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  1. This is one of the reasons why I love you so much. Thank you for the fun read, as always and enjoy your brains. I always wondered why the vril-ya haven't been mentioned (or refered to) anymore. Why is the ideology illegal?
  2. Unexpected detailed answer, but a welcome one either way. Was it a tough decision all things concidered? I mean money isn't the most important thing, but it still is important, right? Regardless I am glad you made a decision to make yourself feel better. I don't want you to feel bad all the time. (Sometimes people have to feel bad, but not all the time.) Sorry @The Meh for ruining a 10 pointer.
  3. Apprectiated, as always. You fucking meme lord.
  4. O please. Hope you are doin good.
  5. You should really play this map more. It is my favorite map from the game. And thank you 3arc for the fix.
  6. 1. The One Cause Elena is my one. 2. Nightmare Cause I rather listen to Peppa Pig than ITO. 3. Remember forever I just hate Clarks voice. 4. Mystery Elena could sing me my grocery list and I would love it. I also feel like Mystery is the best BO 4 song. Don't @ me 5. Dead Ended What spider said.
  7. @RadZakpak I've been thinking about messaging you, about exactly this, but didn't want to bother you. Great to see that you decided to do this by yourself. Will post my choices later this week.
  8. Thank you for your intro, I really love reading these and your activity in the forum and on discord is very much appreciated. Keep it up!
  9. Heyo, Nate. How about you tell us your favorite official map ever? Since when are you playing zombies and what is your favorite song from Sherwood? :3 Thank you for joining, if you have any questions, be sure to ask them.
  10. Can't tell if it is a joke or you're serious, but it doesn't really matter, cause I'd welcome it anyway. --- I miss the blue eyes, they looked the best and let us not forget the fire sale jingle from Richtofen was the best.
  11. I played Black Ops 1 for the first time since late '15 and I gotta say this. Even though performance on the step child ps3 version isn't the best to say the least, it is still the best zombies experience. I only started to get bored at round 30. With 3 and 4 that usually happens around the 20 mark these days. I love this game.
  12. Dude that is the point of the game. If you know the answer. etc then just shout, doesn't matter who got the most letters on the board. The more people play, the merrier. M, L please.
  13. Who said training was hard? It just is not viable in these BO IV maps if you ask me. I am just bitter right now, okay, Hunterooo? Let me be effin bitter for a second as well. xP 5 hourish.
  14. Remember Pizza, Nuketown was piss small anyway so making it 4 x larger isn't really gonna do much. Bunch of Goofballs at Treyarch to be honest on every gameplay perspective, if you ask me. What happend to making maps that offered a variety of strategies? Both for camping and running around? That was the fun of it, but this whole shooting a Launcher at the ground business get's old, but when I want to get to half the round you usually get, just by playing my way, I have to plan in the same amount of time. I mean I still had some fun playing this map, but it is nothing like going back and playing the Black Ops 1 maps. I am sad and mad.
  15. Fast Food stores are open on sundays in Germany, for the most part. But normal stores aren't.
  16. Dunno why, but this list makes me hopeful we'll see more of a BO1 type of map. Also: Galvaknuckles.
  17. Gonna go all fancy on you with an X and an S.
  18. It is pretty much the thing that makes people not like the original Nuketown map, so I highly doubt it will be back, but for me personally, I could be a bit sad about that. haha Maybe though the machines will drop in a specific order as opposed to being random, I think that could be a good middle ground.
  19. If Ultimis get's killed off, I'm gonna flip my shit. D:<
  20. Yeah I noticed that yesterday. Fuckin sucks man, cause I don't really like using the Launcher. ^^ Thank you for the video and the write up as usual. Can't wait to see, what you'll do with Alpha Omega. Grats!

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