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    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    There are so many theories being thrown around, it gets sort of confusing, but what if we are going about this the wrong way? What if the Shangri-La and Moon loading scenes are happening during/after when we play on Moon. By the looks of the electricity, it seems the tornado would be composed of element 115, allowing the pyramids/temples to teleport safely to another location. Now, I believe the shadow of Samantha is metaphorical, just like the shadow of 115 on the Ascension loading screen. Now since on the loading screen there is the pyramid floating to the Moon and since we obviously don't see any pyramids of that sort on the Moon, I really think the loading screens are describing what happened after/during Moon. The Vril-Ya or another group might have teleported Shangri-La to stop it from being destroyed by the rockets. The four people in cosmonaut suits could just be our characters after the events on Moon, finding the teleported pyramid(s). Basically, when the characters were at Shangri-La, it was in the Himalayas or wherever people think it was before the tweets (or at least not Moon). And later on the events of the loading screen happened, after or during the events of Moon. Thank you for your time.
  2. Valor1204

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I've read every post up until now and I have to say great work on everyone's part! The most believable location, aside from the Himalayas, is Arctic. One problem that no one, that I have seen, has pointed out is that if it was in the Arctic, wouldn't the water freeze or act like it does in COTD, where your screen begins to freeze? Just a thought though, keep up the great work.
  3. Valor1204

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    In my opinion, I believe that it matters because it is key to the story line and might be brought back up in Black Ops II. I think everyone has completely missed something huge in Shangri-La and the developers decided to finally hint at that thing we have missed. Shangri-La's loading screen has been the only one I have never understood. It didn't exactly look like the map and I never understood why that tornado/wormhole was there. They have to be a big part of the map. We, as a community, must have missed some detail that Treyarch put in there. I think all of these theories are necessary to help find an answer to what we have missed. It can't be coincidental.
  4. Valor1204

    Who is excited?

    *raises dead zombie limbs* If they can do it right, it would be great.
  5. Valor1204

    First Map for Round 100

    Thanks! When I do get that far, I'll split it up somehow. Wow. I'm surprised 80-100 takes as much time as 1-80. Speaking of time, how long on average would it take someone to reach Round 100 on Ascension? I've skinned through your guide before, but I'll definitely be reading it before I attempt any map.
  6. Valor1204

    First Map for Round 100

    Thanks! I've checked out a few strategies, but haven't read through them entirely. I'd like to save them for when I can sit down and digest them, rather than cramming them into one night. I discovered the site by one of MrRoflWaffles' videos. I browsed through the site, and I learned that this was this place for me. It was filled with so much information. This is the place I've been looking for.
  7. Hey there fellow members. I recently discovered this forum and I've been quite amazed by the content on it. I've started reading up on quite a few strategic posts and I've decided to emerge myself back into Zombies. My highest round was 44 solo on Ascension. I haven't played much solo, but I know the very basics for surviving into higher rounds. I was wondering which map (I have each map) I should consider trying first along with any tips. I know I won't be able to just suddenly get to round 100, but I want to slowly work myself up there. Thanks for your input.

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