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  1. How does the ranking on the forums work? It says i'm human right now. Is there a page that explains the ranking anywhere?
  2. Also do you think that they are also in hell?
  3. So i really need to get this straight. are the MoTD + SoE maps in a different zombie universe, or just further back/ forward in time?
  4. What if the new giant map has an easteregg similar to what happened in the story of the map? lets say, dempsey has to get a wunderwaffe, and pack a punch it, then use it to overload the teleporter. or maybe all players have to do it. tell me what you think
  5. Thinking about doing this on ps3. need a few clowns to help me out though
  6. Hello. My name is cairnschaos, otherwise known as rhyster1 on psn. i consider myself average at cod zombies, usually making it to round 20-25 on solo. i usually play gta and bo2, so add me to psn if you want to play. i'm currently trying to complete all bo2 eastereggs and would enjoy any assistance. my zombies rank is a skull. this has been rhyster1, over and out.
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