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  1. Ammo. The V-Troll just runs through ammo, and the un-PAP'd ray gun just can't handle 1-shot kills at 30
  2. How, exactly? I'm kinda new to this medal stuff.
  3. However, in this special game, I made it to round 33, just by camping in the hallway near Jugg. The stats are below.
  4. So, to alleviate the stress of the DLC's, I would like to host a silly quote thread. Just put a funny quote in the comments, and let the fun begin!
  5. "Visout ammo, I must resort to... Schtabbing! Aha!"

  6. Well, what we wanted was a moon remake, so R.I.P. that, so do we get a Giant-style Shi No Numa remake? Or more of a feudal Japan map? I say this because Blundell said that it was a "time traveling zombies odyssey". Where're we goin' next?
  7. Hello, hola, bonjour, guten tag, ni-how, my name is Cap1945. I am really all around the site, doing, really, whatever. I have plenty of great ideas or maps (one's already there, it's in Zombie Labs), and a, apparently, strange grasp of the story. But, eh. Who cares? As long as you like it, I'm pk. So, that's me. If you want to see me do something, just ask!
  8. Happy New year to all! I might not be out cold, asleep, but I'm here!


  9. HOO-LEE BALLS! That is a big quiz! I really am going lowball for this timeline, just trying my best to make a simple explanation for the common player. I will try to do better with this, expand it and all, but I just wanted to say why I put this up. I hope you understand!
  10. So, from WaW to Black Ops 2, the universe is what I call Earth-1. Now, Origins is special. It begins the saga of our heroes in Earth-2. At the end of the Origins Easter Egg, Samantha teleports our heroes to the Giant. However, she brings Richtofen to Shadows of Evil to get the Summoning key. He gets it, then goes through the portal to the teleporter in the Giant. Then stuff happens, he shoots his older self, possibly to correct his past and set right his future. Now, this could be seen as a bunch of hogwash, but two quotes can back me up. The first is from Nero, the Magician, saying "This is a strange phenomena, other universes, other dimensions, bleeding into our own." That really shows that there are other universes, and maybe that the zombies came from Earth-1. The second quote from Richtofen, says that "The beacon must be built!" That is in reference to Dr. Maxis finding the characters. So? What do you think? Legit? Bullsh*t? Reply!
  11. Hang on. If we are talking about universes, I got it. WAW-BOII exists on what I call Earth-1. Now, Origins is special. It starts the saga of our heroes on Earth-2. At the end of Origins, Samantha teleports our heroes minus Richy to the Giant. She teleports Richy to Shadows to get the Summoning Key, as seen in the Easter Egg cutscene. Now, the portal that he runs through takes him to the teleporter in the Giant. The oping cutscene happens, Richy shoots himself, signifying his plan to use the Key and other devices to set his past and future right. BOOM!
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