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  1. OK thanks does that also cause zombies not to respawn as well?
  2. Hey guys first of all I want to say I know this is TranZit discussion thread and that is what I normally play but this thread is the only place I know . Plus most of you guys have encountered a lot of weird things on this game and know what your doing so I'm coming to you. Ok so like the title states this is a game of survival so I'm 99% sure this is not EE related but still who doesn't love glowing orbs. Also i did some commentary on the details of the game. 80OfyncAGuw So what so you guys think? Also sorry again for quality my Xbox GT is xTRISKITx if you wanna go in theatre. Full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80OfyncAGuw
  3. yes this has happened to me as well a few times actually but everytime this has happened i joined someone midgame who already had the power on. So I dont know what is going on if it is a game you started from the beginning but ya its definitely a glitch
  4. Im with Jason on this one I live in Denver as well and all updates always come a little after 4:00am mountain time, but i honestly think if its gonna be anything im guessing an announcement or possibly new DLC trailer :D
  5. I have tested this and it works. Me and two other friends me and one with rich done one without anything done. We spread out to the locations and turned the power on and off. We put the three turbines down, one at bus depot, one at dine, and one between power and farm. We also got the same quote,"Now return power to the spire...." My friend who was Samuel couldnt hear what he said at first so we quit right away to go listen in theater mode to make out what he said and sure enough. It is definitely Rich talking because only Samuel can hear him. Now i wonder what he means by return power to the spire and i think it can be only 3 things. 1) turn the power back on 2)shoot the spire with the jet gun 3)try nav card. Im hoping #3 but my friends had to go to bed so if anyone who has neither side done or only Rich side and wants to try this add me on xbox xTRISKITx also my most recent zombie game is the one we just did if anyone wants to look at it. I think its like 10:23 long
  6. Thats it exactly!! i just finished no fog searching and this picture is what is across from the power. It looks like two smelters or something and the pathway to is blocked from trains on every side. But just how it looks i dont think there is anything of significance but some interesting things i noticed was the top hole in the church looks like a poster is up there and some kind of light..... maybe its what no fog does but i really think someone should throw an emp up in the top hole of the church
  7. i am going to try this now
  8. Wow that is some kind of building but blackfire is right if we could see it without fog we could be onto something
  9. Hi all I have Richthofens side done and have only done that side. I have had it done for about two weeks and have played zombies everyday except one day. Anyone looking to experiment with the laser send me a message on XBL xTRISKITx :)
  10. ya very interesting i havent seen a light go that way yet
  11. What do you guys think that is. At first i thought i was part of the tower but when he zooms in its something i dont even know. www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjzLvH3Cp_4
  12. Guys the rank quote definitely hss to do with blue eyes. I have a really good feeling when you have blue eyes there is something you can see that people without blue eyes cant. I also think his quote about "you have everything you need just say it" or something like that has to do with the diner. the sign says NOW DIE and the arrow is kinda pointing to the roof it also says ON 4 U but idk what is has to do with maybe get tombstone and die on the roof idk just brainstorming
  13. now i am pretty sure you get the two other nav cards from the easter eggs. One for doing maxis side and one for richtofens
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