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  1. I don't know why anyone hasn't talked about this yet but I believe this is one of the most if not THE most important feature Treyarch should add for zombies.I couldn't tell you of the countless games that have been wasted because a host ended a game because they died or because they timed out or whatever.I believe host migration should be implemented into nazi zombies.What do you guys think?
  2. I am happy i am in high school.So i get out early tommorrow and attend the midnight release.And then i will play all night.
  3. I can tell you what to do about this but take it seriously.Go to Best Buy.Buy a new xbox 360.Take out the internals of the new xbox 360 and the old internals and switch it and return the "new"xbox back.They will give ur money back and probably wont inspect it until its too late.I have done this before.
  4. I wish that i havent seen the leaks but i saw only most of them.Im not watching anymore.This could have been prevented if only treyarch just released a fricken zombie trailer.
  5. And i thought Resident Evil 5 was the end of the nightmare......bring it on lickers! But seriously i think the "crawlers" are actually monkeys genetically engineered with 115.
  6. First Post! : ).Yeah when COD BO comes out ill put CoDz as my clan tag.Heck i should start looking for a CoDz team
  7. Hello I am ONEkingscar.After going through the forums for a few days i really liked the forum.But the main reason here is to talk about Nazi Zombies or what is now known as Zombies in general in Call Of Duty games.Ever since I happily crushed the German Reich in the Soviet Campaign of Call Of Duty:World At War I found that there was a special video after the credits.When I saw the video i didn't know what it meant.But then at the end of the video,the bloody words Nazi Zombies came up.The first thing that came to my mind was only one word.What?.But then i was dropped into a building with only a colt.I then saw a few zombies coming through the barriers so i shot them twice which usually killed an enemy soldier in the campaign.But then when i knifed the zombie.I knew Nazi Zombies would be a game i would enjoy for a long time.
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