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  1. Its good to be back. I have been checking in every 30 min to see when it would be back on lol
  2. Sorry i was offline for a while but this is correct. JFK and Nixon are playable while Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln have photographs on the walls of the MPL/Speed Cola Room. [brains]
  3. If you look around there are paintings of presidents. but who?
  4. What U.S. Presidents can be seen on "Five"?
  5. Sorry, thought you made the one on the left, my bad lol
  6. Close enough. According to the sound files of Moon, the Awful Lawton is his favorite weapon. The Crossbow wasn't on moon so how can that be his favorite gun "ON" moon?
  7. I have a friend that's really good with photoshop but he doesn't have internet right now... here is some stuff he made if you would like to see, His username on here is Itz Winters
  8. Rooker is doing the voice for a friend of David Mason in the campaign.
  9. They say no one is perfect so what have you guys done in zombies that you regret the most or just find plain silly now that you look back at it. I'll start. In Acension on round 1 i went prone and thought I went down because of the Black and White effect of no power. I was yelling at my team to revive me but they said I wasn't down. Then i pressed A and stood up and said "Oh..."
  10. I think this slightly goes beyond stalkerish....lol just messing with you. Congrats i guess? :shock:
  11. I actually like to play all of them, I still have WaW so I'm down for those too. But i would say my top 3 favorite maps and the ones I play the most are Der Riese, Ascension, and Moon
  12. Yeah definitely should meet up. Can't wait for Black Ops 2, even have the II in my Multiplayer emblem lol
  13. Hey everyone. I'm an Xbox 360 player and my gamertag is xGIx Dethstalkr. My favorite genre of games are FPS, Survival Horror, and RPG games. My all time favorite game series is Resident Evil, RE2 being the one I like the most. I'm an average zombie player, highest round I made it to in co-op was 32 on Der Riese which is actually my record on both BO and WaW. Well that's about it i hope i get to know more of some people on this site. (Woot introduction medal )
  14. BOII seems to be getting a lot of hate...1st IW now Anonymous. What's next?
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