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  1. Has anyone ever given extra thought on why the mystery box's teddy has that thing on it's head? Also, isn't it strange that there's supposedly 6 teddy bears and in every district? Has anyone tried getting at least 6 or 7 teddy bears to pop out of the mystery boxes yet? Reason I say 7 is because there's 1 mystery box in the rift, so you never know. Seems the most probable way to connect the teddys imho. I'll try that out tomorrow if someone else doesn't by then.
  2. For further investigation, has anyone noticed the monkey prop in the waterfront district right next to the portal? I tried throwing a trip mine and ww grenades into his mouth and it fits perfectly, so maybe a donut or cake upgrade? I'll be looking into this.
  3. EDIT: Unfortunately, I'm just tying up dead ends.. I have confirmed that the Fumigator IS the Sprayer.. Once you pick up the Fumigator and have the icon of it on the left of your screen, pause the game and it will eventually say "Picked up the sprayer!" right above the icon. At least we know now.
  4. The funny thing is that I picked up "the sprayer" before I did anything else. Hell, I picked it up before killing a zombie lol. That's what makes me think it's a random spawn in any of the original fumigator locations. I'll be roaming the whole map looking for "the sprayer" instead of the fumigator in a few minutes.
  5. Just picked up a "sprayer" instead of a fumigator.. Any thoughts or other encounters with this?
  6. Besides all of that shenanigans, I literally just picked up the sprayer instead of the fumigator. I even took a video of it on my phone while paused, but has anyone else encountered this? I was thinking that maybe 1 random sprayer spawns on the map, and it could be in any of the other fumigator locations? Reason being is because I found the "sprayer" at spawn where I usually pick up my fumigator in solo. Any thoughts?
  7. First off, I heard Samantha's laugh. I was not aware that happened during glitches. Stop acting like I just made this video for attention when really that's all your reply is about. I even posted a video, so don't click on my threads if you're just going to come here to be hostile.
  8. That's why I said "what I believe". That would be really shitty if that's why I heard Samantha's laugh, because I did die while having quick revive.. I mean you do hear Samantha's laugh while doing the Holly's Cream Cakes easter egg, so it seemed legit. I'll post the clip of what exactly happened. I'm beginning to think you're probably right on why I heard Sam's laugh though. I had no idea that laugh occurred while a glitch happened. :/ Here's the short clip of what happened:
  9. After days and days of resilient searching, I have finally (from what I believe) found the first step to turning the PaP purple. It's what we've all had in the back of our heads this whole time.. You must sacrifice yourself. I got Samantha's laugh when I did this, but I think the game glitched and didn't realize I had quick revive (or some stupid shit happened..). My attempt to replicate this step is currently in progress. I'll keep you sexy beasts updated with some tasty news :) Also, I have video proof of this if anyone is feeling skeptical, but I won't upload it until later. If anyone has XB1 version, feel free to get my Gamertag and come help me figure this son of a ***** out.
  10. EDIT: On second thought, I really just don't know, but it seems like a very believable element to an easter egg. I'll be trying to get it to change using info from the 2nd video.
  11. What makes me think it's not a troll the most is that "filter" or whatever would be a very well done edit job noticing that it's going from blue to purple in a very high quality animation, not red to purple. The blue curse icon never changes the way it does in the video. EDIT: Notice that the worm's flames even change to purple.
  12. Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/3v9hi1/soe_ww_upgrade_guide_fake_or_not_xpost_from/, but he's saying that you must get the WW first. This is obviously not true. This was posted a few weeks before there was any type of video evidence of this. There are 2 completely different videos by different people with the purple pack a punch, and you can tell it's the same color. He obviously activated the purple pack a punch on round 6, and going into round 7 it was officially activated. There must be a step he did on the bug round for this to happen. Maybe he just left a bug flying around while he did the steps, or maybe the bug round is part of a step while in the PaP room. I don't know.
  13. I might put it up in the that thread if I can't find any additional info on it. There's this guy that's apparently done it multiple times through certain steps, but people are having a hard time replicating it through his tutorial.
  14. Think about it.. Your beast mode is most likely going to have a new element or change completely. Which quite possibly means that is the first step for upgrading the WW. Since this "purple pack" has never been discussed among the masses, everyone is missing it and trying to activate a trigger via apothicon voice cues (which is probably a later step), since you can obviously get it to turn purple by round 7. EDIT: This might deserve it's own thread if we can find a bit more information on it.
  15. We'll see if any others on here are interested in the glitch and I'll go from there. On another note, why is no one talking about this... It's been on my mind for about a week now (ever since I saw it). This is obviously a step to a crazy easter egg since it even turns your "curse" icon purple. Someone please shed some light on this subject. I'll link the 2 videos below. Purple PaP. He gets it on round 7 like what..? What has been done here..
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