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Everything posted by MegaAfroMan

  1. what makes you believe they aren't good? Besides, as long as you are at least the same level as the playlist, it doesn't matter if you communicate really. The standard strikes in the playlists aren't all that difficult if you remember to find and hold good cover, and always have an idea where to run if you get swarmed. Only the nightfall and raid require communication. The weekly strike kind of does, only because the system forces you to manually find teammates.
  2. Other than the weekly, the raid, and any other unique strikes, I thought the system automatically paired you with people.
  3. I hope they issue the range changes to auto rifles soon. Right now there is no practical point to scout rifles, and barely any point (especially in PvP) to pulse rifles. Just about to level up Red Death to actually enable Red Death, and finished my exotic bounty to get the Invective. That thing just looks awesome. It's a bummer knowing it'll be a weeks worth of bounties before I can actually enable the ammo regeneration though. Invective will definitely be my exotic of choice in PvP (I like to use blink as a voidwalker, so close range makes more sense to focus on). In PvE though I feel like I'll be doing a lot of switching back and forth.
  4. Just got my first Exotic Bounty. On oath with friends I decided to not look up what each choice offered. So I took A Dubious Task, over Light in the Dark, and Tolands Legacy. I hope I'm happy with the result. 4 More strikes without dying to go. Then step 2 begins. (Please don't spoil it for me yet which Exotic I'm getting. This is exciting. )
  5. DBZ, I'm also looking for raid partners. I've got one gaming partner for destiny already. We're both mid 26, full legendary gear with exotics (he only has a helmet, I have helmet and pulse rifle). I play Sunsinger, he plays Defender. If anyone else on here also plays this on 360, they should speak up.
  6. Careful EJ, they can smell it everytime you type **** please report this topic, post ****. Even if it gets censored out here, they can still smell it on you.
  7. The cave at most gives dedicated farmers a play for reliable green, and semi reliable blue engrams. However, if I understood the patch notes properly for the 1.0.2 patch rolling out this week, farming will lose a lot of need as they are making adjustments to the cryptarch and engram system. Engrams will no longer decrypt to be of lower value than the color of the engram. Blue engrams will have a higher chance of decrypting into a legendary. Rare and Legendary engrams will be added to th activity rewards for the Daily Heroic Story, The Weekly Strike, and The Vanguard Tiger Strike playlist. It didn't mention how frequently those engrams would appear as rewards, but it does mean that replaying the weekly strike or daily story, or the tiger playlist will give you a much higher chance for legendary and rare engrams as a completion reward, along with whatever engrams you get during the mission. Alsok don't save engrams waiting for this update. All encrypted legendary engrams will be demoted to rare if they haven't been decrypted when the update rolls out, and the encryption odds only apply to engrams found after the update. I'm trying to imagine what the world would be like if this had been in place since launch... I'd have so many more legendaries. I think I've had some 12-20 legendary engrams and only 2 actually became legendaries. Both are heavy weapons too. Different rant: I'm worried about the longevity of this game. It's only been about a month since launch, and I've already maxed out half of the 6 subclasses. My warlock is level 26, and I can only increase by upgrading armor, no longer just by replacement. Is that really all that is left until the first expansion? I hope with the updates they continue to introduce new missions, raids, and gamemodes.
  8. People found a new 'cave' almost immediately after. However I've noticed that many people don't know about it. I don't like using it personally, but sometimes, it really is the only option if you're stuck at those mid 20s when you're just kind of waiting for legendaries. The primary problem is the fact that the drops and decryption process is kind of awful. I find it very clunky, and unrewarding. I don't get excited about legendary engrams because I know that they're probably just blue things. I mean the only other game that I've played that has a loot drop system is Diablo 3, and although it's a slightly different style of game, the loot drops in Diablo 3 excite me. Legendaries explode onto the ground with obnoxious noises and giant freakin orange laser beams. In Destiny, a purple D20 just kind of flops around. It's too rare, and it too often turns out to be a lie anyways. I think if they added loot drop percents to the difficulties for replaying missions it could make things much nicer. For example any "Hard" difficulty will drop double the engrams, or only drop blues and higher. Then increased legendaries for 'very hard' or something. Or they need a new 'horde' game mode where you plop in a room with constant spawns of thralls and acolytes and such. Then people can have their high drop rates, but Bungie can focus on designing the rooms so that motionless camping is more difficult. It could be like the farming method using the Dark Beyond story mission, where you constantly respawn right as you first open the temple of Crota and get rushed by some 15 thrall. Too quick and too many to kill without moving.
  9. My connection to Destiny is pretty decent still. Hasn't changed since the update. I usually only get disconnected once every other day or so. Is it just me, or are Xurs items somewhat disappointing this week? I mean the exotic helmet I can buy only really has a health regen with super activation. I'm not sure if I want to buy anything or just save up for next week.
  10. Rare, Legendary, and Exotic armor will have a value for +Light. Maybe not quite every rare, but you'll see it soon enough. Basically your level past 20 is dependent on your armor that you are wearing. Each piece, except class specific, can have a +Light stat, along with the normal stats for Intellect, Discipline, and Strength. You need to hit preset totals of +Light to make each level. Oh, and it stays with the armor. If any of those characters who were level 26 or so decided to buy a full set of normal white gear from the cryptarch, they'd downgrade back to level 20 as well.
  11. I know what Intellect, Discipline and Strength do. I mean more exactly how does 2+ agility help me, and how much of that little bar is 2+ anyways? I was refering more to Damage, Defense, Armor, Agility, and Recovery. You get rough ideas, but do I really move faster with max agility compared to 2/3rds or 1/3rd? Or is the difference miniscule?
  12. As of right now, to the best of my knowledge anyways, all the gamemodes in the Crucible all equalize players. So that level fives can still get kills against level 20s. So that weapons at the very least, barely make a difference damage wise. Ie a level 8 shotgun will kill just about as fast as a level 18 shotgun in the crucible. I was inquiring whether a mode that fully took armor and true weapon damage into account would be appearing.
  13. You see I have mized emotions on that idea. It's cool sometimes, but there are somethings that probably should be explained. I mean, the zombie ranking system is an excellent example of where not explaining something was a terrible idea, however the EE steps not being written out for us on the first attempt is an excellent example of where not explaining something was a great idea. With Destiny, I wish the tangible effects of the attributes and damage/armor numbers were explained a little more. Likewise I'd like to know more about exactly how the level up and xp system works, as well as whether any benefits exist from cranking up the difficulty, or if it would be stupid not to repeatedly slughter level 3 enemies in Russia all day. I wish they explained the reward system for the Crucible. It is seemingly completely random, and I'd just like that to ge absolutely confirmed. Likewise why sometimes after I leave matchmaking, it tells me I get things that I know I didn't see in the awards. I think mostly everything else is kind of self explanatory. So what is everyone's classes and favorites? Does anyone have an opinion on which class is the best for PvP and/or PvE? Is it true that there will be a PvP mode in the future where no one is buffed/nerfed? One of my friends keeps claiming that. Right now I primarily play a Warlock, I completed voidwalker, and am about halfway through sunsinger. I also have a hunter who I started as a bladedancer and I'm maybe a third through that tree. So far it seems like Blade Dancers are ridiculous in PvP. If you can aim well and are moderately good. Although I'd like to shout of for the Sunsinger, as it always seems to surprise people, between hovering mid air, blasting them backwards with melee, and lighting on fire and becoming a semi-invicible grenade machine people never know quite what to expect. Especially sprint charging Titans. Using either the Fire Sheild or the extra resistance while the super is active you can survive a sprint charge and I've never had a quick reaction from the Titan after they failed to kill me. They must be so used to it one hit killing everyone they just don't have a reflex for failure. PvE I've really only used the Sunsinger and Voidwalker and of course the Sunsinger wins, with the ability to self revive during difficult strikes.
  14. The class specific armor piece is so stupid. Couldn't they have found some other way to affiliate with a group, or just add visual flair? Those are the only two points (that I know of) for that armor slot. I don't think class specifics ever provide any actual stat or boost.
  15. So I just beat the campaign... I think... but anyways I think I can sum up the entire experience nicely: "Well I could tell you about this (insert awesome sounding lore here), but I won't." The whole story feels like jumping into zombies with Buried being your first and only map, or starting the Harry Potter series at book seven. It just has so much unexplained background stuff that really shouldn't have been hard to explain. The gameplay is excellent, if not a little empty, but I'm actually somewhat disappointed in Bungie for that half finished, empty, almost-campaign.
  16. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy adaptation, the Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation, and the Eragon adaption were all awful, especially in terms of accuracy, but even as films they were mediocre at best. Don't forget about The Last Airbender, while not a book adaptation, it was a terrible film derived from some other form of media.
  17. So far, I'm floating around the enthused side of neutral with this game. I just hit level 10, and the campaign gameplay is become much more interesting, with multiple upgrade options, and good enough weapons/gear to slaughter basic enemies, and still be challenged by bosses. The PvP however seemed really bland to me. However I think it'd be more enjoyable after the level cap, or at least at a higher level because right now I just get decimated by people who are level 20 and above.
  18. I like to call gamestop and pre-order sandwiches. It helps when you know everyone who works there.
  19. Got to my first day of classes, and found out my Astronomy Professor who had helped me submit research proposals to NASA for amateur use of the Hubble passed away about a week ago...

    1. GRILL


      sorry mega. it's always tragic to lose a mentor. at least he helped you with those research proposals...

    2. MegaAfroMan


      They didn't get accepted, but it was very nice of him to do so. Between that, him sharing with me some looks at his current research, and my work through Astronomy Club I got to know him pretty well.

    3. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      Sorry for your lost sir.

  20. @, forgive me for not believing you to be the pinnacle unbiased witness here. I read the entirety of the thread which was relevant to him sniping at Speedo Monkey. He should not have done so. There are certain expectations that come with staff status. Professional attitude is one of them. Just because 'Al' doesn't want to abide by said expectations, doesn't make them any less prevalent. EDIT: I default at respect for individuals. However I lose respect for those who don't respect others. I think the header image is absolutely epic.
  21. He sniped at another user. He should have been better than that. He is staff. @GRILL I suppose that can be understood. I don't know if close is accurate, but I have immense respect for him and his work. EDIT: I've always like the color scheme of this website.
  22. @ since when is sharing my disagreement with an opinion in a DISCUSSION thread one day, (consistent of about 5-10 posts from me) 'complaining about everything'? I like the forum structure. I think things have been going well as far as spam prevention. I like the donation progress bar. Those aren't relevant to me disagreeing with the need for an 'adult content' section on CoDz, or disagreeing with the capacity of our staff to moderate such a forum. Would it make everyone happy if I threw out a random unrelated compliment with every post as well? Undad, you make the prettiest pictures of the RP characters that i have seen.
  23. Has effort been made to contact MMX about his removal of the Trilogy? I recall you just shortly ago telling me that sometimes people make mistakes and to not hold it against them. I know he is going to return because I have contacted him. Because of that fact alone, I cannot see him completely refusing to even discuss cooperation. But in short, it's complicated. Ideally no, I suppose not, but I would have given it more than 10 minutes after he 'left' before I decided to give up on it and unsticky it. Also, it's entertaining how cluttered the stickied sections of some forums are, with posts that shouldn't be stickied, or just aren't relevant anymore, and yet THIS post, perhaps THE post of CoDz was unstickied almost immediately after a falling-out occured.
  24. From what I gathered after talking to him, he'll probably return when new zombies info starts appearing. Until then he just doesn't want to be much involved in the off-topic discussions. Also, he didn't remove zombie trilogy. He couldn't. Normal users cannot delete posts unless there are no comments on it, and normal users cannot unsticky threads. So if zombie trilogy or any of his other threads are missing or unstickied, that is due to a staff member, not MMX.

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