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  1. I believe we are a supernova, born onto a dying star. Supernova, tell us once again, will we ever know? Tell us who we are. Born onto a dying star. Home again, when will I be home again? We want this to be over, although we need it so badly. Good idea, bro.
  2. "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Secret society, trying to keep they eye on me"
  3. for some reason I couldnt check the stats just for that game. seeing that it took me 17 rounds to unlock it and only rode the bus a few times , It must be alot. This has got something to do with lava and sprinting. For how many times and how long is unknown. Well, what are your career numbers? If its a cumulative total, should be able to notice a distinct plateau that you achieved recently... If not, I'm baffled.
  4. When thinking about the campaign, something bold stands out to me: the ability to chose one's own destiny. I have a feeling that were going to have to pick sides in future DLCs.
  5. Definitely interesting. I'm thinking its either a glitch, or possibly a knife multiplier kind of like head shots (though one would assume more people would have achieved it). It'd be interesting to go back through the film and see how many miles you ran, knife kills, and all that jazz.
  6. I truly think that Nacht is relevant. It's the only old map featured, and I'm willing to bet it isn't for the nostalgia. I'm ready for this story to unfold, as I'm fairly certain that Nacht has everything to do with the origin. What really stands out to me is that Nacht, according to Green Run, was "connected" all along (whether they meant to or not). I truly believe that unless it is just 3arc cleaning up their story, time travel will be a possibility in future DLC's. -Sedan
  7. Actually, the Starman picture directly relates to a pentagram (notice the encompassing circle), and the reference to 2112 is that said pentagram is interchangeable in terms of inverting. The man turning away from the star symbolizes the struggle with coping with such angst, as much as he tries he cannot escape the bed he's made for himself.
  8. We walk side by side through the sands of time, your tiny mortal hand clutching mine. And you ask me, "Dark Master, where did your hoofprints go during my hardest times?" My son, I never left you. That's when I stood on the small of your back, and dug my spurs deep into your thighs. you see that pool of blood over there? Yeah that’s your divorce, the second one, the one you said you'd do anything to make it work. You remember that? Yeah that was me, making sure the cocaine was always around. As i ran your carcass through an incredible small hole into a sea of flaming hot human feces. When you can’t draw a breath yet your lungs are filled with that same flaming hot human feces. No matter how fast you run or where you hide know this, I am always with you. Amused by your pathetic attempts to escape when i laugh like this: Hahahaha ha, ha haha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha haaaa haa. Merry Chirstmas.
  9. This is very interesting and makes sense. Maybe this somehow ties in with multiple upgrades? Good stuff!
  10. Yea, it said it as soon as I shot the clock with the ray gun so I got my hopes up a bit. DLC, please hurry!
  11. They are used to give other players money. I think someone mentioned using Galvin Knucks, but I've been I able to to do with a simple knife.
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