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  1. Maybe down urself/friend and dont revive the original you continue playing as the "Reincarnated" version and maybe then revive the "Reincarnated" with Kruass ?? Or if that fails contiue as the "Reincarnated" to trial and error with more possible solutions im on ps3 so sorry cant help test this but hope my opinion helps to say the least 8-)
  2. just a tought and theory but what if we left 4 sleeping zombies alive 1 of us stays with them in spawning room while 3 people build turbines and jet gun only opening the door with turbine and proceeding to build/not build the buildables and also on/off the power and returning to spawn room with jet gun leaving all doors closed and do few rounds or lure the 4 sleeping zombies to some location power plant or pylon?? or maybe jus suck them up with jet gun in spawn room whilst avogadro is there ever notice how strong avogadro gets if u choose not to kill him he respawns in less then 2 rounds and c
  3. yeah me too i use the VOJ as my new mustang sally replacement as of the withdrawl of phd flopper but im finding using the VOJ frame rate lag is bad very bad im finding it with few guns actually
  4. i have to admit i laughed when i seen this coz it is kind of funny but none the less is pathetic why one would use this strategy every time while playing zombies just takes the whole meaning out of nazi zombies
  5. i use double tap n speed cola with voice of justice and high rounds 25+ it is still very effective 1 shot kills never got higher then 31 yet but both seem pretty much the same
  6. which is best for you and your high rounds and why? i prefer the voice of justice while some friends prefer the papp'd dsr id like for some more input in to this as im big fan of weapon stats in high rounds n which guns work best lol
  7. lets not focus on my way of writing either way you can still read and understand it i am an irish person if i were to speak in my native language u wud not understand it lets focus on these cheaters and glitches and lets not forget how unfair this is to hardcore/serious zombie fans we are as a zombie community not as english teachers trying to infect the world with english language as we call it in my country a disease lol..
  8. heres video showing how people are doing this i am not happy posting this but i want it removed i have seen the avagodro spawn here and fall into the lava pit and would not spawn again for 10+ rounds it is great for these cheaters to be amused by this as they are ranking up big time i will send 3arc the vid also but i urge people to do same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLc4jWYb8xk
  9. Nah man Der stood Der for hours n a game
  10. Tranzit is still full of glitches doing a public game wit random ppl n dese ppl posted in corner for hours no downs n thousands of kills like really too easy please get this patched its down in power room under tombstone area
  11. add me on psn biggsnoopd0gg my friend and i are looking for more people to help hunt for clues feel free to add me on ps3
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