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  1. Cap1945

    The Rise of the Cipher Squad

    Damn right, we are the ruling class of the forum. You want in?
  2. Cap1945

    Is This the TranZit of BO3 to You?

    That assumption that SOE is bad is bullshite. It introduced us to all the new features like gobblegums, wall running, hell, even the Margwas were a challenge, but not impossible. SOE is a very serviceable map. 'Nuff said.
  3. I am looking to put together a crack squad of decoders to break any ciphers Blundell and co. might throw at us. I need anyone who can decode, decrypt, hell, anyone who likes this stuff. All are permitted, so wecome to the Cypher Squad!
  4. Cap1945

    Million dollars, But...

    You get a million dollars, but you get it in cash, and each and every bill has Donald Trump's stupid face glaring at you and saying "Yer foired!" (Pardon the NY accent. It's hard to type)
  5. Cap1945

    You're Banned!

    You are banned for not being on "Team Cap"
  6. "Visout ammo, I must resort to... Schtabbing! Aha!"

  7. Cap1945

    New DLC

    Well, what we wanted was a moon remake, so R.I.P. that, so do we get a Giant-style Shi No Numa remake? Or more of a feudal Japan map? I say this because Blundell said that it was a "time traveling zombies odyssey". Where're we goin' next?
  8. Happy New year to all! I might not be out cold, asleep, but I'm here!


  9. Someone here has to have heard Hamilton.


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