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  1. Just wondering if you guys think that the map will be exclusive to the special editions, or avalible at a later date. I do t remember seeing the word exclusive anywhere in regards to "The Giant", just that it is a "bonus" map. I am assuming it will be like Nuketown Zombies. Chime in if you know otherwise.
  2. I thought that to went to Facebook checked all the nikolai belenski pages fond nothing official also checked all people :cry:
  3. I think it's a great idea, just not on ascension. As mr waffles states there are to many strategies that keep u goin forever. Yet, on der ries or kino I'd certainly be up for it.
  4. Dome castle and subpens, but u don't play as black ops or spetznaz, instead play as Wafen ss or Marine Raiders and imperial army. Sgt. Roebuck FTW! :D
  5. Great idea I'll try that with some buds later :mrgreen:
  6. Duke Nukem Chuck Norris Snake Plisken ( from Escape from NY) The guy from Walking Dead(the Sherif)
  7. The ray gun thing happened to me before don't know y, as for quick revive if used three times it disappears on solo, hope I helped :mrgreen:
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