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  1. My favorite staff is wind and fire My favorite gun is the gun when you first start the map
  2. It is not broken I know that for a fact because I did it before on solo play in also works if you are not on Xbox live u can do it try it if u Don't believe me TTYL :D:D:D:D:-P=]<3:-S:-/:-]:P
  3. But if you want a high power weapons then that's the kind of gun or fire&wind for me
  4. For some reason everybody Is still stuck on the knife rank or that so now i am going to tell you guy how the rank system works. It all on you kill to downs example: say i have 46,531 divided DOWNS if u need help then add me sh00ttokill34 I got my shotguns rank so let me now I you need help.......
  5. Welcome to the forums scoopwilliams4 :)

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