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  1. Strange im sure i heard this, if not they better put this in :lol:
  2. Im sure someone from treyarch said that all multiplayer maps would also be ported into zombie maps, kinda like survival, is this true or was i just imagining?
  3. Yes the tacitus is the sphere at the top http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Tacitus Thats my source
  4. Im not sure how to upload pics but just search c&c 3 tacitus to find a image of it, looks preetycalien and cool if you ask me..
  5. Iv'e found something else also named tacitus from the game command and conquer, i know this is very far fetched but by the recent info that was unclassified shows the two things have simerlarities worth pointing out. Qoute from c&c wiki It is fundimental to our cause,The key to ascension, as it holds far more power and wisdom than anything Ever before imagined by man The tacitus (meaning silent in latin) is a ancient and extraterestrial Data matrix in the c&c series that all faction attempt to use for there gain. Another quote. You are only delaying the inevitable, i have the tacitus. I am invincible.the tacitus has told me of tiberium missles, invincible flying ships and real time genetic mutation, more than human, more than man! This is our next step in the evolution of our species!!! The new infomation declassified plays a sound clip of a man saying.. The future is not as far of a people think, were not ready for it.... The tacitus could be a object that accelirates human technological advancment, as neither were the humans in c&c ready for such a advancement, the links are pretty similar. And with all the talk about the moon and the egg on the moon (was the sphere object to activate the pyramid on the moon the tacitus? Found by the nazi's from the tacitus crater?) this could be a small possibility. What do you think?
  6. At least it isn't called black ops 2 :roll: sounds good
  7. Im more talking about the fact of the problems caused by releasing on the same day, and this is about treyarchs next game right? Well this will most likely effect sales and the amount of people playing zombies.
  8. This is also a discussion on halo waypoint forums (the official halo forum) that cod black ops 2 will be most likely released on the tuesday that halo 4 will also be released ( from waypoint forum post ) ]MW2: November 10, Tuesday,2009 Black Ops: November 9th, Tuesday,2010 MW3: November 8th, Tuesday,2011 Black Ops 2 Prediction: November 6th, Tuesday, 2012. It is two days earlier by date instead of one because of the leap year. It releases usually the first or second Tuesday of November. Halo 4: November 6th, Tuesday, 2012. Halo fanboys vs cod fanboys, it would be a riot (maybe literally) What do you think? (im not saying that we personally as a zombie forum are gonna riot, but im a member on both and while both will take this as a friendly joke, some idiots will end up starting fist fights brawls and sales dor both games will drop)
  9. Sounds great (shoyero by any chance your avatar a grey knight killing a slannesh deamon?) (You probobly won't understand what im taling about if it isn't!!!)
  10. I can imagine the quotes, Dempsey(BOOM!!!! Oops, guess zombies don't like skrillex ha ha!!!!) I think the weapon coulden't in truth be taken seriously but when has zombies ever? :lol:
  11. Because this is callofdutyzombies.com, we are all pseudo-schizophrenics thats why. Wut in obamas toothpaste is pseddo-sch.....what ever those words are meant to spell?
  12. Agreed Regards Yellow-card8 Agreed. Regards mr-mashmello Lol
  13. Source? Taken from the official cod community website(sorry cant link on ipad) To commemorate last week’s launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, we sat down with Rob Hendry of Ideaworks, the UK developers in charge of converting the cult classic Zombies game mode to mobile. In the following, he takes us through the ideas and development behind the latest iOS title. The first Zombies mobile title you released was based on World at War Zombies. What have you learned since then, and how has recent technology improved the features of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies app? We definitely learned that there's a market for authentic console experiences on mobile and that players show a lot of interest for those mobile offerings if you can execute your game the right way. With the original World at War Zombies mobile title, we were in the Top 5 on iTunes for nearly six months. Our start position for the new game was to take Black Ops Zombies to the next level and build on the success of the original game. Some areas we've improved are quite subtle, such as the collision system, AI and path-finding, which adds to the authentic feel of the iOS game in relation to the console experience. We also had really good feedback from community members on improvements they would like to see, particularly the controls. I think we've responded to that feedback and made big improvements which we hope will be really apparent to players in the new game. Improving controls for both the handset and tablet has been a key focus. The iPad controls in particular have been significantly improved this time around and make it a much more satisfying experience on tablet. Adding sprint and crouch were also heavily requested from players, as they add an extra tactical dimension to the mobile game. From a technology standpoint, we've re-written the game to accommodate the scale and scope of the new Black Ops console maps. It has been a big challenge to balance performance and quality considerations, and we shifted our hardware to unlock much higher detail and visual quality levels. We also added depth to our tools to support bigger maps with complex collision. Also, having greater CPU bandwidth opens up intensive features like 4-way voice chat which is a really cool new feature in Black Ops Zombies iOS. The game also utilizes two asset sets dependent on your device - one for 3GS/iPad 1 and another for the higher spec devices. If you have an iPhone 4/4s or iPad2, you'll see we've really been able to improve the overall graphical fidelity of the game and maintain performance, even when you have a serious number of zombies on screen. Where did the idea to bring Zombies to mobile originally come from? We first met with Activision at GDC in 2009 and discussed the potential to take Zombies to mobile and what that would take to make that happen. As a studio we've always had a strong focus and a lot of experience in bringing high complexity, performance-based games to the mobile market. The cornerstones of our early design and production discussions with Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia, and the Activision team was to ensure we could bring an authentic and accessible adaptation of Zombies console to the mobile market. These conversations were key in aligning our vision and developing a great working relationship and understanding of the pillars on which we developed the game. What sort of challenges, if any, did you face in converting the larger Black Ops Zombies maps to mobile platforms? Simply, the new maps are way bigger, more complex and much more detailed environments than in World at War Zombies. Also, major engine players like id and Epic entered the fray and raised visual expectations for everyone. We've tried to respond to that challenge without sacrificing gameplay for better graphics. That's always the challenge when working to the edge of mobile device capabilities while making the game accessible to the broadest range of devices, and of course players who want to experience the game. To accomplish this, we really had to redesign our workflow to produce content on this scale in pretty much the same timeframe we had available for the original game’s development. How involved was the original Zombies development team with the mobile process? Mark Lamia was the original torchbearer for the product and the Treyarch team had lots of visibility and also provided great input during development. We've built a really good relationship with the Treyarch and Activision teams over the last couple of years, and we've had more freedom to drive development decisions this time around based on the trust we built from the original development. Any closing thoughts or stories you'd like to share? I think one of the cool things on this development was getting really good input from Dave King at Treyarch, the 'Silverback Consultant' who originally created Dead Ops and helped us on the underlying game mechanics and how we were adapting DOA for mobile. I know our design team got a real kick out of having that kind of input during development. Looking down the road a little we've got upcoming maps and they are looking really cool. Ascension is coming and we're working on some interesting ideas with Treyarch and Activision on special mobile-specific content like new weapons and content made exclusively for iOS, much like the Peter's Grave Easter Egg in the Shi No Numa map, where players could dig up and use his prized Wunderwaffe with special shovels; that was a great and unique bonus for iOS players. I'm excited about how the community will react to the new game. I hope the players out there love playing Black Ops Zombies as much as we've enjoyed developing the game here at Ideaworks! Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is available now in the App Store! How are you enjoying your mobile Zombies experience? Let us know in the comments below and in the forums. As always, follow us on the official Black Ops Facebook page and Twitter (@Treyarch) for all the latest Black Ops info. 128201 Views 17 Comments Permalink Tags: interview, intel, callofduty_blackops_zombies_ios, q&a
  14. So the ios is apparently getting exclusive content such as new wonder weapons,power ups:eg So would these be implemented into cod 9?
  15. I dont think that treyarch would get rid of multiplayr dlc,and greedy activision woulden't allow it.they want as much money as they can get,and that would mean multiplayer community would be [email protected]
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