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  1. Always finish round 6 under 5 minutes and the wrench is never available. I always play solo though..Do you have to run with others to do this?
  2. I want us to get our Primis outfits with Primis swords and staves. Of course you need Primis character quotes almost as if the Primis characters take over and perhaps have they're own story unfolding in their own dimension that we are not aware of that they could talk about. Even have slightly different accents and just a whole nother different story from ancient times. So basically we start off as the O4, then transform into the Primis4...Tell me that wouldnt be sick!
  3. This map should be the biggest in BO3 with all the other sectioned maps in revelations, the house, the church , the beacons, the outside area, and hopefully other areas we are not yet aware of. In Blundell we Trust
  4. Ah, so thats what Nikolai is shooting while running towards the electric trap. I was wondering what the blue charged beam was and it makes sense now
  5. There's gameplay footage available on youtube. Not English but this is sick check it out
  6. NoahJ did say he wanted to take pictures of his shirt. I hope he got the opportunity to do that!
  7. Didn't he say that you cannot upgrade the WW in SoE? Meaning it will be in another map? He did also state that people think once the main EE is over thats all there is, when apparently there's more to do after the cutscenes so he's teasin us with that as well.
  8. There's so much written yet non understandable language in SoE that I find it hard to understand why they didn't incorporate the languages dictionary so we know what were looking at. I believe it's essential for the players to engage more in the game if they knew what they were looking at, IDK call me cray cray I still like SoE and can probably have more fun with it knowing that there's no upgrade (nothing to look for) just go kick some zombie ass with your fist shoved up some creatures butt, a pap'd weapon and some donut trip mines!
  9. Hey BB, Welcome aboard! Im interested in the paper bags, especially if it moved or was obtained some how. When did you notice it was gone? Did you complete any part of the EE when you noticed it was missing and did you already have the AS? Thanks for the feed back and keep them coming!
  10. Ragdo, Thanks for the follow up. Appreciate your feedback for sure. If it was always there they must of changed the contrast on the bag or changed something on it because it was never as noticeable as it is now. Ive ran that map countless times as well and only after the current update was it blatantly noticeable. It just pops out and others from Reddit agree as some players over there also believed it was just added. I will try to take a snapshot of it tonight and maybe you can compare it with the bag on the original build. Tanks!
  11. Why would they add paper bags and scatter them? Is this what was missing or "fixed" to complete the EE? Was there anything else "NEW" in the map since the update? Maybe we can consume or zap the bags once transformed into the beast. I was thinking it was probably similiar to Der Eis. where you fill up those urns.
  12. A little off topic, In Canals if you go up past the Lady's Secrets where the Perk machine is and open the gate that leads to the tram, directly in front of the opened gate on the bridge bottom left there is now a "brown paper bag" very noticeable if almost "illuminated" just sitting there. Im certain it wasn't there before but it's the fact that it stands out very much so. If anyone takes a look at it I'm rather certain you'll see it and think the same thing, that this bag might be interact-able. I messed with it but nothing. Sound off and let me know your take. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/45cs0x/anybody_noticed_anything_new_in_shadows_of_evil/
  13. I think they would of considered both EE patches as "rare" if it was your option#2. I kinda think they may have allowed us to PAP the WW now but everyone that hasa PS4 playing COD is on DE right now. I saw a tweet from David V from Treyarch and he stated that XBX1/PC's users should get the rollout in a week or two. So if this actually happens we would have possible 2 weeks at most to figure this out b4 DE is available.
  14. Quick theory, If Dempsey is in the rocket and there are several other rockets that have already launched perhaps the other test subjects have already been launched elsewhere, thats all I got =P
  15. Treyarch sent an update log for their new updates that only PS4 users have at the moment. If you havent seen it yet, you should. Here's what was listed for SoE. Shadows of Evil Fine-tuned weapon balance. Addressed various exploits where Players were able to get out of the map. Fixed an issue around an Easter Egg quest that prevented a Player from accomplishing the quest. Fixed rare issue where Players were unable to start an Easter Egg if they obtained a specific gun. Increased visibility of "Lil'Arnie" bottle. Addressed visual issue near Beast Mode altar in Canal District. Fixed bug where Players were able to pick up the sword while in beast mode. Addressed an exploit related to the Level 2 Sword charge meter not depleting correctly. Fixed issue where Players were able to purchase/pick up items while transforming back from Beast Mode to Human. Addressed bug where the Pop Shocks GobbleGum stayed active when a Player went into Beast Mode. Addressed issue where Players are unable to wall run after a host migration in the Pack-A-Punch Room. Fixed issue where Players could exploit Margwas from spawning in for the rest of the game. https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Latest-Updates-for-Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-on-PlayStation-4

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