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  1. Yeah, that does suck. But at least there is a upside...if you want to call it that. You part of CODZ Baby!, you'll know all there is to know before the Map Pack is released. Which mean's you won't be a Noob when you first play. lol as a ps3 player myself I wanted to +1 this comment... also I think we'll be getting nuke town zombies at that time for season pass holders... so there's that :p
  2. What I'd really like to know is what is on that dudes finger in the picture... that may be a key to figuring out what it needs... also I tried utilizing turbines on the four sparking telephone poles, but I've done both easter eggs and now can't hear any voices in game... One guy I played with recently says he's been able to both multiple times just by doing the other easter egg... has anyone else been able to do this in regards to resetting the easter egg? or are there more people like me who have done both and cant do either anymore?
  3. There's no where to go in the lava down there i've checked in theater mode with the camera under the map so I was able to view both ends
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with a sedan, possibly hitting the bus with a bunch of grenades or whatever is in the dude's hand with grenades... Just don't know what it is that is in his hand
  5. It would be nice if we had a sticky of information like this so it wouldn't be buried in the future... I'm still trying to figure out the triangle on green run... )o: I've seen a couple topics where people mention it but the info keeps getting burried so i don't know where to look... Information like this while maybe just inspiration for the game rather than story intwined is still good info I think. Also you never know it could have relevance... Too bad Treyarch probably just follows the forums here to keep track of their own story lines... :P
  6. I don't know how many of you have seen this poster in the bus depot or on the bilboard, but what is in that dude's hand? The reason why I ask because I'm not sure if its a hint towards anything or what... also sedan spelled backwards is nades so perhaps it is something you can grenade a lot for a new way to move? ------ Also on the power poster is says "Enjoy - POWER" with a 3.0 in a triangle as well as the image of the power tower and 4 telephone poles right next to it. Some of this stuff is easier to see on some posters than others. any thoughts? ------
  7. While I do believe the nav cards will be something carried over into future DLC I do not for one second there is any hidden area yet to be discovered on green run as when I go into theater mode and get my camera under the map to explore outside areas I have not seen one indication of there being anywhere else on the map to go. If anything I could see a new figure 8 bus route where the bus takes the short cut through town possibly
  8. fake gun wasn't moving at all no sway nothing photoshop
  9. I also believe that if you could turn back time on the green run map that it would happen passing through the tunnel, and that all 4 players would need to be on the bus... so if the tunnel was 12 o' clock that would make sense
  10. there are 3 possible locations for the jet engine in the tunnel: 1. right by the window 2. in between the cars by the lava 3. back part next to where you enter coming from bus depot pack a punch is actually under the fire pit in center of town... (about) also I don't think you named the parts for the jet gun properly... the bolts is a handle and the circuit board is a pressure gauge everything else looks great, but looking at this at the angle you drew it I do wonder if looking at the map like a clock if putting the tunnel as 12 o' clock would make sense
  11. it looks like a box headed figure using a telephone with someone behind him?
  12. Well when you try to build the table under the tower it does seem hard to find the right spot sometimes... but I doubt that there is another place to build the table I might try to look next time I'm playing with someone who hasn't built the bench yet
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