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  1. Hello boys and girls. Hope everyone doing well. Anyone know the details to holding 3 ultimate staffs? I was on the BO2 version of it and followed the steps. Picking up the staffs from bottom of the NML holding Sekhmet Vigor didnt work, you would just be trading in your current staff. However, if you place the ultimate staffs in their holds in the crazy place, it works. I was able to hold 3 ultimate staffs. Within a minute, the game glitched and I was back to holding the mauser and 0 points. I tried to pick up the ultimate staffs showing the Sekhmet Vigor and was able to hold 2 staffs, but not the third. Anyone know the exact steps to hold 3 staffs? Thank you in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKVoo0CiQOE
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