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  1. Here is the official preview trailer for Die Rise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruv2xMLuaoA Might of already been posted but meh. I was already comming to my thread to post that also upon discovery i noticed something at the top of the church from a certain angle. Is there a way to embed the video from call of duty elite/ theater mode and upload to youtube? IF not then i can describe where i was. I did not have a scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle however it was noticable what was over there. In the room where you can purchase juggernaut the ceiling has a hole in the roof, you can stand there and aim at the top of the church and see something of a box/ or object inside the window, it is not a reflection of another window i know this. Thought i would just share that. Thanks for all the input guys! I'm glad i could share something that nobody has seen before. And now i know you can actually "direct" the beams to certain locations. I have HEARD but not seen proof or pictures of this but, there is a beam that shoots at the church at one point or another, also the mystery box may be hit with the beams. There is more out there we just have too find it!
  2. Yes I was saying the church looked like a rocket ship. Just give me a moment here and I'll show an enlarged picture.... I'm busy at the moment
  3. Edited first post with all info/pics
  4. Too me alot of people are thinking the Tower of Bable is the easter egg. Didn't zombies turn into a campaign-esque mode? Thats just the mission lol. The real eggs out there.
  5. Yep as i hinted "Churchill" lol OO edit works..... Adding a secondary loading screen for more rocket proof lol.
  6. Edited pictures into first post~
  7. Have you seen the rocket? It's located right outside of town. Its hidden so well you may even call it Winston Churchill. Not only is it in sight while in town....but its in sight on the loading screen. What loading screen...Grief/Survival on town! Just take a look on the loading screens. Then there was this that was sent to me via email. Reference to the Toys/items on the loading screen of moon apparently. Still unknown were this screenshot came from. You can't tell me that thing wont be able to touch the moon...Yet alone that it don't look like a rocket. Not only this, but there is a "cut" wire to a power switch nearby it, much like in Der Reise with the fly trap. ** This is located near the mystery box in the corner across from the "rare books" store, Look up on wall you will notice a wire line, then its cut, leading to a black/red box behind the building, I've shot it with the micro annhilator and nothing, it does spark though like a metal surface lol ** Thoughts? Thats a damn rocket! LIKE BOOM TO THE MOON.
  8. Elwood

    Easter egg detectives!!!

    Don't worry about the map files gonna be opened up within hours of its release and its gonna be all over the net and like always seven sins is gonna make a retarded as i called "rush through" cause when shangri la egg was posted by them they obviously wanted to take credit for making the video of the entire steps, though there step-by step guide was bonkers with flaws and almsot everything they put was wrong but understandable enough to know what too do but still wrong Thank the noob at ign who got fired for spoiling the leaks (that is fake cause IGN says nobody was fired for any as such you can contact them its not that hard) though if you read them and then you read the official posts by 3arc there are traps there obviously seeable theres a little bit of everything on this map and people who ask about a cosmic gorilla ...... he was and only is gonna be on dead ops arcade its irrelevant to think hes gonna be on this map And the cod zl picture that i posted obviously awhile ago then i seen the same picture everywhere being talked about ( funny how that works ) well its not the movie you unintelligent people..... when you click zombies on the black ops menu look at the tv screens ....... they playback through and yes they are the same so its not new and its been there for awhile witch i said before but i guess that got ignored
  9. Elwood

    An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    Ahahahha, I can say you made a good idea to post this on your own behalf. And im gonna give you brains for it [brains] even though i don't carea bout the egg anymore since i already had done it before. Anyways se7ensins sure did a messy job on there tutorial and even yet it says this is now a completed tutorial. They really wanted to take credit for it really really bad. Cause half of the stuff they were posting was complete garbage lol.... Seriously half of the stuff is written so sloppy that its not the real thing/ node/ step to even do...... yet alone half of the steps are missing lol. They got discredited for there complete lack of communication in typing that up
  10. Elwood

    The Richtofen Shrine

    Single player can get 7 perks....... Monkies come and take your perk, Wait for max ammo_____Firesale Inbetween the 2 a perk bottle drops but it goes really fast. so have good timing and you can get them. I have gotten 3 but in different matches its actually quite hard.
  11. Elwood

    Traps and Centerfuge Relationship *Result Produced Twice*

    I've also noticed this.
  12. Elwood

    More whistles, and a second generator?

    Theres also a generator with ripped out cords on the side of a building. Near the turrent heading to or from stanimup to flipper.
  13. Elwood

    Black_Hole> level.black.HOLD.bomb code found

    Or if you read my new post reading the code it also shows throwing a black hole device under a lunar lander and it takes the lander to a diffrent area
  14. # level.black_hold_bomb_target_trig Delete(); # level.black_hole_bomb_loc_check_func = undefined; When you start shooting the device to overload it, before it goes according to this code HOLDING another black hole device while jumping in the device itself makes 2 black holes that create an unbalanced shift. If anybody remembers the video on inside xbox about the preview to the map, near the end of the preview 1 player throws a black hole, yet all of them jump in, and it looked like one was cocking back or cooking a grenade, or possibly a black hole device this is a real laffapalooza
  15. Elwood

    @ Telixion Hitsam/ Hyena possibly de-coded

    Yeah....... after reading this carefully tell me what your perception is too this. 488. # level.black_hold_bomb_target_trig Delete(); # level.black_hole_bomb_loc_check_func = undefined; 489. Black hold bomb? black hole bomb? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Here we go again =/ There is a code that is in correct and inaccurate. What is the source of obtaining these codes? lol They seem hand- written because theres alot of false negatives lol

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