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Everything posted by Lenne

  1. I giggled. <3 Shadowman winning is the real crime though.
  2. Wasn't "The One" also from the zombies perspective? I personally think this. The map could have been way better if it was released a generation later, but I never felt any hate for it, more for BO II and it's gameplay, but never for the map itself. The Jet Gun freaking sucks, but I never had a problem with Pack a Punch, yes it was tedious, but for me there are definitely worse ways to access the machine. For the Avogardo just use the galvaknuckles and you are golden, if you want to safe time, then head from Bus depot to Town and get to the bank, there are definitely ways, to make this map better when playing it. I always looked at it this way: Tranzit is like 4.5 little maps in one and that is the beauty of it. Hopefully it get's re-released at some point, cause I'd really like to play it again on Hardware that makes it justice.
  3. Mainly talking from a gameplay perspective and I have never camped in BO 4 zombies. 1. Dead of the Night If somebody would have told me back in the day, that I'd enjoy a celebrity cast map the most out of all the maps on a Treyarch game, I'd disregarded them for probably not having a well functioning spleen, but here we are. I like the setting, the mini boss and the look of the map. Training in the greenhouse is definitely the most fun I had in this game. :) Two things that bother me though are the Pack a Punch set up and the characters. 2. IX The chaos maps are so much fun to play with, cause there are pretty much always more than just regular zombies on your tail and I think this setting really fits the gameplay. 3. Classified Ultimis crew, Five with 3 more rooms/areas, and great story related information. What is not to love about that? 4. Blood of the Dead Sadly the last time I played this map there were still blue screens/crashes happening and I think the Magma gat was still working (luckily) haha so I haven't played it in for ever and probably before a bunch of patches. During that time I really enjoyed this map and went beyond 50 a bunch of times, while training in new industries. The setting is also really cool. 5. Voyage of Despair Enjoyed this one at launch as well, but haven't played it too much ever since. It is just a bit hard to navigate. 6. Ancient Evil Fun setting, fun mini boss, but I haven't played it nearly enough to form a proper judgement. 7. Alpha Omega I was really dissappointed with this one. I would have rather had a copy and paste NTZ. haha 8. Tag der Toten (Haven't played this map aside from taking a quick peak, so I will edit this post, when I feel like playing some zombies again. :) )
  4. Thanks for both of your replies. :) After my meet up with said friend, in which I didn't wear headphones, I decided to try it out in my own little town a while after, but truth be told: I wasn't enjoying it, cause it did feel like the people around here were watching me even more than usual, which I know it probably wasn't really the case, but it still felt like it. So I rather just walk around with earbuds. But hey, at least I tried it out. I'll try my best though in the future to switch that feeling off and/or to not care when people are actually laying their eyes on me. I don't have the slightest clue how to do that yet or even how to see the difference, but I hope I will figure it out. <3
  5. 1. Doctor Groph Coin flip 2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) I wanna give primis some recognition as well, cause Takeo is definitely the best primis character for me personally. :) 3. Marlton Johnson You know what is weird, I certainly feel for the Mob crew in general, but as characters on their own I don't really like them. 4. Doctor Maxis (Dimension 63) Beard wins everything 5. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) Ultimis > 6. Russman Russman cause @Slade . ;_;
  6. Friedrich Steiner. Nice one. :)
  7. I would function even less than I already do without music. Any reason why?
  8. A, please. BTW: I am impressed you still know the words. :)
  9. This made me giggle. ^^ Nice write up. You know, I gave the Tranzit crew a lot of shit back in the day, because I wasn't ready to let Ultimis go, but looking back at it, they were pretty good.
  10. You are my man. Should I flip a coin, when I don't really know two characters enough, to make a proper judgement?
  11. Misty, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . .
  12. Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions be sure to direct them to any of the staff. (Green/Red nametag) What is your favorite map, if I may ask?
  13. <3 The original Black Ops is where it is at, at least gameplay wise. :P Thank you for properly introducing yourself, I always enjoy reading these posts. Rocking the cyan robes like a champ. You probably don't have any, but I am going to write it anyway: If you have any questions, be sure to ask us.
  14. Are you drunk or am I drunk? Cause that post aint making any sense to me. ^^
  15. Growing up with Zombies... literally. That must be amazing. haha Thank you for sharing.
  16. Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Greetings everyone. Boomy, being the bright and fast thinking meme lord of CoDz, decided recently that it was time to award some new folks with the thunderous (hint hint) colour of the Hall of Fame from CoDz. So after days and nights of thinking and battles til death we first and foremost decided to give our friends @DeathBringerZen and @GRILL the honour not only for their great contributions as staff members, but also because they always were a big part of this cosy little community. I can not express enough gratitude towards both of you. Without the Grillmeister, I'd probably would not be on this site for longer than that one discussion way back in the day, back when he roamed the halls of CoDz you could always count on him being anywhere, from the zombies talk, the original Podcast der Toten, forum games and of course the community section, always willing to give advice, help out, discuss and theorize. DBZ was also very much appreciated, cause he never seeked to sugar coat, while also being a Gentleman. Very interested in the gameplay side of things, which I personally always admire with members on here and humble, I mean back when he became a mod, he didn't even want the green nametag, but it was given to him anyway. Not to mention he contacted me about giving yours truly the moderator role, it was a glorious internet day. haha I sincerly hope, Fortnite will let it's grip on you go and the next Treyarch CoD will be great again, so you and Grill can return if you like. Because even though you aren't green any longer, the door will always be open for you to return. But wait... there is more: There is a third member who we would like to recognize, who has been an active member for more than 7 years now. Starting off as a quirky wonderweapon concept speciallist and starting a tag team with me, then with time becoming a great and valuable community member with focus on the off topic section and now writing compelling theories. (That is some great character developement.) Congratulations to the chicken sandwich, electric staff and CoDz loving: @Electric Jesus. My friend, finally you have a colour that fits your name and personality. The times we talked on here and on the console, I will always hold in a special place of my heart. Thank you to all three of you, I think it is fair to say, this site would not be the same without the three of you. Much L.O.V.E from the whole staff team. <3
  17. 1. Samantha Maxis If I had to sum up all of Aether in one character to a stranger, I'd probably pick her. I dunno, if the person I mention her to, would actually be inclined to play the mode then, but I feel like it is fitting. 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis) Ultimis > everything else 3. "Misty" Briarton So, you know back when CoDz had a chat I once told the folks, hey Misty aint that bad, which I still stand by. I think she is a fun and quirky character, but I also said, how I liked her for the gloves she is wearing, cause I thought they looked nice and it became a running gag, initiated by good old Tasha. Cause you know... boobs... 4. Doctor Maxis (Original Timeline) His beard is glorious (Though I don't know if the OG TImeline version has a beard as well, if not then pay no attention to the first reason.) and also he has been with us since the beginning 5. Pablo Marinus You know, this is a stupid reason, but I laugh everytime at the end of the Easter Egg, cause the way he talks and properly introduces himself while being teleported away is comical. 6. Samuel Stuhlinger I feel indifferent to Dr. Monty and Stu has that nostalgia bonus. For the most part stupid and shallow reasons, but that is what you get with me. :P
  18. The moon line gave me shivers. Nice one!
  19. I hope it will be something completely new story line wise, maybe even gameplay wise. Welcome to the site. :)
  20. Nice one Pizza, I will miss you once, you have done the round 100 on VoD. ^^ I assume you enjoy this map the most out of all the BO 4 maps?
  21. I loved it. It kinda has this simmetry for me at least. The mode started subtle with a small map and so did the story with Verrückt or Nacht, since the zombies already yelled "SAM" in Nacht, right? But with Verrückt the theorizing really started out. But of course the gameplay was simple (and clean (High Five @InfestLithium)) as well and I see the simmetry both from a gameplay perspective, cause TdT seems to be more on the easy side in regards to the optional buildables etc. at least from what I read so far from good ol Pizza and of course the story as well. Hunterooo and other mentiond how with Alpha Omega Treyarch went back to the more conspiracy heavy stuff which was the fuel for WaW til BO II. Now the very end where Nikolai basically commited suicide in order to secure a better tomorrow is in my opinion exactly the ending this mode needed. Suicide is in my opinion the most "solitary way" to go. It feels like nobody is there and you are all on your own. With your own life, your own thoughts, your own time in which you have to reflect. Even when you, like Nikolai, kill yourself and you are sorrounded by people you love, you still feel this insane amount of loneliness. I mean, yes he killed the other dudes, but I like to imagine that they were still with him. I don't know if something like an afterlife or heaven or anything similar to that exists, but if it really does, at least in the storyline Treyarch has created, then I will bet my spleen the other 7 of our beloved crew were still with him, but I digress. Point is, suicide can be quiet and it is most of the time, it is not like people who kill themselves run around a day or week before telling everyone that they will do it. I mean those people exist, but Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel. Call of Duty Zombies left the industry just as it entered and I love that. Rest in Peace, my friends. P.S. I swear to god if this is not the end, I will be so mad.

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