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  1. I had 20k points saved up during the EE and I went to buy a gun at power. I dolphin dived into the basement and downed, lost all my money because I rage after
  2. Diamond Snipers and Assault Rifles, golden PDW,MSMC,CHIQOM,MP7 S12,R870 Anyone care to goml
  3. Maybe use it to get in the church
  4. Guys it's probably what this guy is talking about viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25405 it seems 50/50 but it might be true.
  5. He's not trolling, I've been on top of the Bus before and had the icon pick up part near the logs on the top. I couldn't pick it up but i'm telling you he's not trolling.
  6. Any gun Silencer Fast Mag/Foregrip Select fire( Semi/burst ) weapons Perks flak jacket-Ghost Toughness Engineer-Dexterity
  7. Lighting Strike Stealth Chopper VSAT or VSAT Loadstar Dogs/swarm Unless I'm going for Art of War and Cherry Blossom I'll use UAV/Hunter/CUAV
  8. Thank you, that's all i wanted to know. I've been putting the pieces together about all the Easter eggs I've been hearing about. I've heard what the pylon is used for and I just didn't know that the tower was it's location.
  9. I just joined 2 minutes ago calm down. I haven't done any research on the topics because i'm new to the whole zombies scene. I figured someone would put a helpful response, i guess not.
  10. I was playing a game of TranZit and I noticed this Electric tower that has rainbow color lightning going up it. Once we passed through the corn field area i noticed that there was a passage way to the tower. I was wondering if anyone has been over there or seen it. You can only see it when the power is off. I didn't go because I was playing for a high round.
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