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  1. the original storyline was already confusing but with the new dimensions and stuff, my brain melted to finaly understand it. Quick explaination: they went to another universe to set things right they messed up in the future. And my theorie is that they will meet up with maxis and get everythink back to normal (what i hope to happen). But i have no idea what will happen with the remaining test subjects aka the old dempsey,nikolai and takeo. Its weird to know that there are 3 the same guys in one universe. The test subjects aren't evil so idk whats gonna happen with them. I also am wondering what will happen with maxis. If we see him in a future dlc map (possibly der eisendrache idk) then we have 5 characters? Or maybe he is non playable. I wanna hear and discuss you guys theories and thoughts about this crazy storyline
  2. It would be soooo cool to play richtofen and maxis together against the zombies
  3. Is it possible to do the shadows of evil easter egg with 2 players? Mrdalekjd says you need 4 players but i have heared you can do it with 2 players. Can you only zab one box in the trainstation with the last step?
  4. The radio message i posted in my topic, is one you can hear in the giant. And it is dempsey who speaks a message in the radio to the other dempsey
  5. Thank you for your reply, it realy helped me alot! So the radio quote is to the old dempsey but he never heared the message from the origins dempsey?
  6. Hellow zombie fans, I have a question about the thing the giant characterd talk about during the cutscene and the map itself. They talk about the "testsubjects" which are the old demsey, nikolai and takeo. But where are these testsubjects? Why they call them test subjects? In the radio's you can hear tank demspey saying something against the other dempsey. But idk which demsey in the radio against the other dempsey? This is the qoute: "Alternative Dempsey: Hey other me, if you're hearing this, then it means something's gone fubar. We're going to Plan B. Stick to that kraut bastard like glue. We need to find out what the hell he has been doing, what he's going to do. We may be able to get a fix on your location if you can trigger one of the paradox visualizations. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Oh, wait, what ever you do, don't get too close to the radioactive beacon. Makes your hair fall out." So where are the testsubjects? Do they know the young origins crew went to the TheGiant dimension? Why are they called testsubjects? Do they need to be killed to? Can we see like 2 dempseys in 1 map?
  7. So its not realy clear in wich map or event they went to the giant? I just want to know at which point they went back in time.... (i think: that the crew teleported for exaple: moon, back in time to the giant to change history) i don't know or that is correct, thats why i ask you guys!
  8. I am still soooo confused about the storyline of the giant right now... i heared theories's that the crew was send to the giant after origins, but how is that possible when origins was way before der riese? When did the crew got in the giant?
  9. Sooo... samantha went back in time after buried to origins? Do takeo,demsey and nikolai know there where send back or is their mind reset?
  10. hello guys, I understand the full zombies storyline, but i am a little bit confused with the story about The Giant from bo3. I heared that the crew (takeo,dempsey and nikolai) are teleported from origins to The Giant to stop the older richtofen. But if Origins is the first map in the storyline, how can they teleport to der riese which happens AFTER origins? And where does the younger richtofen come from when he staps out the teleport and shoots the older version of himself? I don't realy understand that part, anyone can explain this?
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