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  1. I got a ps4 and a season pass but can't find the Der Eisendrache theme? Their also is no dlc pre order (yet?). I live in europe maybe i have tl wait a lil more? Anyone in got the same problem?
  2. I just saw a very weird video where this guy explained some weird things that i don't understand. He got a theorie of richtofen and the bloodshells of motd and stuff, check it out and i hope someone can clear this out for me. Video: https://youtu.be/6zt0c3pxO9c
  3. I think nikolai in the trailer is in the same dimension as the children are in the house, idk why the zombies don't attack him but i know for sure he will die soon in the storyline.
  4. Offcourse, he's name is jakefully1 and he is a very good youtuber
  5. Hey guys, Sooo.. i heared a very mind blowing theorie of a not so famous youtuber about der eisendrache, i just want to share you guys he's theorie: so he says that that the children that must be saved that the o4 speak of are so important becouse they can actualy controll the world becouse they are vrill powered or something idk. And that house in the origins cutscene is the house in infection. And he sayed that the apoticons (meatballs, margwa's,...) want to find these children becouse these apothicons want to destroy the humans in this dimension with the vrill eddy and samantha ik
  6. Didn't notice that, but cool. And if they would kill themself, the universe still isn't saved or maybe they have to sacrifise themself in order to save the universe? I still doubt that eddy and sam will be playable soon, becouse i don't see kids fighting with pap'ed guns against zombie hordes. Just my idea :p and i strongly start thinking maxis and richtofen made a deal that maxis will kill richtofen and the others, if that is the ee thay would be a damn cool ee
  7. Ow yea i remember that quote again! I agree they will die, i gues they sacrifise or suicide. Bit how do u know that der eidendrache is the end of the chapter? And what about the test subjects? Are they asleep or something?
  8. I don't think samantha and eddy will be playable, i think a crew has to secure a better world for eddy and samantha. But one think is i learned from treyarch: they never add something in a map without a reason. Like the moon blueprint behind the The Giant blueprint loadingscreen. They don't add these for no reason so we can soon see a moon remake, im 99% sure about that.
  9. Yes but i am almost sure maxis will be sool playable. But why do you guys think the o4 will die? Becouse it isn't "their" universe or something? Btw dr monty created the perk machines, maybe he builded the pap to, idk but i think the o4 are the characters for der eisendrache
  10. the original storyline was already confusing but with the new dimensions and stuff, my brain melted to finaly understand it. Quick explaination: they went to another universe to set things right they messed up in the future. And my theorie is that they will meet up with maxis and get everythink back to normal (what i hope to happen). But i have no idea what will happen with the remaining test subjects aka the old dempsey,nikolai and takeo. Its weird to know that there are 3 the same guys in one universe. The test subjects aren't evil so idk whats gonna happen with them. I also am wondering wha
  11. It would be soooo cool to play richtofen and maxis together against the zombies
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