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  1. http://www.nbcnews.com/science/new-supe ... 8C11015299 Made me laugh out loud.
  2. Theres 4 robots.....maybe they will holdup the moon? Like in zelda majoras mask for n64? just saying...off topic though.. I wish they would enable a perk that shows what perma perks you have enabled.
  3. This trailer reminded me of wolfenstein the new order.... lol?
  4. I am the one who posted the original video of finding this lol. So if my friends that i showed opened there mouth then yeah it spread like wild fire. You can actually use it to glitch into the power room backwards going up infront of the bus were tombstone is. There are numerous spots just try alot of places. But as my other thread said this shows the unlimited number of things that have yet to be found. IF you ask me my general answer is, I believe you may be able to do this for a reason.... Just didn't like being called a troll lol. But thanks for the output everybody. Another small find, a few of the characters in game speak about the bridge and bus what if you go over the bridge with a ton of zombies on the bus? lol i dont know its weird....Maybe there is a navcard or a part that falls into the lava when the bridge breaks, may i suggest you run? THE OBVIOUS IS THE OBLIVIOUS! Just remember that
  5. Since somebody decided to lock my other thread I'm just making a new one with the video link this time. MY thread was (Most popular video on COD TV) Google Theater mode problems.... I tried to render my video and upload to callof duty elite.tv and it rendered but did not upload so i recorded it on my ipod. I didn't appreciate being called a troll....... SO heres my proof... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNOhuIXX ... e=youtu.be
  6. Hello! I'm gonna post my thoughts on the foghorn noise you hear. I also a few games now (random games) i hear either a loud church bell or a horn or something go off. Me and my buddy were actually kidding around and came with a great idea that I'm gonna try very shortly lol. When the beam hits the mystery box were gonna turbine EMP it and see if it shoots back to the tower making it unstable and causing the corn field to start on fire. Just tossing my random ideas out there lol. But yes i hear a bell or something go off thinking maybe its like a fire truck? That's what i get in my head..... ALSO I have a video now to show people you need to be quick, but i did it in solo sadly..... You can crouch and sneak around the entire first area and kill the zombies ONLY COMING FROM THE WINDOWS. You will not wake the other zombies up the rest of the game as far as i know... I've sat around there walking around to see if something was different and no after about 3 minutes i hopped on the bus to see if the bus horn would wake them up....IT DID NOT. Until i arrived under the tunnel the zombies that were in the bus station (4) Just vanished and the round started......odd right? WEll i wish i had a 2nd player to try that with so they could take off while i stayed there or vice versa but anywho yeah i thought those were a few odds and ends,and useing the jet gun to go up in the air is not only stupidly fun but maybe it means something. :lol:
  7. I got quite a few random messages about me having the most popular video on COD TV Zombies theater lol. And i do!!! That's me Elwood Fiore! After watching this your ideas for this map will be BLOWN away. xD
  8. Here is the official preview trailer for Die Rise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruv2xMLuaoA Might of already been posted but meh. I was already comming to my thread to post that also upon discovery i noticed something at the top of the church from a certain angle. Is there a way to embed the video from call of duty elite/ theater mode and upload to youtube? IF not then i can describe where i was. I did not have a scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle however it was noticable what was over there. In the room where you can purchase juggernaut the ceiling has a hole in the roof, you can stand there and aim at the top of the church and see something of a box/ or object inside the window, it is not a reflection of another window i know this. Thought i would just share that. Thanks for all the input guys! I'm glad i could share something that nobody has seen before. And now i know you can actually "direct" the beams to certain locations. I have HEARD but not seen proof or pictures of this but, there is a beam that shoots at the church at one point or another, also the mystery box may be hit with the beams. There is more out there we just have too find it!
  9. Yes I was saying the church looked like a rocket ship. Just give me a moment here and I'll show an enlarged picture.... I'm busy at the moment
  10. Too me alot of people are thinking the Tower of Bable is the easter egg. Didn't zombies turn into a campaign-esque mode? Thats just the mission lol. The real eggs out there.
  11. Yep as i hinted "Churchill" lol OO edit works..... Adding a secondary loading screen for more rocket proof lol.
  12. Have you seen the rocket? It's located right outside of town. Its hidden so well you may even call it Winston Churchill. Not only is it in sight while in town....but its in sight on the loading screen. What loading screen...Grief/Survival on town! Just take a look on the loading screens. Then there was this that was sent to me via email. Reference to the Toys/items on the loading screen of moon apparently. Still unknown were this screenshot came from. You can't tell me that thing wont be able to touch the moon...Yet alone that it don't look like a rocket. Not only this, but there is a "cut" wire to a power switch nearby it, much like in Der Reise with the fly trap. ** This is located near the mystery box in the corner across from the "rare books" store, Look up on wall you will notice a wire line, then its cut, leading to a black/red box behind the building, I've shot it with the micro annhilator and nothing, it does spark though like a metal surface lol ** Thoughts? Thats a damn rocket! LIKE BOOM TO THE MOON.
  13. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Down list as follows/ 1) ENG - English Board near Teleporter C. 2) Teddy is a liar in doorway outside of the map. 3) Fluffys Foot prints above the clock tower. 4) GER - German Board near Teleporter A. 5) Zombies hand on the power switch (off position). 6) Chemistry Note found near the note under the brick. 7) Silhouette of a Teddy Bear. 8) Electricty Beacons of some sort with nodes indicating 1,2,3,4. 9) Field Note book. 10) Field note book #2. 11) A Zombie in the furnace burner. 12) FRA- France Board Near Teleporter B. 13) Lucky drop before dog round (lol) 14) Holy Cross Above the Silhouette of the teddy bear. 15) Piece of paper found under the sinking brick. ------------------------------------------------------ I thought i would just toss these in here for whatever reason something new, a clearer picture, discussion.
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