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  1. HeadHunter

    Grapple by Stamin-Up

    I think it's because during the easter egg when you have infinite beast mode, you can jump down into the canal by the subway rift entrance with no way of getting back up. You jump down there to shock the gate keepers in the Easter Egg and then you use the hook to get back up.
  2. HeadHunter


    Mob of the Dead was ruined by a YouTube channel that I don't think I can mention on this forum xD that was like the first day, they literally took all the steps out of the files, that was super annoying..
  3. HeadHunter


    Whilst I'm super annoyed about this, what more did you expect? This has happened on pretty much every Easter Egg and it's incredibly annoying, now we just have to wait for DLC where people on PC can't touch it for a month.
  4. HeadHunter

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    It's not really a glitch, more of a spawn exploit. It's actually quite clever, using the spawns to their advantage.
  5. HeadHunter

    Zombie Labs Wave Gun man is Richtofen?

    If you guys remember, Richtofen got a scar under his LEFT eye in Shi No Numa. The guy in real life has a scar under his left eye. Just saying. Also, the poster Richtofen's uniform at the neck looks a lot like the real life guy's uniform at the neck. Again, just saying. -HH

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