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  1. That's because the streetlights in given locations are pre-set to play Maxis' audio file. The Bus Depot and Diner are the only areas where you can hear Maxis upon placing a Turbine near the streetlights. Anywhere else, and the system will not be complete for finishing the Easter Egg. Just thought I'd add my two cents: when I re-did the Easter Egg, I was playing as Misty and heard Maxis throughout the game. This isn't true about the only two points..... When I first heard this Maxis audio file (and I don't know who I was)... I was at the pylon next to the bridge. I'm 100% sure of it. And I know that the guy playing russman said he heard something (he wasnt sure what) from Maxis it at the town lamp post too... But aside from the EE you did.. I'm not saying you can't hear Maxis when doing that Tower of Babble.. What I'm saying is did he talk about the nodes? When you do the maxis side (which although I haven't completed I ahve done all the way up to we prematurely EMP'd the Electric zombie just ouside of the tower like idiots) you hear that part of it... but he never talks of the nodes... After you do that he just asks for more power and you put your turbines down.. .correct? The nodes can be done before killing the electric zombie, before setting two turbines down at the tower.. etc.
  2. polabonez

    Tertiary node

    And these are just two theories both based on the tower definitely being a point. That may not be the case, but since every way seems to revolve around the tower... I'd assume you start there.
  3. polabonez

    Tertiary node

    http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/9667_142931035856021_963672700_n.jpg Another map that looks to be pretty much to scale. Please see my thread about Russman being the only one that was able to hear Maxis say these things in our game Monday after completing the tower of babble. If you guys are playing with this please take note of who you are playing this and whether or not you can hear them. If Russman is the only one that can hear this.. I'd say we are definitely on to something, probably another way to complete the tower of babble. It would also explain why it seems so few people take interest in this subject. I believe looking at the map I am posting, and the information you provided.. that the Obtuse Scalene would mean the TOWER, the CABIN, and the BRIDGE... or the DINER, the TOWER, and the TOWN. All others appear (if the map is to scale) that the lengths are very close to the same or form right triangles....
  4. Thanks for that thread link... I can't believe I missed that one.. I was going to actually post this Tuesday and didn't have time.. so I didn't think to check the past two days... I will continue this conversation there.
  5. IS HE Though??? Monday night he wasn't... I was standing right next to the lamp post in the cornfield setting my turbine down... and heard nothing. The guy playing Russman set his down at the diner (or the town I dont remember which particular one he was at then) and I was still at that same lamp post and he heard it and told me about it.. I heard nothing.
  6. It might be a long type up .. I have a theory I really feel pretty good about... now that there are maps out there that I feel are pretty much to scale. but sure I'll send you my opinions on it.
  7. Everybody CAN hear Maxis... He says turn the power off.. everyone hears it... But then he says "Continue what I have planned" or something.. and never gives any other instruction. Then you set the turbines at the pylon, he says bring power, etc. etc. Place your two turbines, and complete that TOB. What I'm saying is that I've heard him talk about the vertices before when placing a turbine at the LAMPPOSTS (not the tower) after turning the power off (but never paid attention who I was playing with) and when trying to recreate this I couldn't hear him. Only the guy playing Russman could... As far as I know there was no other intangible that would set it off why he could hear it and I couldn't... So what I'm saying, is maybe SOME Things only one of the players can hear for whatever reason, just like Samuel can only hear Richt. I'm going to play with it more myself, but I know some of you like to hunt, and I think this is a good lead to start.
  8. So Monday night, I finally completed the tower of babble, Richt way. I have failed a few attempts at it both Richt and Maxis... and I want to talk about the Maxis way for a second. I am a firm believer there is still something to do on Tranzit (I know some of you aren't, and that's somewhat justified)... but I still believe it has to do with the Tratotamous? system, the obtuse scalene triangle, the vertices... I don't think that anyone has completely understood it yet. Every time I have talked with people I kind of get blank answers.. and then after the EE Monday something happened. So we just completed Richt's way.. rather early and rather painlessly.. So we decided we would turn the power off and do it Maxis way... Someone put a turbine down at the spire (also interesting, the guy playing Samuel said that Richt said something to him after completing the tower and doing this about a conspiracy, which I haven't seen before in any of the "ripped" audio files)... And I started to test my theory about setting the turbines down at the lampposts to listen to what they said about the vertices. So I set my turbine down at the diner.. and heard nothing this time.. By the bridge (where I first heard it a long time ago) and heard nothing... I had my friend that I was playing with and set his down, and heard nothing... So I just thought maybe since we had completed the Tower of Babble in that game it wouldn't activate those messages. Then, the guy who was putting Russman set his down at the diner, and he heard it. I was in the cornfield at the time and ran over to that teleporter to set mine down (and teleport) and heard nothing. The guy playing Russman then put his down in town, and heard him say something about the "two points"... Is it only Russman that can hear this part of Maxis? If so, I figure since Samuel is the only one that can hear Richt... maybe Russman has a certain thing only he can hear.. maybe this is another tower of babble way of doing... In fact maybe there are more than two ways.. maybe 4... maybe different lights all together... Can't play again to test it until Saturday, but I figured if any of you guys who still believe there is more to do want to further this or disprove it I'd put the information out here for you to run with. Hope it helps something -polabonez
  9. So I got this done last night... And I just wanted to throw my two cents in. The reason, I think, why we failed so many times before (15 rounds of 115 without ever getting the "reduce the power by 4" quote) is because the guy who could hear Richtofen (Samuel) wasn't under the tower with us... He was the worst of the 4 so the two of us went under the tower to do it.. and it obviously never worked. Last night, a different guy was Samuel. He was waiting under the tower with a train of zombies, decided to kill them before attempting heating up the obleisk, and blew the whole thing (Richt said that he was supposed to heat the tower firsT). The lights were all flashing to the EE had started, but we couldn't reheat it up (tried about 5 more times after having to chase around jet gun parts). I should also mention that we had already taken out a lot of cash to get EMPs before this step (not reccommended). We did it again right after, though, having the guy who was Samuel go get the jet gun, heat it up in about round 3. and By round 5 we got the "Reduce the power by 4". We all got EMPs (very quickly this time)... threw them at the lights unsucessfully about three times (because the guy in town kept throwing it into the lava)... he said they must all be simultaneous... and then Successfully did it and completed RICHT side of Tower of Babble. Now... AFTER We completed it.. I found something very interesting that I hope to explore more tonight.. but I hope this helps the OP who had the same problems I had before.
  10. Jimmy's Tweet Friday shows the Nuketown zombies Easter egg was found... when the clock is at 1, and the population is 15... Getting a power up (115) plays an EE Song... Looking at his other tweet: it may be points, or what ever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work. Has anyone tried having 115,000 on the dot and waiting to see if something happens? Should be an easy test with those who have the money in the bank.. could pull it out at round 1 and just run around a bit. Just a thought. I would do it myself tonight, but not sure I have that much in there after my last couple unsucessful TOB attempts.
  11. Just noticed the guy before you said he runs trains with a raygun underneath it by himself... I'm not sure what is right.
  12. Then I assume this is where I went wrong. Maybe the OP did too... I think I used the guide from this site and it didn't mention this, so I never thought of it... Just thought it would be safer to have a couple under there...
  13. PS I DID have the NAV table built...
  14. Same happened to me... Twice. First time under the pylon with galvaknuckles and went until round 15. Thought maybe we missed hearing him (since someone activated the song from the teddy bears) so EMPd the lights and got "went out of order" Then was told on a forum I needed explosives, did the same thing until round 15 with RAYGUN, and the pistol PAP'd... nothing.. and this time we listened closely. Nothin. Was told NOW that need to corral the zombies under there rather than killing 1 at a time (didn't know that) which we did both times and also heard that EVERYONE had to be under the pylon for this to work (we had two at pylon and one at diner and one at tunnel both times) and that a killed zombie outside the pylon RESETS the EE. I have no idea if the above is true, it's just what I read on a forum somewhere trying to figure out what went wrong. If you want to try again tonight, I'm game on XBL. PM me. (I know this isn't teammate finder but I was just trying to save the time as I was offering help to his response)
  15. I agree with dankburgler... Not as much to go around saying everyone is an idiot, but I don't think it has anything to do with points (whether Microsoft or not)... And I'm kind of shocked (especially on this board which is generally full of completely off the wall conspiracy theories) that everyone else is going with that... He responded to a tweet in which he was asked to give a riddle... Of all of the tweets he gets about the EE To respond to he responds... in what I assume is riddle... and everyone takes it bluntly.
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