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  1. Its good to be back. I have been checking in every 30 min to see when it would be back on lol
  2. Rooker is doing the voice for a friend of David Mason in the campaign.
  3. They say no one is perfect so what have you guys done in zombies that you regret the most or just find plain silly now that you look back at it. I'll start. In Acension on round 1 i went prone and thought I went down because of the Black and White effect of no power. I was yelling at my team to revive me but they said I wasn't down. Then i pressed A and stood up and said "Oh..."
  4. I actually like to play all of them, I still have WaW so I'm down for those too. But i would say my top 3 favorite maps and the ones I play the most are Der Riese, Ascension, and Moon
  5. Yeah definitely should meet up. Can't wait for Black Ops 2, even have the II in my Multiplayer emblem lol
  6. Hey everyone. I'm an Xbox 360 player and my gamertag is xGIx Dethstalkr. My favorite genre of games are FPS, Survival Horror, and RPG games. My all time favorite game series is Resident Evil, RE2 being the one I like the most. I'm an average zombie player, highest round I made it to in co-op was 32 on Der Riese which is actually my record on both BO and WaW. Well that's about it i hope i get to know more of some people on this site. (Woot introduction medal )
  7. BOII seems to be getting a lot of hate...1st IW now Anonymous. What's next?
  8. isn't shi no numa based off of the MP map Knee Deep?
  9. I have seen this idea for BO II before. They just posted it within a different topic name. I think it was mostly posted in people talking about the MP engine for zombies
  10. One hit for a player to go down? Reminds me of Zombies on the DS... lol
  11. Very cool idea. I saw that trailer earlier today and thought it was awesome but couldn't think of how it would connect. This seems possible seeing as the zombie team can do whatever they want but not very likely. But I do like this idea.
  12. I hope they return but with music similar to the WaW songs. I also liked 115 and Abracadavre, but Paradoria and Coming Home were just terible.
  13. I also liked how he used shangri la video to make it look like the jungles of Jurassic Park
  14. This was awesome. When he was quick scoping the T-Rex it reminded me of Nikolai's quote one Moon about 360 Quick Scoping
  15. Hey I can't post a link right now because i'm on my phone but this is what i remember from the BO2 Twitter What will come back/Confirmed -Kard Pistol, XM-8 Assault Rifle, M16, M249 SAW, Tri-Barreled Assault Rifle/Shotgun. -Something similar to wager matches -Mute all but party option -Combat Training -Kill Confirmed -Drop Zone Won't return -CoD points -Second chance -Team Defender
  16. The ones i like the most would have to be 2, 3, 5, and 10
  17. It's more on Xbox? Hmmm... interesting. Yeah 1200 MP ($15) For Black Ops map packs
  18. I'm glad that they won't renew. We pay for Xbox Live and they still charge us extra on the map packs just because we get it early.
  19. In my opinion i would rather deal with the flying dragons in WaW then deal with the Noob Tubing, Danger Close, One Man Army, Comando, Secondary Dual Weilding Shotgun users in MW2
  20. Actually, Activision's contract with Microsoft has expired, everyone will get the maps at the same time now. Hopefully this means we get them for the same price now.
  21. Yes very nice........Shotgun...but this could be that creepy german we all know and love/hate
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