrelevant, or B: right? So I've read a few threads based on the idea of Atlantis and I thought it was a pretty neat story arc that would be interesting to discover. I thought how much harder would that be then die rise. And I have been thinking to myself how much Die Rise reminds me of Kowloon; the MP map from Map Pack 1. I tried to remember if there were any easter eggs or little shout outs to zombies in Kowloon. I then remembered a discussion I had before about how MP 1: First Strike had the zipline and MP 2: Escalation had Call of The Dead, which as also had a zipline. As if they were somehow related. I tried to put formulas of map packs and features in zombies together to see if I could somehow notice a bigger pattern. I might have but I'll come back to that later, because I feel like I'm slowly losing my point. I circled back to theories on the next maps location, and Atlantis came back to mind. I could see the bottom right of Die Rise Loading Screen as perhaps a rusted out area. And then that's when it hit me. Hydro. The map has a new feature never seen in COD before, where the bottom level of the Dam will flood killing anything and anyone. Anything and Anyone. Black Ops 2 Map Pack 1 : Hydro \ Wall of water flooding and killing everything in its path. Map Pack 2 Zombies : Atlantis \ A legendary city said to be lost to the oceans. If someone were to be in Atlantis it seems very likely that they would be in a constant danger of flooding, killing anything if you can escape in time, or anyone left in its path.
  11. if you have headphones, its worth a listen, thoughts? http://khush.smule.com/autorap_510ec6111c443&v2
  12. i could almost swear that that model and samual look nothing alike, but i can almost swear that it is very near or almost identical to the fbi models in zombies.
  13. I agree with the quotes taking place after tranzit but the loading screen and video show a different setting. To me (with the loop theory) that the purple ray is actually transporting them back to green run. Ill elaborate more if needed
  14. It's deff a tranzit map because of the charecter from tranzit, buildables, the fact that you can see the power switch ...
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