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  1. Oh okay, thank you. Sorry, I haven't actually checked the Die Rise forum in about a year. Sorry about that.
  2. Many of them yes. Contact DragonGJY. He was our resident Chinese translator. If you do find the thread, mind posting a link to it? I'd like to check it out again.
  3. Hey everyone, I made a video about Cthulhu if anyone wants to take a look.



  4. Group 601? Wasn't that like really obscure? Do we know anything about it besides the rare references to the name or logo?
  5. This rustled me at first, but I don't think it's that big of a deal in the end. The campaign originally was related to the story of Zombies. We've diverged by this point, sure, but in the campaign timeline (from 1940 to 2060) Der Riese is literally mentioned in some of the Intel. So a Group 935 logo, while certainly a rare find, isn't out of place in the campaign. Honestly it's just surprising that by the 2060's that that paper still exists. Anyway, that's my interpretation of its significance.
  6. Aw thank you! Yeah, it made me upset that they did what they did. But, if it is any consolation, I am currently planning to do another one in a year or so with Black Ops III. I don't want to make guarantees, but really, it'd be awful for me to NOT do it… I learned a lot of things making the old one, so I believe that a newer one would be much better in terms of quality (you know, with actual moving pictures and stuff). I appreciate the mention shirtless service! Good luck in your ventures!
  7. These threads are nice, Pinnaz, for someone like me who likes to just see the info without the theatrics. However, I have a question. Where does the game or promotional material say what Nero's last name is? I get the whole inspiration thing, but I just haven't seen any source that says the character's last name is that. Oh, also, know where I might find some info on when the level takes place? It'd just be nice to know.
  8. I used the terminology from the Maxis radio, with realms / timelines / planes of existence being the differentiators within one universe. So 4 and 5 are different… whatever-you-want-to-call-thems. Now I know recently people are saying the plane Icarus is in both maps, but that wasn't something I had seen upon writing this. Although, the idea that Maxis was the one who caused Samantha's temporal displacement does make a shocking amount of sense. I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks! Richtofen travels from SoE to the Giant after obtaining the realm-hopping-orb-device, so that would lead me to believe they were not the same realm. As for where I put Origins, I suppose it might've been better if I had put Origins->SoE and Origins->Giant, since they both seem to have had Origins events in their past. However, the version of Origins prior to the Giant likely wasn't the same Origins we experienced, because it is in a different realm. (Big support here in the form of a WWII Maxis, not a WWI Maxis.) Well, the Crazy Place is definitely separated from the others. (The thing is a baby realm really.) However, it is possible that Aether, Agartha, and Malum are all the same place. Historically, they wouldn't be considered the same place. But with everything in the storyline being shaken up, it could end up being a situation where a single truth goes by many names, kinda like the devil in Mob of the Dead. I'm hesitating to make a call on that yet. However, if it is true, then that means the ending of Nightmares gives us more information about the residents of this realm than anywhere else, as Dolos lists off a bunch of the other deities that live there.
  9. So after thinking on it and researching it a bit, I've finally compiled my thoughts on the new game. I made a video on it, but I've also written out the script all nice and neat so that I could post it here and perhaps discuss with other people their thoughts on the game. Don't take me for a fool though, for my opinions are not wholly positive or negative. (WARNING: Spoilers for pretty much everything) I’m going to talk storyline analysis, and then I’ll wrap it up at the end with my opinions. Some members of Treyarch stated in an interview that Call of Duty nows runs on a unified .exe program. Essentially this means the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies all run on the same engine now. This is good news because now zombies have literally infested every game mode now, but it is bad news for anyone who was ever hoping for a standalone zombie game. Likely never going to happen now. Black Ops III came with one zombie level, Shadows of Evil, along with the DLC, The Giant. Both of these maps take place in alternate universes, because Zombies is now officially a full-fledged multidimensional series, like so many other video game series out there. I really wish I had a screenshot of it, but on my old storyline video, many of you asked what I thought the new maps would be like. I answered “an alternate timeline version of Der Riese”. I can hardly believe I was right. Now I’m not going to list out every radio found in the new game, but there’s one important one to letting you know for sure that Zombies is multidimensional. Here it is. “To any survivors of this realm, I am truly sorry. I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, but I cannot. It is my hope that I can rid the universe of the evil that has plagued us for so long, but in my heart I know that many more dimensions will be lost forever, as we continue our journey towards peace. Forgive me.” From the man himself, we know that Zombies is multidimensional, and this radio gives us the terminology. There is one universe that we are trying to save, but within it are infinite dimensions, a.k.a. realms, timelines, or planes of existence. Note that many phrases Maxis uses here are the same ones he used back in Black Ops II. In fact, “to any survivors of this realm” is one of the ways Maxis greeted the survivors in TranZit. In fact, when triggering the Fly Trap in the Giant, Maxis quotes what Samantha said at the exact moment in Der Riese. He quotes something said in an alternate timeline! The Maxis that is in control in the Giant, might not be from that timeline at all. This Maxis might be the Maxis from Buried. Remember that time Maxis destroyed a world so that he may move to another? Welcome home! The only question is what happened to Maxis and his daughter in the Giant’s timeline. They could’ve been sent anywhere from that teleporter in time and space and may simply not be relevant anymore. Maxis does have many radios about the children being safe, so perhaps he secured Samantha, and perhaps Eddy?, elsewhere, we have yet to find. Origins is now also explained clearly now. The events from Nacht der Untoten to Buried can be seen as one complicated arc, one timeline. The events of Origins are an alternate timeline with its own version of events. The Giant is another timeline. At the end of Origins, it turns out the four heroes didn’t cease to exist but became transient beings, kinda like the Luteces from BioShock. How exactly this is supposed to work is yet to be seen. Some timelines it seems are incredibly identical, like with Der Riese and the Giant. However, some are really, really not, like Shadows of Evil. Shadows of Evil seems to be an attempt by Treyarch to create something thematically separate from their usual work. Why is the Shadowman in control of the zombies? Why are there rituals? Lovecraftian monsters? Because it is an alternate realm. The Ancient Order of the Gatekeepers seem to be descendants of beings from Agartha, much like the Agarthan zombies from Origins. From the radios in Shadows of Evil, an investigator reveals his employer, a Mr. Rapt, is acting shady. He may very well be the identity, or alias, of the Shadowman. This realm is heavily inspired by horror fiction writer, H. P. Lovecraft. The gist of the story of Shadows of Evil is that the Shadowman, an entity of evil, took an interest to the four criminals and set them up to fight zombies as a challenge. By doing the easter egg, you’re able to defeat him and get the Summoning Key, whilst channeling a lot of energy into it. Then, Richtofen, the one from WWI, arrives to take it. This is presumably how the four heroes are able to hop from alternate realm to alternate realm. There’s also the Campaign story in Black Ops III, which, honestly, I found to be somewhat more interesting than Zombies this time around. Treyarch’s Campaigns all represent one realm up to this point: Reznov and whatnot in World at War; Mason and stuff in Black Ops; Menendez and drones in Black Ops II; and now Taylor and cybernetics in Black Ops III. In the Campaign, secret experiments with Nova-6 and some other chemicals on cybernetic patients leads to the creation of Corvus, an AI angry from decades of torture by America. One of the missions, Demon Within, has you go inside Hall’s mind through her data chip. From within you see a village in France during World War II. This area is reused for the Multiplayer level Infection. In this village are scattered Zombies memorabilia, like the boxer’s gloves for example. Furthermore, there’s been conjecture lately that this might be where Samantha and Maxis once lived. Did I mention that you have to fight zombies here to progress? Not only is Infection a virtual simulation, but so is the latest Nuk3town. I suppose it was a military training simulation… where the mannequins were apparently given the enemy programming of soldiers, zombies, and weeping angels? Black Ops III came with a Nightmares mode that follows an alternate timeline, where the Nova-6 was paired with 115 instead. The ruler of the zombies in this realm was instead a deity called Deimos, from the realm Malum. He and his sister, Dolos, are based loosely on Greek gods. Deimos claims to have seen all realities, including the one with the AI, Corvus, as well as ones completely foreign, without Earth, even. At the end, Dolos possesses the player, and they kill Deimos. Now, the current motivation for Richtofen, Maxis, Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo is stop an ancient evil by ensuring events go a certain way. They’re trying repeatedly, no matter how many Richtofens or realms they have to kill. It seems that their plan is to intervene in history to create one timeline where the evil is destroyed. But who is the ancient evil? Is the devil? The Shadowman? Deimos? Dolos? I think that the devil, Shadowman, and Deimos or Dolos might all actually be the same person. The Shadowman, like Mr. Rapt, are just aliases. Deimos is the demigod of terror, whereas Dolos is the demigod of trickery. I’d say Deimos is the evil one, except they both seem evil to an extent, and they killed Deimos. So either perhaps Deimos survives and gets revenge one day or perhaps Dolos, with Deimos not around to control her, wipes out humanity. By the end of Nightmares, humanity is barely standing and about to be attacked by the entire Greek pantheon. And since Nightmares is in the far future, it’d make sense that the heroes are far in the past trying to alter events. Well, it’s just an idea. Also, there’s the issue of Dr. Monty, his gumball machines, and Liquid Divinium. Quite frankly I’m not sure who he is. He could possibly be another alias for the Shadowman or a being from Malum. He may be the person who made the Perks as well. Perhaps all the Perks in every level were being displaced there by Dr. Monty as a form of multidimensional brand marketing? It would explain the jingles. An interesting side-effect of the multidimensionality is that we can retroactively count all Call of Duty games as just taking place in different planes of existence. The universes then go as follows. (1) World at War to Black Ops II, the story of Nacht der Untoten all the way to Buried (2) World at War to Black Ops III, where Corvus the AI threatens humanity (3) Nightmares, where the gods from Malum threaten humanity (4) The events of Origins, Shadows of Evil, and perhaps Mob of the Dead (5) The Giant, the new alternate timeline (6) Aether (7) Agartha (8) Crazy Place (9) Malum (10) Dead Ops Arcades I and II (11) Sledgehammer Games’ Exo Zombies (12) Infinity Ward’s Campaign (13) Infinity Ward’s Extinction (14) Call of Duty 1-3 (15) China’s Cyborg Zombies (16) Black Ops Zombies DS (17) Black Ops Zombies iOS (18) Every Custom Zombies map (19) And infinite variations of all of the above So that’s pretty much everything I have in regards to the game itself. So… let’s talk opinion now. I actually didn’t buy Black Ops III. I know what you’re thinking, but I got a lot of this information supplemented from talking to people and watching Youtube. My opinions are complicated, but I’ll do my best to explain. Part of me really wanted to get it. Part of me was excited for more Zombies. But then part of me remembered how they took down my video, and how they were asking for 100 dollars. In the end, I decided it just isn’t worth it. My current gen console is a Wii U, and I didn’t really want to get the game on PC. And good luck to me getting the so-called easter egg done with the mandatory four people on PC. Those things are just excruciating anyway! Zombies is honestly marketed as a Youtube experience, because the story behind Zombies is just so mind-bendingly obtuse that people just playing the game are left out. So, no. I didn’t get it. But that’s not going to stop me from caring for this storyline. The game was good, but I’ll have my critiques. The campaign is awesome. The story was very in-depth and moving. One of the best uses of sci-fi in games I’ve seen lately. Corvus’s AI, almost empathetical. The frozen forest? Oh and that ending… The player assumes the identity of Taylor? Wow. Mutiplayer is multiplayer. Yes. Zombies? Honestly, it is only two levels, one of which was DLC, plus Nightmares and Deads Ops Arcade II. So… alright I suppose. Do I love the Lovecraftian theme of Shadows of Evil? Yes I do. The Giant? It’s practically a reskin of the old level. Not worth the money for just an up in the graphics. Also, the first ¾ of Nightmares was incredibly mundane. It was hard for me to take just a redubbing seriously when you consider the budget Treyarch could’ve spent on it. I don’t want to call it amateur, because real work was done on it, but probably less than 1% of the Campaign budget. At least the ending made up for it. Also, there’s something that really bugs me. And that is the marketing of women in Zombies. Seriously, it is like female characters have the scarcity of gold. Really? Headshots of all the guys and a chestshot of the girl? So thanks for watching. Those are my honest opinions of the game. Please don’t bash me for them. I’d still work for Treyarch or Activision in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. I’ll do more of these videos for DLC, don’t worry. Part of me will always love Zombies for its incredibly convoluted storyline, but I just can’t validate spending so much money on so few hours of non-repetitive content when I get hundreds of hours in games like Fallout for the same price. The negative stigma of the Call of Duty community doesn’t help either. Many of you guys are awesome, but there’s so many people that aren’t so awesome, and it can get to you. I put up with it for the convoluted storyline, but then I found out about other series that are far more progressive and more accepting, i.e. Homestuck. So feel free to dispute me and let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.
  10. All green eyes means is that someone new is controlling them. (i.e. Deimos/Dolos) But it is a different timeline.
  11. No problem! Also, I believe there was one line that says that Deimos was from our world in the distant past, or something like that. It is what got me thinking about what if he was Eddy. So, maybe keep an eye out for something interesting like that? If you can, no need to worry over it.
  12. Hey guys. So I just got done seeing the ending of Nightmares, and it got me thinking. In Zombies in BOIII, Richtofen and Co. are trying to save the universe from an ancient evil. If you've seen the radio that Maxis has where he talks about dimensions, or the one where Nikolai mentions he has killed Richtofen several times, it should become clear that Zombies is going multidimensional. What if the antagonist, Deimos, from Nightmares is actually this evil that approaches? In the mode, Deimos himself even says that he has seen several dimensions, Nightmares, one where Corvus created an AI (the campaign), and even ones that don't have Earth in it. He and Dolos come from an alternate reality, Malum, that is supposed to be truly evil. With the word "evil" being thrown around so often, it made me think that perhaps they are one and the same. Furthermore, Deimos and Dolos are described as brother and sister. The gods of terror and trickery. They are also often compared to children in Nightmares. (Notice that Deimos and Dolos are from Greek mythology, but I can't find any mention of them being related, or Dolos being female, so the mythology here seems to either deviate or be incorrect.) Here's a crazy thought, but what if they are Samantha and Eddy? Dolos even mentions at one point that Father might get angry. Maxis? Although to be fair, they do list off a bunch of Greek gods at one point, so it could just be that. Oh and for those of you who haven't seen much of Nightmares, it does seem to be related to the story in some regard. The agent that is zombifying everyone is 61-15 (Nova-6 and Element 115 combined). At the end of Nightmares, Deimos is killed, but Dolos lives on. So perhaps Dolos may be the antagonist of not just Zombies but Call of Duty as a whole. Now I'm not speaking on the borderline-amateur nature of re-dubbing the campaign, but I thought this was interesting.
  13. I'm not entirely convinced about that. From the various quotes and radios I've heard, I think the terminology is going in a different direction. Their goal seems to be to save the Universe. If the multiverse theory is correct, then that means we're really willing to sacrifice as many universes as it takes just to save one. That to me sounds like a completely and utterly pointless goal. (Why not just hop to one that isn't so bad?) Maxis uses the term realms, as well as the singular universe. So… it seems to me that they are using the term universe to describe everything in existence (the term's intended use), where the terms realms and timelines can refer to the different planes of existence within the Universe. This to me would sound like a much more noble goal, i.e. they are trying to save the Universe (i.e. all of creation) even at the expense of some realms (i.e. Nikolai killing three Richtofens, or not caring to sacrifice some timelines and try again). In fact, perhaps the great evil threatening the Universe can only be stopped if one particular sequence of events unfold, so they are in fact trying to create and unfold the one Universe-saving timeline that is needed.
  14. I'll just comment on this since it was asked of me. Yes, Call of Duty Zombies has traditionally been mostly science fiction with history (a.k.a. retrofuturism) with some supernatural aspects to it. However, over time, the number of supernatural instances have been increasing compared to the science fiction ones. It is a bit disheartening to me, but I believe the game has pretty much approached a split of science fiction and fantasy. The two levels that come with the game underline this very easily. Shadows of Evil has a lot of supernatural content. The Giant has a lot of science fiction content. The story has both, always has. The proportion is starting to become lopsided, especially considering that a lot of the science fiction was pseudoscience to begin with. Oh, and just to make it clear, Cthulhu is just one Lovecraftian monster. Honestly pop culture has made Cthulhu a bigger deal than Lovecraft ever did. There are so many other monsters out there.
  15. I was really wondering if it was just me getting the Lovecraftian vibe. I wholeheartedly agree that the level is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's works, of which Cthulhu is most popular representation (although many others exist). This isn't just in aesthetics, either. It is in the entire theme. Look at the supposed new Wonder Weapon thing (the black hole gun) that has, from what I have seen, a bunch of potential names that it randomly selects. This is relating to the Lovecraftian language (it even has similar syllables) that many Lovecraftian creatures spoke. In fact, the language isn't complete, because it is said to be beyond the realm of human understanding, and, get this, has no official correct pronunciation by human beings. Therefore, the multiple transliterations of its name. (Because it isn't meant to be written in English.) Boom! MMX out. (No not you Boom, the onomatopoeia boom.) Eh, never mind. I'll just walk out normally.
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