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  1. Heyo, welcome to the site. Truth be told I have some problems with BO4 zombies as well, but I still love the mode. Just a bit burned out on it as well, I think. Regardless the little community we've had on here I care for a lot. So don't expect any shallow hating around these parts. What was your favorite game of the zombies franchise so far if I may ask? If you have any questions be sure to ask them in here or via pm or other methods, but please don't show up at my door. Hopefully you'll be posting a bunch and enjoy your stay.
  2. It really was just part of it. Can't believe my gut doesn't lie to me for once. haha
  3. I hope it will come back to bite them. I can not for the life of me think of a positive ending for these characters and especially not, when you consider all the context from the mode itself and the situation Treyarch is in, but we'll see.
  4. Thanks for doing this RZP, do you have any ideas for future brackets?
  5. Yes we did. Nice that you remember that. Yeah it is bittersweet, but what can you do. All good things must come to an end, right? Do you still play? Definitely not many. A lot of them moved on from the game. Good old Chopper visited a few days back, I bet you remember him. I mean a lot of things change in 10 years, so it is no surprise that priorities change as well. It's a bummer, but we are still holding the fort.
  6. Welcome to the site and thank your for this fun post. I especially like the "The Creeper" idea and the fact that the EE song is a Tool song. Would love to know how the Creeper fits into the story. If you have any questions regarding the site, then don't hesitate to ask.
  7. Turns out the whole Aether story was just a bed time story for three brothers called Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo, which was told by their crazy grandpa: Monty.
  8. The One Pareidolia I am disappointed in all of you.
  9. Lenne

    Formula 1

    These last 8 races (minus France) were good to pretty fucking sick. Leclerc is just insane at this point. Though I am torn on the whole "Verstappen driving style" he has adopted after Austria, but hey, he get's it done. Regardless 7 sick races in the last 3 months. Thoughts, @Matuzz ?
  10. For me personally it would be kinda dissapointing if this is really the whole intro. I personally despise cutscenes in zombies, but if they really have to include them, then might as well do it comic book style. What I don't get though: They gave BotD a normal cutscene, but the dlc (Aether) maps get these. Okay I actually do get it, it is probably because these are easier to make, but still the inconcistency is driving me nuts.
  11. A Light in the Darkness Hello everyone, Treyarch uploaded a teaser video for the new DLC4 map "A Light in the Darkness". Going out on a limb here and say, this confirms CotD remake actually being the map. The map will release on the 23rd on PS4 as Treyarch tweeted out and then on the 30th for Xbox One and PC.
  12. NL just won against Deutschland- isn't that enough to summon the all mighty @Slade ?
  13. It's gettin hot in here.
  14. This is not just a problem in zombies, but also games in general. Way too much handholding and second chances it is silly beyond believe, if you ask me. Maybe way back in the day, when the internet wasn't even properly around or just a baby, I would have gotten it, why devs want some handholding in their games, but now? Strategies, Class set ups etc. all these things are easily accessible and on top of that the games get insanely easier from year to year. The most recent Fifa (19) for example, my little 3 year old nephew could last a whole half time without conceding a goal, in an online match. It was the first time he played that game, or better said he watched it while the game did most of the stuff for him. There are so many other examples, and with story driven games I kinda get it, but with these competetive games, I don't. Ugh... Back on topic though: I expect you to revisit the WaW maps once you get a chance to play them on WaW, especially Verrückt. Thank you for the read, Rad. Looling forward to the next ones. :- )
  15. Even though I stopped bothering with the story after BO II I gotta say this pic makes me feel things:
  16. Great thread idea, but I dunno if BO2 is managable for me at this point. (PS3 lag) I will definitely keep an eye out on this topic.
  17. If that is the case, you will keep the cyan colors forever. I mean, I like CotD a lot and yet another appearance of Der Riese, would be a sick joke, but I could see it happen, now that you mention it. As far as I know there seem to be a lot of things pointing towards CotD though. But maybe that is just to get us on the wrong track and actually surprise us. Only time (travel) will tell.
  18. Been listening this past week to: Yeezus from Kanye West NFR from one of my queens: Lana Del Rey Metals from Feist. Right now I am listening to Sleep well Beast from The National and in the coming days I will give the new Tool album some listens. SO, MUCH. MUSIC.
  19. U as in "U are one of the best."
  20. Congrats @ZombiesAteMyPizza! for winning the cyan robes. Gotta respect the dedication this guy has for this game, his videos, the community and of course this very forum. Always is willing to help folks out and participates in discussion when he is able to. Fun fact that one time I asked him about the best way to kill the Panzer Soldat on Der Eisendrache and he replied to me with how to do it and put up a video on his Youtube to demonstrate. It may not be a 500 + words post about a theory for the story, but it showcases what a great guy he is. I also love how he is a strategist and gameplay fanatic and won it. Great stuff. Keep an Eye out for his VoD 100 rounds post which will probably be coming in the near future and I can't wait to see what you will do in the future beyoned that. Thank you very much Pizza for being on here and thank you to everyone else on the list. Next month will be a big one as well, if 3arc will release the DLC4 map. Hopefully we will see some more quality stuff from all of you. You are all wunderbar.
  21. No biggie. W, L please
  22. 1. Pareidolia - My favorite song out of the ones that are left and second favorite one in general. Not only because it is a great song, but it also comes from one of my top 3 favorite maps. 2. 115

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