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  1. Strange im sure i heard this, if not they better put this in :lol:
  2. Im sure someone from treyarch said that all multiplayer maps would also be ported into zombie maps, kinda like survival, is this true or was i just imagining?
  3. Yes the tacitus is the sphere at the top http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Tacitus Thats my source
  4. Im not sure how to upload pics but just search c&c 3 tacitus to find a image of it, looks preetycalien and cool if you ask me..
  5. That yolk was "eggcellent" :roll: see wat i did there!!!?? I "scrambled" to my keyboard to awnser this post but Unfortunatly my hopes were "fryed" by this practical "yolker"
  6. Iv'e found something else also named tacitus from the game command and conquer, i know this is very far fetched but by the recent info that was unclassified shows the two things have simerlarities worth pointing out. Qoute from c&c wiki It is fundimental to our cause,The key to ascension, as it holds far more power and wisdom than anything Ever before imagined by man The tacitus (meaning silent in latin) is a ancient and extraterestrial Data matrix in the c&c series that all faction attempt to use for there gain. Another quote. You are only delaying the inevitab
  7. At least it isn't called black ops 2 :roll: sounds good
  8. Im more talking about the fact of the problems caused by releasing on the same day, and this is about treyarchs next game right? Well this will most likely effect sales and the amount of people playing zombies.
  9. This is also a discussion on halo waypoint forums (the official halo forum) that cod black ops 2 will be most likely released on the tuesday that halo 4 will also be released ( from waypoint forum post ) ]MW2: November 10, Tuesday,2009 Black Ops: November 9th, Tuesday,2010 MW3: November 8th, Tuesday,2011 Black Ops 2 Prediction: November 6th, Tuesday, 2012. It is two days earlier by date instead of one because of the leap year. It releases usually the first or second Tuesday of November. Halo 4: November 6th, Tuesday, 2012. Halo fanboys vs cod fanboys, it wo
  10. Sounds great (shoyero by any chance your avatar a grey knight killing a slannesh deamon?) (You probobly won't understand what im taling about if it isn't!!!)
  11. I can imagine the quotes, Dempsey(BOOM!!!! Oops, guess zombies don't like skrillex ha ha!!!!) I think the weapon coulden't in truth be taken seriously but when has zombies ever? :lol:
  12. Because this is callofdutyzombies.com, we are all pseudo-schizophrenics thats why. Wut in obamas toothpaste is pseddo-sch.....what ever those words are meant to spell?
  13. Agreed Regards Yellow-card8 Agreed. Regards mr-mashmello Lol
  14. Source? Taken from the official cod community website(sorry cant link on ipad) To commemorate last week’s launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, we sat down with Rob Hendry of Ideaworks, the UK developers in charge of converting the cult classic Zombies game mode to mobile. In the following, he takes us through the ideas and development behind the latest iOS title. The first Zombies mobile title you released was based on World at War Zombies. What have you learned since then, and how has recent technology improved the features of
  15. So the ios is apparently getting exclusive content such as new wonder weapons,power ups:eg So would these be implemented into cod 9?
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